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I loved being behind the microphone.
A radio star whose voice carried him to the top, and whose addictions dragged him back
You use things to give you a boost.
How he made his fortune . . . .
I had never seen that much money at one time in my entire life.
. . . . and lost it all.
And I used every drop of it on drugs.
Well, welcome to The 700 Club. The Republicans are banging away at one another, just had
a recent debate; and Governor Perry seems to have fallen in the debate, and so did Michele
Bachmann. She has gone from being second place down to fourth or fifth. But she is making
a comeback now as she made a speech to the students at Liberty University on Wednesday.
She emphasized her credentials as a Christian conservative and a constitutionalist.
That's right. She has lost some ground in the polls, but she is hoping to turn that
around. Jennifer Wishon has the story.
Once a frontrunner, Michele Bachmann has moved back in the Republican pack for president.
But don’t count her out. (Interviewing): What are you doing to reenergize your campaign?
You have ups and you have downs. And there's no story better than the comeback story of
anyone who comes back from going down and coming back up. We see that that's what's
happening to our campaign right now.
We talked to her backstage after she addressed 10,000 Liberty University students. Here she
is turning her Bible to a specific verse before taking the podium. Without a teleprompter
or depending on her notes, Bachmann told students about one night as a 16-year-old, the night
she accepted Jesus as her Savior.
We began weeping before the Lord at that alter. Even though I hadn't been a drinker, even
thought I hadn’t done drugs, even though I hadn’t been overtly rebellious, even though
I hadn’t been chasing around, it didn't matter. I was a sinner, and I had a heart
that needed to be clean.
Bachmann won a recent Liberty University straw poll, and Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., says
it's because students see her as one of them. Now she has fallen behind other Christian
conservatives, like Herman Cain and Governor Rick Perry. However, Bachmann says she won't
settle and told students they shouldn't either, in any aspect of their lives.
The most important decision that I made in not settling was what I was going to do with
my faith.
Not settling has become a new theme for the Bachmann campaign. She says Americans have
already decided to hold President Obama to a single term, so Republicans can feel confident
nominating a proven conservative like her.
We can have a candidate that represents our values this time, rather than standing against
the wall and saying we just have to get behind a moderate who is a compromised candidate.
Not this year. Not this time. This is our time. And that's why we have to stand up and
be counted and not settle.
Bachmann believes she can make a comeback by playing up her cred as a small business
owner, explaining how she'd reform the tax code and create a business-friendly environment.
Meanwhile, she’s challenging students to fulfill God's plan for their lives.
Don’t settle for anything less than what this great and almighty God has planned for
you. He has planned greatness for your personal life, greatness for your marriage, greatness
for your children, greatness for your career, greatness for this nation.
Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Lynchburg, Virginia.
Interesting. She won the straw poll in Ames, Iowa, going away. She still has a pretty good
organization in Iowa, so the Iowa caucus is—she is an Iowa native. She should take that.
Exactly. But also, I think she is right that for everybody involved it’s early. We have
a long ways to go. Those who are on top now may not necessarily be on top six months from
Without question. But if you look at it, look at the map, she’s from Minnesota. So if
Pawlenty doesn't beat her up too much, she ought to take—it’s a caucus in Minnesota,
a caucus in Kansas, a caucus in Iowa, a small primary in South Dakota. So those states in
there ought to be a given for her. And then the question is the big one. I think she is
going to hit South Carolina very hard. And I don't know how they're going to respond,
but this message, I think, will resonate with the evangelicals.
I do, too. I do, too.
But that fall that she’s had has not helped her. She got a little carried away on that
. . . .
Inoculation issue.
Inoculation. The scientific thing wasn’t totally sitting. I mentioned, talked to her
the other day that George Bush, when he was running against Dukakis, every time he got
off message and got off script, he started going down in the poll. Every single time.
He started answering questions, and then, bing, bing, his poll numbers. So Lee Atwater,
who is his campaign manager said, “You've got four-by-six cards. You say what’s on
the cards. You don't say anything else.” That was it. And lo and behold, he started
going up in the polls.
Yes. Stay on target.
Stay on message. That's the big mantra of politics today: stay on message. If the candidate
says, “I’m going to be president, and I’m going to create jobs, jobs, jobs.”
That’s it. Well, Lee Webb has the rest of our top stories from the CBN Newsroom. Lee.
Pat, the case of Iranian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani is gaining international attention. The pastor
faces execution because of his Christian faith. He has refused to renounce his faith during
court sessions in Iran. House Speaker John Boehner issued a statement saying . . . .
. . . . “While Iran’s government claims to promote tolerance, it continues to imprison
many of its people because of their faith. I urge Iran’s leaders to abandon this dark
path, spare Yousef Nadarkhani’s life, and grant him a full and unconditional release.”
British Foreign Secretary William Haig is also speaking out. The American Center for
Law and Justice is helping with the pastor’s defense. Jordan Sekulow says he hopes the
increased public attention will put pressure on Iran.
This is still a very fluid story. We have to continue to work hard, pray hard. And what
I ask everyone who is watching right now is just to spread this to your friends and family.
That’s what this regime can’t stand.
The ACLJ is calling on President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to speak
out on the pastor’s behalf. Pat.
