Dear Brother (Oniisama e) - Full Episode 17 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Dear Brother
A golden bowl, on the right hand
A silver bowl, on the left
Never equal without the other
Those two bowls in each of us;
Those two invisible bowls.
The golden bowl, filled with happiness
Shines with a warm radiance
The overflowing love I've felt since I met you
Couldn't possibly be held in the golden bowl
A golden rapture,
A silver sadness
Let us lay down everything that has passed
So that only you may be held, So that only love may be held,
Let us empty those twin bowls.
Brother, Prince Kaoru is being released from the hospital.
It was just one night,
but still, she was injured, and Prince Kaoru is now being discharged.
I wonder what the hold up is.
Mariko and I are her reception.
I haven't seen Lady Saint-Just here.
She's here!
Just a second.
Congratulations on your recovery!
Hey. So you came for me.
Congratulations on your recovery.
Thanks. But aren't you making too big of a deal out of this?
I was hospitalized only as a precaution.
But still, I couldn't even sleep for worry!
Sheesh, you're just too much.
You're probably thinking that you didn't ask for our worry.
No, I didn't.
Oh, I love this flower.
Thanks, Mariko.
I'm glad...
I'm so glad...
I'm so glad. You said my name for the first time!
Brother, Mariko's just...
Episode 17 Post Scriptum
Really? She's already been discharged? Thank goodness it wasn't anything serious.
Yeah, and she can start practicing lightly tomorrow.
But it's such a surprise.
That Mariko likes Prince Kaoru.
I didn't realize it at all.
- Me neither.
- Really?
That's right, Brother.
I don't know when Mariko's heart
was captured by Kaoru the Prince.
But that's love, a genuine love.
Because she's too honest and devoted to her own feelings,
Mariko can never deceive others.
- It's not impossible.
- Huh?
Prince Kaoru is much better than all these common weak men.
She's manlier, she's stylish,
and above all, her face is more refreshing than a bottle of soda pop!
- So you lost?
- Huh?
- You lost to Mariko, huh?
It's a joke. Let's leave it a joke.
I'm really envious of her.
Brother -- the way she is, and her honesty...
Somehow, I grew to like Mariko very much.
Lady Saint-Just...
Father is calling you.
Yes! I'm coming right away.
Brother, I think it'll be difficult for me to be as honest as Mariko.
My body is still aching.
Please get in. To the school.
I heard you played in the basketball game.
What wind of change is blowing through you?
Did you have fun?
I am asking, whether you had fun at the game or not.
Huh? Yes...
Let me ask you one more time. Did you have fun?
No. I was asked a favour. I had no choice.
I see. Then all is well.
Please let go.
You must not forget.
I am the one who has to know you the best.
Good morning!
That's right. It's not for anyone else.
It's for your own sake.
If you think about yourself, then it's obviously better to stop taking that stuff.
What did Lady Miya say to you?
You came together, right? I saw you getting out of her car.
Give it here! Give it to me!
Really, that game... it was fun.
That's good, Rei!
Hey, Prince Kaoru,
would you like to have lunch with us?
Sorry, but I've got to report my hospital release to the basketball team.
And I also have a regional tournament schedule meeting.
So, shall we go?
- What is it?
- Nothing.
Lady Saint-Just
She's always so popular.
It was so sudden, Brother.
Suddenly my heart was beating so fast, and my body grew hot,
I wasn't sad, but I was about to cry.
Tomoko will starting looking for us if we don't hurry.
...and you mix it well.
Pour it into the buttered mould and bake it well for 15 minutes,
in a 180 degree oven, until it becomes a little brown.
After bothering me with all these questions, you're going to make it, right?
Mmm. I thought I might give it a try.
Mmm hmm.
There's sincerity in a hand-made cake,
the person receiving it will be happy, right?
I want to show my sincerity.
Aha, I see.
Oh, sorry. I just remembered I had something to buy.
I'm going to the student store at the university.
See you.
- What's with her? - Who knows.
I'm sorry. I'm sold out of stamps.
I see...
