Whole Wheat Bread Recipe : Proof Whole Wheat Bread

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I am going to show you how
to make whole wheat bread. So we have our two pieces of bread here, what we are going
to do is, this right here is the ugly end just because it is the two ugliest pieces.
We are going to take them, we are going to take this ugly piece right here and we are
going to mash it down to where it becomes one with the other piece right their. We are
going to take and we are going to twist and twist and twist and twist we are going to
have this big twisty, fold this piece under as well. At this point you can shape it pretty
well, and this is going to be a twisted loaf that we are going to do the cool thing about
this is that when it bakes it is going to bake in little segments and you can just pull
it off. I am sure that you have seen it before, I didn't invent anything fancy here. So now
we take the pan and we take the bread and put it in the pan just like that. We are going
to take another towel and get it damp as well. Warm water preferably cold water will not
help out your leveling process at all and make sure it is damp and not wet because a
wet towel will do you know good. Take the towel place it directly in contact with the
bread, don't worry about that you won't hurt anything. I have this, I've got my other loaf,
so we are going to come back with these in about an hour and they should look good at
that point to brush them and put them into the oven so I am going to set my timer here
for an hour. So I will see you in an hour. Alright, so lets check our bread now and uncover
it and see how much it has risen and see if it has risen twice as much as last time we
saw it. So, what I am going to do is, you will notice that the loaf of bread is really
really high on top I am going to go ahead and take my knife and just cut right down
the middle, so that way if it rises anymore while it is baking it will bake right down
the center instead of baking this great huge loaf that sticks five inches over the top
of the pan. We will actually make it expand outward instead of upward. Then we got the
twisted loaf right here which I am going to start brushing both of these with just a little
bit of olive oil. Just take a couple minutes and brush them nice and evenly. Make sure
that when you do the loaf you get the edges make sure that you get the cut in the middle.
Let's throw these in the oven for about thirty to thirty five minutes.