There wasn’t a great deal of media attention until we started showing you this on The 700
Club, and also the American Center for Law and Justice. Now it has become a cause celeb.
This is a terrible thing. This man grew up, as I understand it, pretty much in a Christian
environment. He is a Christian pastor. And the Iranian government is saying, “Unless
you renounce Jesus Christ and your faith in Jesus Christ, we are going to execute you.
We will hang you.” Now, for anybody who is a Muslim, it looks like to me that is going
to put a stain on your religion like you couldn't believe. It seems like the people should begin
to speak up all over the Arab world, as well as the western world. And so there need to
be an outcry about this, because it is a shocking, shocking misuse of power by those thugs that
run Iran. Lee.
The German Parliament overwhelmingly approved expanding the bailout fund for European countries
that are deeply in debt. The plan is controversial in Germany. That country has kept its financial
house in order, while other European countries have overspent for years. Many German lawmakers
say more bailout measures will not help. One lawmaker says, quote . . . .
. . . . “Despite all arguments, the first bailout did not make the situation for Greece
better, but worse. Expanding the fund will make the situation even worse.” Do you agree
with him, Pat?
I totally agree with him. I don’t run Germany, and I don’t run Europe. But I tell you,
if the Europeans have got any sense, they will let Greece default, but they will have
a bucket fund somehow to say to the debt holders in Greece, “We'll give you 50 cents on the
dollar, we’ll give you 25 cents on the dollar,” whatever number it is, and then Greece can
rebuild beyond that. But right now the debt exceeds 160 percent of their GDP. There is
no way they're going to dig their way out of this hole they've gotten into. And it shouldn't
be on the thrifty Germans who have to bear the burden of Greek profligacy. And that’s
what’s happening. So the Germans are well within their rights of saying, “Nein.”
Members of China's government-sanctioned Protestant churches are holding Bible exhibitions in
the US this week. The Chinese Christian Council and the Three-Self Patriotic Movement are
sponsoring the exhibit. It presents a complete translation of the Chinese Bible. Church members
are traveling to four cities through November to talk about the history of the Chinese Bible.
By the end of 2010, we had already published more than 55 copies of the Bible in different
editions and versions, including Bibles in nine minority ethnic languages, and the Braille
Bible. There are quite a number of touching testimonies about how Chinese Christians love
the Bible.
And the exhibit will feature some of those testimonies from Chinese Christians who have
been inspired by the Bible.
The Dead Sea Scrolls are considered to be the most significant archeological find of
the 20th century. But only a few scholars and archeologists have had access to them
over the years. Now some of the scrolls are available to anyone with a computer. Efrem
Graham reports.
Two thousand years after they were written and decades after they were found, some of
the Dead Sea Scrolls are available for the first time. Google and the Israel Museum launched
an online exhibit allowing the world access.
Users from all over the world can examine and explore this ancient biblical manuscript
at a level of detail never possible before. This is actually a part of a wider Google
initiative to bring the world information and cultural heritage online.
For many of the scrolls, this is the first time they’re being seen since they were
discovered in 1947. The parchment of the ancient scrolls is so fragile, handling them would
turn them to dust. The digital project preserves the documents. The scrolls include the oldest
known biblical text, religious manuscripts that are not included in the Bible, and information
about the daily Jewish life in Israel. Viewers of the online exhibit can zoom in and out
on a scroll and click on areas of the Hebrew text to get an English translation.
The technology and the technological capability of an enterprise like Google is for us a very
simple way to get our content to the widest possible audience worldwide. And again, it's
in order to allow for a deepened understanding and appreciation of what material culture
is about, so that when you experience it firsthand, you really have confidence in your knowledge
of the material that you are looking at and experiencing.
The five scrolls on display are from the Israel Museum. But Google is also working with the
Israel Antiquities Authority. They hold another large collection of the Dead Sea manuscripts.
Efrem Graham, CBN News.
That's fascinating. And you can find a link to see the Dead Sea Scrolls online by going
to Pat.
Remember that Broadway musical where they had the song, “Brush up your Shakespeare.
Start doing it now.” Well, up your Hebrew.
Yes, really. But quite amazing.
It is amazing.
Quite amazing.
And scholars who are a lot more adept in Hebrew than I am can look at those manuscripts. Well,
they've already been told what’s there; but, nevertheless, they can make some serious
analysis. It’s beautiful. What Google is doing is just a wonder in our day and age,
a couple of young fellows out there in Silicon Valley. It’s remarkable.
Making things available to the whole world.
It’s astounding the amount of information that’s available!
It surely is. You can actually get a closer view of that than you can in the museum, your
nose pressed to glass there. On your computer screen, you can actually bring it up full.
That’s great.
My secretary got me one of those things they call an “iPad.”
One of those little things.
One of those little things. You just get everything. It’s just astounding.
It is amazing. It is amazing.
Touch, touch, touch, touch. It drives you nuts. But anyhow, us old guys, we’ll get
with it sooner or later. I'm a little late getting to the party. All right, Terry.
Well, up next, we're going to actually take you to the land of milk and honey, literally.
God says, “I’m going to do something miraculous. I’m going to create a land that, even though
those climate issues don't call for it, it’s going to be a land that’s going to be filled.”
Find out why Israel’s agricultural boom is another sign of the times. And then later,
we're going to bring it online with questions from our chat room.
