Tips for Managing Cholesterol : Low Cholesterol Cooking

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.02.2008

Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on behalf of Expert Village today I'm going to
talk to you about cholesterol. Now in particular we are going to talk about ways to reduce
the cholesterol intake. Especially the bad cholesterol, the LDL in your body. Now in
this clip we are going to talk about ways to cook your food because it's so important
to pick the right products, the right type of oils. To decrease the level of LDL and
the content of fatty acids into your diet. What I recommend is that when you actually
cook and you fry. It's best not to eat fried food but if you need to fry things, use a
non-stick pan first of all and also to use a spray on oil so that you can use less oil
to cook the food in. But also it's your choice of oils. It's better to use vegetable based
oils as opposed to animal based oils because it has lower LDL content and here we have
canola oil which is a spray form as I said. So you can spray onto the cooking pan itself.
Decreasing the amount that you are going to eat, ingest into your body. And also I think
in some Chinese stores you can get sesame oils. Here are two different brands of sesame
oils that you can purchase in Chinese local supermarkets and sesame oil has a very specific,
pungent smell that you either like the aroma and it has a specific taste it gives to the
food. So it's better when you are actually going to cook the food is to use vegetable
based oil or plant based oil as opposed to animal based oil when you do your cooking.
And here are just some of the selections that I have given to you, but you can always go
out to the supermarkets and select the choice of your preference.