Oh, these flowers...!
Lady Saint-Just
Lady Saint-Just
Lady Saint-Just!
What is it that you anticipate, what is it that you worry about?
An empty gym in the afternoon,
that would most definitely be the torments of love.
And who is it?
To torment such a pretty girl...
Orihara Kaoru, you're such a sinful one.
No! It's a misunderstanding!
For heaven's sake...
Mariko like Prince Kaoru, not me...
I lost the important, precious letter
that I had written to you.
So you see, it becomes "The book is suitable for beginners".
Mr. Kusunoki, I have a question.
Yes, Ms. Shinobu, please go on.
If you omit 'being',
the verb in the adverbial clause is not passive anymore, is it?
That's a good question, Ms. Shinobu.
Mariko is so lively.
She's overflowing with confidence, and is more energetic than before.
And her beauty just adds more lustre to that.
A Mariko in love, is even more bewitching.
Compared to her... I'm all flustered. Brother...
Oh... I shouldn't have brought it to school.
I should have bought stamps near home.
Anyway, during the break...
There's a danger of making the sentence ambiguous if you use present participle here, so...
Bell, ring!
Where did I drop it?
A lost a letter?
Well, it hasn't been delivered to the Student Affairs office.
What's wrong?
What happened?
Huh? A letter?
I was thinking of mailing it during lunch...
What a problem.
Could it be...
Could it be you're sending it to a man?
Nanako, is it true?
A man?
What, what?
Come here.
You can't, you can't go out with a man.
It's nothing like that.
No, no, no, absolutely not!
You have no clue how uncouth, unpleasant,
self-centered, disgusting, savage, and shameless creatures men are!
Of course, they might show you a glimpse of gentleness at first,
but that's all on the surface.
Anyway, you can't.
You absolutely can't go out with creatures like men!
No, you can't, no, no!
Come on, let's go. The 6th period's going to start,
I'm ok. I'll give up looking for the letter. Okay?
"Let's just give up," I told myself.
I didn't want some random person
to pick it up and look into our story.
There was nothing troubling written there.
There wasn't anything that might inconvenience you, Brother.
Or so I thought...
- Ms. Misonoo...
- Huh?
Lady Mona Lisa, Lady Borgia...
Lady Fukiko has a matter of utmost importance to talk to you about.
To-to me?
Yes, Ms. Misonoo. To you.
After school, please head to the Lady Miya's residence.
Excuse me... What is this about?
Try asking your own heart.
You have disturbed Lady Miya's feelings.
Keep in mind to not inconvenience her any further.
Is that clear?
We definitely conveyed the message to you.
Nanako, did you disrespect Lady Miya in any way?
Could it be!
I was praying fervently so that my hunch
wouldn't prove correct.
Well? I played that serenade for you.
Oh! For me? It was beautiful. Thank you!
I'm glad you find it to your taste.
Could you pour me a cup of tea as well?
For me, no sugar.
Thank you.
Henmi Takehiko!
I'm sorry, I read the recipient's name.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
But how fortunate that a Sorority Member picked it up.
If it was found by another, you would've become the gossip topic of the school.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
You have been apologizing for a while now.
I'm sorry...
It hasn't been long
since I told you to stop associating yourself with a man, has it?
But it's a letter... It's just a letter...
Even if that's all now,
can you guarantee that it wouldn't develop into an affair?
I love your purity.
I, love the pure you.
Come, tear it up.
In my presence.
It's a joke.
I'm sorry. I couldn't help teasing you.
Dear Brother
I'll mail this letter to you immediately.
I'll put my heart in it.
So please read it a little more seriously
than the letters you've received so far.
After all, it was a lost child for a while.
P.S. From your strange Nanako, who can't keep her heart beating
everytime she's near 'that person'.
I dreamt an awesome dream last Sunday
But when it saw you,
Surprised, the dream just flew away
I would never lose
So just for you
I have rushed and tried so hard
This feeling of love, staying in my heart
bewildered by the mischievous fairies' game
dances to and fro, always capricious