So if you’d like to participate, log on to and submit your questions now.
Still ahead . . . .
I love the action of getting in there, the heart rate up, in motion.
How do you become a Hollywood stuntman? Start at a young age.
I would jump off my grandfather's front porch. It was about seven feet high. It was spectacular.
Jimmy Broyden shares the secrets of his craft on today's 700 Club.
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His plan is for world evangelization, and He has let me part of it.
Celebrate 50 years of the Christian Broadcasting Network and find out what the next 50 have
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Build on the strength of the previous 50 years.
Tomorrow on The 700 Club.
Several years ago, I had the privilege of accompanying an Israeli general down through
the Golan Heights into the Chula Valley, and we stopped at an Israeli, I guess it was a
caboots, where they were growing the most incredible fruit, and I had some samples of
that fruit. It is beyond belief. It is so delicious. And the Bible calls Israel “the
land of milk and honey.” Now was that just an expression in the ancient Hebrew, or is
it something that’s real? Well, Julie Stahl reports it’s literally true.
In the Bible, God promises the Jewish people a land flowing with milk and honey. And while
it’s a sign of abundance, it's also literal.
In fact, milk and honey is critical. It's used 20 times in scripture.
But when the Jewish people returned from 2,000 years in exile, they found a barren, desert
land. And Orthodox Jewish author Moshe Kempinsky says that was all in God’s plan.
God says, “I'm going to do something miraculous. I'm going to create a land that, even though
those climate issues don't call for it, it's going to be a land that's going to be filled
also with dates and honey, and also with milk, so that you know that nothing comes here,
nothing in this land comes here except when it's from Me.”
And God has delivered on that promise.
We're considered leaders in the production of milk in the world.
Despite the heat, humidity, and limited resources, the Israeli cow produces more milk per year
than cows in the US, European Union, and Australia.
We keep going up.
Ronen Gal manages operations for the dairy at Kibbutz Yotvata, the largest milking facility
of its kind in the country.
The milk production in Israel is very clever. It's very high tech.
And what about the honey? Most believe honey in Bible times probably came from date trees.
Botanist Dr. Elaine Solowey emigrated from the US and settled not far from Yotvata on
Kibbutz Ketura in 1974.
Actually, I started out here as the head of the orchard branch; and, of course, that was
kind of funny, because at that time we didn't have any orchards. So in the first few years
I was responsible for planting them. And the first orchard I planted was the date orchard,
which you can see behind us, which is the main agricultural branch of the Kibbutz.
There are tens of thousands of acres of date trees in Israel. Soloway planted some 3,000
of those trees here. This date orchard is here at Kibbutz Ketura in Arava Desert. Each
one of these trees produces about 350 pounds of dates a year.
Soloway even managed to sprout a 2,000-year-old date seed found by archaeologists years ago
at Massada. Nicknamed “Methuselah,” the tree is now five years old. Dates and palms
were important in the scriptures, and dates from this area were known throughout the ancient
The Romans had nothing nice to say about the Jews except that they had good dates. And
their emperors actually used to order Judean dates to eat. And there were some very, very
good date varieties in that day. They were famous through the known world.
Today, Israel's dates are still famous throughout the world. Israel exports some 12,000 tons
of dates each year to 20 countries. Now Solowey is going beyond dates to grow other life in
the desert.
Well, I'm looking for trees that love to live in the desert, that rejoice to live in the
desert, not the ones I have to keep on life support.
She found clues in the Bible.
Well, the biblical trees, if they grew here in the old days, why shouldn't they grow here
now? We re-introduced frankincense and myrrh which had probably been introduced at the
time of King Solomon. According to what we can tell from folk tales and from the Bible,
there was already an incense and medicinal tree being cultivated here called “The Balm
of Gilead.”
The frankincense and myrrh brought to Jesus were probably in crystal form like this. According
to Kempinsky, the revival of trees in the land is the first sign of redemption.
Ezekiel 36 says, “Mountains shoot forth your branches, give forth your fruit, because
My children are coming home.” That's an unusual thing for God to tell a tree. That's
what He created a tree to do. Except God is saying in Leviticus, “I said it's going
to be a desolate land when I kick you out, but watch. When I bring my people back home,
this land is going to come forth with blossoms and trees and fruits.
So he says every date you eat and every glass of milk you drink here is like prophecy being
fulfilled. Julie Stahl, CBN News, Kibbutz Ketura, Israel.
That is so exciting what’s happening. And you stand amazed. God fulfills His Word. He
is true to His Word.
Yes. We should be amazed when we see prophecy fulfilled. We should be amazed. It’s unbelievable.
And the dates of Israel are to die for.
The date honey is unbelievable.
I’ve never had date honey.
Good, huh?
All right. Everything over there is good.
I need other trip over there.
All right, another trip.
Well, the Jewish new year began last night at sundown . . . .
. . . . and here at CBN, we're continuing the celebration. We're hosting our annual
Rosh Hashanah event tonight. The evening includes a special concert from worship leader Paul
Wilbur that we always look forward to. And even if you can’t be here with us, you can
join us in the festivities by logging on to at 7:30 eastern time. Next week CBN
is launching a special week of prayer just for Israel.
