INSANE clock pushup workout

Uploaded by sixpackshortcuts on 05.08.2011

bjbj Mike Chang: What s up YouTube! Mike Chang, Six Pack Shortcuts! Today, I m going to show
you guys how to do a clock push-up. You might have seen it in one of my earlier videos.
A clock push-up is basically a variation of a push-up where you re basically going in
a circle like a clock. So what we re going to do today is going to be a particular challenge.
We re going to do as many clock push-ups as we can in 10 minutes. So rest as much as you
need to between your sets, or between your sets, and see how many you can do in total.
One rotation equals one rep. So, let me go ahead and show you an example. I m going to
do two rotations so I can show you it in both directions. So clock push-up. You get in to
a push-up position, keep your feet together and with this movement, you want to make sure
you have enough room to kind of pivot all the way around. So, do a push-up, take hands
together, this side, push-up, side, push-up, just like this. So, you re basically moving
like a clock. So that was one rotation, it s pretty tough. These are a little different
than regular push-ups because of the way you are moving like this, and it engages a lot
of shoulders too, and all with a lot more abs. It s going to keep your core tight. [Music
Playing] Or you can do them like that, a little faster, lot tougher because you re actually
doing them up the ground now. So leave the comments below on how many clock push-ups
can you do. Remember, one rotation equals 1 full rep. You ve got 10 minutes, rest as
long as you need to between the sets. So, check out the website sixpackshortcuts for
more workout videos. Thanks for watching this one. Let me know how you all like it. See
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