We're going to be hosting special guest speakers in our chapel services, and we want to ask
that you would pray along with us. So go to our website beginning Monday at noon. Well,
Jimmy Broyden isn't one of Hollywood’s leading men, but he has taken a bullet for them.
Such a powerful, “pow!” it hit, and then the squib exploded. It came right out and
stuff went flying. I just launched myself in midair, just flew, and sold it.
The life and times of a Hollywood stuntman. That’s next.
Coming up later . . . .
I was a disembodied voice.
A record exec who worked with the Jacksons and Luther Vandross.
I had never seen that much money at one time in my entire life.
But couldn’t keep his own life in tune.
I worked all these years to get here, and there's something missing.
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Call now and save an additional ten percent.
The CBN office in New Delhi, home of the daily Hindi program Ek Nayee Zindagi, celebrates
with you 50 years of ministry. Happy anniversary, CBN.
Happy anniversary, CBN!
Courageous. It’s the new movie from Sherwood Baptist Church, and it hits theaters this
Friday. The movie tackles the themes of fatherhood and what it takes to be a real man in today's
world. Our Wendy Griffith was at the red carpet premier in Atlanta.
WENDY GRIFFITH (Atlanta, GA): The stars have come out here in Atlanta, Georgia, for the
red carpet premier of Courageous. It’s the latest big screen event for Georgia’s own
Sherwood Baptist Church. Thousands of people lined up outside the famous Fox Theater to
be among the first to see the film, including Miss America 2008, Kirsten Haglund.
Kirsten Haglund (Miss America 2008): I loved Courageous. That’s why I'm so excited for
the good work these films are going to do throughout the country and encourage families
to stay strong and stay together. Those are the values that have held this country together,
and it’s the ones that bring us closer to Christ.
Actor: Sheriff's office. We have warrant for your arrest.
Alex Kendrick, who co-wrote and directed the movie, also stars as one of the police officers
who excels at work but struggles to connect with his teenage son at home.
Actor: I don't feel like I started well. I want to finish well.
We hope to communicate to dads that, when look at your children, they're different.
What makes them feel loved? Is it quality time? Is it a gift? Is it verbal affirmation?
Whatever it is. And for me to learn how each of my six children feel loved, then I make
sure I hone in on that. Because if I can capture their heart, they'll listen to me.
Alex’s brother Stephen, who co-wrote and produced the action-packed police drama, says
Courageous has the potential to change lives for generations to come.
We want men to be inspired. There is that closing speech, that gladiator, kind of brave
heart kind of speech at the end of the movie. And men feel that call. They want to grab
a hold of the steering wheel and say, “I’m going to be strong and courageous for my family.”
And that’s what we wanted to happen.
Actor Kevin Downes, who plays a cop that struggles to make the right decisions, says the movie
is a rollercoaster of emotion that will provoke you to action.
Watching this film and coming out of this film will inspire you to want to go home and
either love on your children, or call your dad and just go, “Man, Dad, I love you so
much. Thank you for all that you've done to bring me into this world. And how about we
go fishing or just hang out?”
Although Courageous does focus on fatherhood, actress Eleanor Brown says it’s a movie
for everyone to see.
It takes courage not only to be a father; it takes courage to be a supportive wife,
especially if the husband isn't where you want him to be. Even for young people. They're
going to come to the film and they’re going to see themselves, “Wow, I want my dad to
be like that. I want to have a relationship like that with my dad.”
Look for Courageous in a theater near you on September 30th. Wendy Griffith, CBN News,
Well, Courageous is an action-packed film. It features stunts from Hollywood alum Jimmy
Broyden. Throughout his career, Jimmy has flown through the air like a bird. He’s
been hit by a speeding bullet. But the most dangerous stunt Jimmy has ever pulled came
when the cameras weren't rolling.
Jimmy Broyden has been dazzling audiences for over 20 years as Hollywood’s most daring
stunt man. He’s stunt doubled for some of Hollywood’s toughest actors, and he’s
been the stunt guy performing precision driving, bullet hits, and full body fire burns in movies
like I-Robot, Firewall, Battlestar Galactica, and TV shows like the X-Files. And he just
finished some daring stunts in the Kendrick brother’s latest movie, Courageous, which
will be released in theaters September 30th.
I love the action of getting in there, the heart rate up and in motion. It’s time for
you to do some stunts.
I’m going to do some stunts. Are you going to keep me safe?
Oh, absolutely. Ready?
One, two, three. Oh, my goodness! Are you all right?
I’m okay!
What is your favorite stunt of all time to do?
I just like falling through the air. I love that feeling of flying like a bird. You can’t
beat it.
Jimmy grew up in Toronto, Ontario, with his grandparents. He suffered abuse at their hands.
To escape, Jimmy would dream about becoming a stunt man.
There was just something about watching these guys jump and crash cars. I would jump off
my grandfather’s front porch. It was about seven feet high. It was spectacular.
Jimmy started living with his mother when she found out about the abuse. By this time,
he became very rebellious. At age 11, he started using drugs with the neighborhood kids. At
age 15, he became a drug dealer. When his mother found out, she kicked him out of the
Basically she’s saying to me, she says, “I don’t love you. Get out.” That hurt
big time.
Jimmy started living with his friends until he was able to afford his own apartment. He
continued using and selling drugs.
I did drugs as if I was on a suicide mission. But not external where you slice your wrists
or shoot yourself. No, inside. I wanted my heart to blow up, and man, you’d be like
you couldn’t get your breath. You could just feel it. You felt your heart was going
to explode.
At age 24, Jimmy moved to Vancouver; and within three years, he started earning a living as
a professional stuntman. Jimmy remembers the first stunt where he had to take a bullet
hit to the body.
It was such a powerful “pow!” It hit, and then the squib exploded. It came right
out, and stuff went flying, and I just launched myself in midair.
But after the stunts were over, Jimmy returned to his drug use. Although Jimmy was living
his dreams of being a stunt man, he knew something was missing.
I’m getting more experience. We’re doing it. It looks like I’m going to be doing
it for awhile. But deep inside there’s an emptiness.
Jimmy started to question what life was all about, including who God really was, until
a guy named Bill told him that Jesus was real and challenged him to read the book of John.
He says, “This is the New Testament.” He says, “You’re looking for God. I know
Him, and here’s your answer right here.” The Lord used my pride. And so I said, “Okay,
Mr. Ferguson,” I said, “I’ll give you my word that I will read that.” And he put
it in my hand.”
Jimmy kept his promise and he began to read the book of John. For the first time in his
life, he realized the unconditional love of God.
And then I read that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins, that He died for me
and that He was buried. I knew that Jesus Christ was God. It blew my mind. I was scared.
I closed the book. I said, “This is crazy! How can a book have this kind of power?”
The next step for jimmy was breaking free from his drug addiction.
I said, “You know I’ve been a drug addict 17 years.” I need to know that you’re
real, real for me, Jimmy Broyden, me. I need you to get me off drugs.”
God answered Jimmy’s prayers as he was riding his motorcycle one day.
I’d been a drug addict 17 years. But somehow I hadn’t done drugs in two weeks. That was
scary. I immediately pulled over to the side, and I wept like a baby, because I knew that
the Lord was real. So I said, “Lord, wow. Lord, I’ll follow you.” Right there, I
bowed my knee right beside my bike, and I gave my heart to the Lord that day. I experienced
that love that surpasses all understanding. I can’t explain that to you, but there it
is. I still get choked up today, 16 years later. The Lord touched my heart, and I’ve
never been the same.
Today, Jimmy is married with seven children. He has his own film production company called
On Fire Films where he continues spreading the transforming message of the Gospel of
Jesus Christ.
Give your life to Christ. No matter what you’ve been through in life, how far gone you think
you’ve gone, how many bad things that you’ve done in your life, there is redemption.
There is redemption. Jesus said He came that we would have life, and not just have it,
but have it abundantly. He said He came so that we could live fully, so that He could
set us free from the things that hold us back, from the things that have even wounded us.
Look at the life that Jimmy has today. He’s married. He’s got a successful business.
He’s the father of seven beautiful kids. That wouldn't have been what would have happened
in Jimmy's life if he hadn't come to know Jesus and the purpose for which he was created.
God had you in mind before the earth was created. That's what the Word of God says. He loves
you. He saw you in your mother’s womb before you were born. God has plans and purposes
that are unfolding in the universe all around us. And He invites you and I every day to
be a part of that. I think almost everybody is searching for meaning. I think almost all
of us at some point in time come up short as we evaluate ourselves and life and say,
“What's this all about? Why am I here? God wants to have a personal, one-on-one, not
just the general involvement or general information that you might have about Him. He wants to
have a personal one-on-one relationship with you. How do you do that with the Creator of
the universe? You invite Him into your heart. It's just that simple. You say, “God, I
know that I’m not my own god. I know that there has to be some purpose and meaning for
all of this. I want to know you. Who are you? What did you have in mind when you did all
of this? What did you have in mind when you created me?” And then as Jimmy said, he
came to the place of acknowledging that he was a sinner in need of a Savior. Even earlier,
you heard Michele Bachmann say, “I wasn't doing drugs. I wasn't drinking. I wasn't really
rebellious, but I knew.” The Bible says that every one of us has fallen short, and
we need a Savior. Every one of us is a sinner. Nobody gets off that hook. That's why Jesus
came. It wasn't for a few. It was for all of us. The question is, what will you do with
that. A lot of us have church information. We grew up. We studied catechism, or the structure
of the church that we grew up in. Some of us even read the Bible, but we didn't know
that God wanted to know us, that He was available in that way, waiting for us to say, “Yes,
Lord.” You can do that today. You don't have to get good enough. Did you notice that
in Jimmy's story? You don't have to get good enough. He acknowledged who God was, acknowledged
that he needed a Savior. He was still hooked on drugs and said, “God, I need you to do
something miraculous in my life.” When we get serious with God, God gets serious with
us. Begin the journey today. Begin the adventure. It really is a day-to-day, moment-to-moment
adventure. If you've never invited Jesus Christ into your heart, do it now. Just say to Him,
“God, I love you. Jesus, I know you came and died for me. Save me. Forgive my sins.”
And then begin to tell Him what they are. Be honest with Him. He already knows, but
you need to be honest with yourself as well. List them all and then ask Him to cover you
with the blood that He shed on the cross when He died for you, for you and for me. And then
ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit. That's the power to live victoriously. That's
the power that set Jimmy Broyden free. And it’s available to you today. Whosoever will
call upon the name of the Lord. That's the what the word says. Take God at His word today.
Invite Him into your heart and life. See what He’ll do for you, and then live passionately
for him. If you want someone to pray with you today, you can go to your phone and call
that toll free number. It’s 1-800-759-0700.
There is someone on the other end of that line who would love to pray with you. They've
made the same commitment that you’re thinking of making. And we've even got a packet for
you. It’s free. It’s called “A New Day.” It talks about once you’ve prayed that prayer,
how do you grow in your relationship with the Lord?
Call now, and ask for “A New Day.” We’ll get it out to you right away. Pat.
Many people are going to be calling, Terry, and I look forward to having the good news
of hundreds have said yes to Jesus.
Well, still ahead, a record producer describes life in the fast lane.
I'd never seen that much money at one time in my entire life. What you do with the money
is one thing, and what you do with the groupies is another thing.
See what ruins this radio star when we return.
Something inside of me just told me I need to get checked out. The doctor said, “We
found something, and we need to get into surgery.”
Beth Gomez had stage III colon cancer.
That’s when we scheduled an appointment for a second opinion at Cancer Treatment Centers
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To find out more about treatment options for complex and late stage cancer, go to
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on you, our patient, your treatment, your healing, your survival.
You had a whole team. I wasn’t just going to fight this battle. They’re going to stand
beside me and fight it.
Our physicians, clinicians, and nurses are highly experienced and dedicated. We use state-of-the-art
technology and give you treatment options you may not even know exist.
Cancer makes you really appreciate what’s important in your life.
Please call or go to today. Cancer Treatment Centers of America, care
that never quits.
Welcome to Washington for this CBN Newsbreak. A federal appeals court rules two Texas elementary
school principals are not liable for violating their students’ First Amendment rights.
Those principals stopped students from handing out Christian materials on school campus.
Four families sued, saying their children’s rights had been violated. A lower court found
the district violated the students’ free speech rights, but a federal court has overturned
that ruling, say the principals will not be held responsible.
Vanderbilt University is forcing its student groups to accept homosexuals. Groups that
don't comply could lose funding and access to campus resources. The announcement comes
after a gay student said he was dismissed from a Christian fraternity. The College Republicans
president there says Vanderbilt has, quote, “launched an assault on religious groups
on campus.” Well, you can always get the latest from CBN News by going to our website
Pat and Terry will be back with more of The 700 Club, right after this.
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CBN Cambodia Dr. Pat, we celebrate with the CBN family around the world and wish you,
The 700 Club, and CBN a happy anniversary.
Happy 50th anniversary, 700 Club!
That’s our Cambodia office, and we have wonderful teams like that all around the world,
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We have so many things going on here, I don't even remember them all. We've got balloon
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We've got concerts by some of your favorite bands. MercyMe is going to be here, Daily
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Come join us.
It’s going to be beautiful. Well, I understand yesterday we had some of the most unbelievably
bad weather.
The storms were amazing. I was a little concerned, because we are setting up things here, and
the wind kind of picked up.
Lightning across the sky, lightning pointing down, and torrential rain, flooding. But it
has all cleared off. It's all beautiful. And we understand it’s going to be sunny and
it will be in the 60s.
Perfect. Beautiful. God set it up so pretty. All right. Well, let's introduce to you Bernie
Miller. Bernie was a music producer who blew through money as fast as he made it. He said
he was empty inside, until one morning, when he was alone in his hotel room. He turned
on, you guessed it, TV.
Bernie Miller’s love for radio started when he delivered the newspaper to a radio station
in Baltimore. He caught the attention of James Brown at WEBB, who asked Bernie to record
a public service announcement. Bernie was only 15 and he was hooked.
I was a disembodied voice. I loved being behind the microphone and not being seen, and doing
things and saying things in certain way that would encourage people.
By his twenties, Bernie was living out his wildest radio dreams and working for a top
three market in Chicago. He was swept up in a whirlwind of success, money, and glamour.
My lifestyle when I was in the radio world was the fast lane. It’s filled with a lot
of drugs and a lot of groupies. A lot of money, too, can be made. And what you do with the
money is one thing, and what you do with the groupies is another thing. It was calling
prostitutes and having people come over and using and abusing drugs. And it’s a dog
eat dog world. And I had to get acclimated to it. So when that happens, you use things
to give you a boost. And I used cocaine to give me a boost. I used marijuana to relax.
It is such a vicious cycle.
Bernie’s career skyrocketed. He was offered a job in New York, another top three market.
During that time he began to write music with credits such as “I Can’t Stand the Rain,”
made famous by Ann Peebles and Tina Turner.
And I remember the royalty check that I got. It was like 19,000 dollars. And I had never
seen that much money at one time in my entire life. And I used every drop of it on drugs.
In 1987, Sony Records offered Bernie a position as VP of A&R. His roster included Michael
Jackson, Luther Vandross, and others. His six figure salary and million dollar budget
was all he thought he ever wanted. But one day, Bernie realized that it wasn’t enough.
I woke up after being there a for a year, and I said, “Is this it? I worked all these
years to get here, and there is something missing.” And there was a void in my life.
The night before, I knew I was watching an X-rated movie. I knew that. And I don’t
know if I rolled over on the remote control. I don’t know what happened, but I woke up
that morning, and I turned the TV on, and it was The 700 Club. There was someone on
there saying, “There is someone who is struggling right now, and you are at a point in your
life where you have made it. You have done all the things you wanted to do, but there
is something that’s missing. And I want to tell you that that something missing is
Jesus, and He purposely put a Christ-shaped vacuum in your life.” The next thing I knew,
I was on my knees, asking the Lord to come into my life and save me. It was a total personality
change, so to speak. I found myself not wanting to do the things that I used to do. I asked
the Lord to take the taste of cigarettes and alcohol and any other substances out of my
taste buds, and He did. And as I think about that moment, things just changed in my life.
After Bernie gave his life to Christ, he found it difficult to continue his work with the
record label. The next year, Sony decided not to renew his contract, and Bernie Miller
moved to Chattanooga to become a Christian radio announcer. Eventually, Bernie attended
seminary and became a full-time pastor.
All the “Gold Records,” all the famous people that I have known, mean nothing to
me compared to the relationship that I have found by watching The 700 Club. Anyone who
is hurting, all you have to do is want Jesus. When I was at the top of my career, I didn’t
really need anything, but there was a void in my life. You have a lot of money, very
successful, but all of those things don’t mean anything to you. At the end of the day,
you still have a void in your life, and that void is a relationship with Jesus Christ.
That is that same void that I had, and you won’t be happy until you do what I did,
and that is ask Him to be your Lord and Savior.
There was a song by Peggy Lee a little while ago, “Is that all there is? If that’s
all there is, then we ought to break out the booze and have a ball. If that’s all it
is, then let’s get drunk and let’s get high, and let’s forget it. Let’s just
get stoned. If that’s all there is.” Well, folks, I want to tell you, there is more.
This life is not making money. A man's life does not consist of the abundance of his possessions.
There’s no satisfaction. You can have a million, you can have a hundred million, and
it doesn’t give you any satisfaction. Sure, you can buy some stuff and have some more
freedom. But it doesn't really make you happy inside, because there is only one thing. You
and I have a God-shaped vacuum, and that can only be filled by Jesus. There is nobody else
that can satisfy you. No amount of sex, no amount of relationships, no amount of booze,
no amount of parties, no amount of travel, no amount of business, any of that. There
is pleasure in sin for a season. I won't deny it. But it doesn't last long. But the lasting
joy is that you have been accepted by your Father, and that you're at home in your Father's
house. And if you'd like that right now, I know Terry talked to you earlier, and I’ll
talk to you again. Do you want Him? Do you want to know true satisfaction? Stop kidding
yourself. Do you? Just bow your head right now. Just don't go anywhere. Right now. Put
down the devices in your hand, whatever it is, and bow your head and pray these words.
“Jesus.” That's right. Pray with me. “Jesus, I know that you died for me. I know that you
rose again that I might live forever. And, Jesus, right now I acknowledge that my need
is for you. I've tried to fill my life with many things, but I know the only thing that
will satisfy is you. And I ask you, Lord, come now into my life. Live in me, take control
of my life, and let me know everlasting life from this moment on. I thank you, Lord. Thank
you.” And for those who prayed with me, I want to pray for you. Father, right now,
in Jesus' name, let the anointing power of your Holy Spirit come into these people's
lives, in Jesus' name. Thank you, Lord. Amen. If you prayed with me, I want you to confess
It is the most important decision you'll ever make in your life. And you need to get started.
You need to have some help. Now, if you don't want to give us your name, that’s fine.
You need to call anyhow and say, “Look, I just prayed with Pat. I gave my heart to
the Lord.” But if you give us your name, we’ll send you something absolutely free.
It’s called “A New Day.” There’s a CD in here and also a little booklet that
will tell you the basics of what you’ve done and gets you started, and you need it.
You need something to help you get under way. So call, please: 1-800-759-0700. People are
here who love you. It's a toll-free number. No financial obligation whatsoever, but call
in and say, “I just prayed with that guy on TV. I’ve given my heart to Jesus.”
Here’s Terry.
Well, still ahead, we're going to take some time for your chat questions. Thana says,
“A few years ago I cheated on my husband.
I felt really bad about it. I’ve repented and haven't cheated on him since. MY question
is, should I tell my husband or just leave it in the past?” We'll tackle that question
and more when we return.
On the streets, they put their lives on the line, but at home they struggle to connect.
You’ve been a good enough father.
I don’t want to be a good enough father.
Now, honor begins at home. Courageous, rated PG 13, in theaters tomorrow.
Welcome to preview weekend!
Welcome to preview weekend.
Welcome to preview weekend!
Regent University is amazing.
You can't understand the university unless you visited and met the people.
I felt the sense of peace walking around the campus.
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Join us November 10th through 12th for preview weekend.
Well, many of you submitted questions in our chat room. And Pat, this first one is from
Thana, who says, “A few years ago I cheated on my husband. I felt really bad about it.
I have repented and haven't cheated on him since. My question is, should I tell my husband
or just leave it in the past?”
That's a very difficult question. It’s a very difficult question, because in certain
instances, you're better—certainly things that happened before you came to the Lord,
before you got married, that's between you and the Lord. Keep it quiet. You just don't
need to drag up old boyfriends, old girlfriends and all of the stuff, sexual escapades. No
way. That’s yours, between you and Jesus. In this case, it’s a question of what your
own heart tells you. Does your heart tell you that you've got to tell him? Well, if
that’s the case, you pray that the Lord will make him receptive and not angry. On
the other hand, if your heart is not telling you to do it and you don’t feel the leading
of the Lord, then don’t do it. There’s no compulsion that you have to. You’ve confessed
to the Lord, and that's the important thing. Now, if you say, “Well, I’ve injured him
and I should go and apologize.” Well, did you or didn't you? It is a difficult, difficult
It is. It's an odd thing. Really, there is so much you don't know in answering that.
What is the relationship like? She doesn't say that, between her and her husband.
Right. That’s right.
But sometimes that can cause an odd thing in a relationship. There’s like a hidden
Well, from now on, he’s going to be saying, “Well, she’s doing again. And how was
it with that other guy? Was he something that she really liked?” And then the husband
starts fantasizing all this nonsense. It’s better to be quiet. But you do what the Lord
shows you. All right.
This is Lisa, who says, “My spouse is a great husband and father, but at the same
time, he likes to drink with his friends. He has come home drunk a few times, and it’s
starting to cause problems with our family. What should I do?”
Mildly suggest to him that that behavior isn’t acceptable. But if he’s not a drunk and
he goes out, he tilts a few with his friends, don't nag him. It would be very unwise to
do so. You pray that the Lord Himself will show him whether this is right or wrong. If
he is beginning to abuse your children or something like that, that's a different matter.
If he’s beginning to beat you up, it’s a different matter.
She doesn't say what the problems in the family are that have been caused.
That’s the problem with these questions. You get just a little glimpse at what it is,
and so it's not the full story. But nagging husbands is not cool. It doesn't accomplish
what you want.
Of course, neither is drinking too much and coming home drunk.
Well, I know. I know.
I know. Talk. Talk.
Maybe he’s a convivial son of Ireland, and they like that.
Relationship with each other.
That’s part of the culture. I don't know.
I think maybe what you said is correct. Sit down at a time when he is not drinking, and
when you're having a—maybe you can say, “Can we go out to dinner somewhere? There
is something I want to talk with you about.” And just share your heart about that in a
moment where he is a good place to listen to you.
That’s right. It’s always, “I love you so much, and look what’s going to happen.”
Okay, what’s next?
This is Gwendolyn who says, “I was recently introduced to something called the energy
bracelet. Supposedly it involves magnets and helps blood flow or something, but a friend
of mine says it is new age and demonic. What do you think?”
I don't think magnets are demonic.
No, I don’t either.
I also think it is a scam. But that’s neither here nor there.
It's your money.
It's your money. But they have these bracelets. Maybe it does some good for you. I don’t
There was a while, not too long ago, where people who had back injuries, they had magnets
that you could actually put in your bed when you sleep at night.
Well, magnetism might help, but it’s electrical. It’s not a demon. Its electrical impulses.
Right. So if that energy works, let us know.
If you want to grab a hot wire and hold on and see if that fixes your . . . .
That’s very energizing, too.
Yes, that will energize you. All right, what else?
Okay, This says, “I’m 19 years old and completely lost in life. Everyone around me
tells me that I should have some sort of notion of a career path by now. I've prayed for direction,
but those prayers have gone unanswered. What should I do?” This from Nicole.
Nicole, praise God for where you are.
And do what’s right before you, one step at a time. You, at 19, are not going to know
your life’s goals. You really won’t. I didn’t know at 19 what I was going to do.
I know 40-year-olds who haven’t figured out their life, Pat.
Exactly. You just don’t necessarily know. I thought, “I’m going to be a lawyer.”
But why? Well, I just was going to do that. But the thought I would be doing what I’m
doing now, it was totally in another world. Not a chance.
You know what sometimes happens to 19-year-olds? You’re getting ready to go to college or
on to training, and your parents want to know that you’re majoring in something you’re
going to use later in your life. I think it’s an exploration time myself.
Of course it is.
To figure out what your gifts are and what your heart is in.
I studied, I majored in history. History was fun. I got good grades and everything. I had
a lot of parties. But when you're that age, you've got to—and then I went in the Marine
Corps and went overseas. The Marines. Hey.
One day with Jesus. Just do one day with Jesus, right?
Okay, that’s all the time we’ve got. Pete’s telling me time’s up. Well, tomorrow, it’s
time for a celebration. We mark our golden anniversary with a special episode of The
700 Club. These words from Thessalonians . . . .
. . . . “Give thanks for all circumstances; for it’s God’s will for you in Christ
Jesus.” That's all the time we’ve got. We’ll see you for the special tomorrow.
Here at CBN, we see incredible things happen when we stand together.
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Each day, you have a part in healing the sick, feeding the hungry and broadcasting the Gospel
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Just like you did for Yosanna. He lived in a slum, breaking rocks for two dollars a day.
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you gave his grandchildren school supplies, changing the future for Yosanna and his family.
So please watch for this mailing and send in your pledge.
This year millions experience the love and saving power of Jesus Christ.
Only because you were there.