Kuolleiden Talvi 4/4 Winter of The Dead 4/4

Uploaded by Zugram on 01.05.2009

- This was long time ago.
- You don’t have fever any more.
- How did you survive the riots and the disorder when the war begun?
- I was at the night shift in Doris when I saw the first one. I thought it was some drunken lunatic.
The whole bar was in chaos, thank God I got out of there. I don’t remember much from the first days, except I killed a lot.
How did you made it here in the wilds?
- My wife and son died to radiation at the very beginning.
I took all the things I needed and left the town before the worst riots started.
I was planning to follow ending of the world from outside and just go along but somehow I managed from day to day.
- I’ll check the channels.
- Don’t bother, there’s nothing on there anyway.
- Good day. - Hello, hello.
- Hi. Toni has something for you. - Yeah, excellent.
- So, it seems that it was a though journey. How’s the leg?
- It’s better. I can walk but wouldn’t go running. - Well, just tell me what happened there on your trip?
- There was some paranoid survivor at the town. But he had kept the electricity on all the time.
- Weird that we haven’t seen him before. Well, do you have something for me?
- There you go. - Yeah, looking good...
- Hey, there’s something showing! - The first broadcast in years!
- Damned, I wonder if the situation is over.
- They ask if there’s anybody from Kiuruvesi alive. Send a message if there is and all other survivors send messages.
Together we have better chance to get trough this alive.
This broadcast has just started, I just broke in to this broadcast center.
- This is some kind of survivor chat.
- I’ve been making some research during last months and the situation got so bad that I had to come here to tell my research results.
Before it’s too late, before I’ll die.
As a former researcher I have made exact observations about the zombies from the beginning of this situation.
I've come to certain conclusions. As you all have noticed they have become more hostile and they move in larger crowds.
- Yes, we’ve noticed.
- This is because the zombies haven’t had enough food, people, in a long time.
- That man has a point!
- Many zombies haven’t eaten since the situation began, everybody remembers what it was like then.
I have calculated and studied test animals.
I’ve noticed that most of these hungry and undernourished zombies will die of hunger in next couple of weeks.
But they are now really hungry and hostile, they move in large packs. So all survivors, prepare yourself for immediate attacks.
They are coming your way. And try to stay alive. In few weeks all this will be over.
So try to survive. They’re coming.
- They’re coming in through the window! - We need to get out of here!
- Where? - Where ever, just out of here!
- God damn you Risto!
- Take me to the bomb, it’s our only hope. - We’re not going to make it.
- Yes we will, when we blow up the bomb. I’ll take care of it, you kill the rest!
- I wonder if this is still working. - Yes, it will. I’ll stay here and blow it up.
- What? Didn’t you put some kind detonator or timer on this?
- I’m just a farmer, not electrician. I don’t know how to do that. Matches are enough.
Besides, I’ve always wanted to give something back to those bastards.
- This is it?
- Thank you.
- Ok, just go already.
- Hey, Toni!
- Are you all right? - Yes.
- They all died.
- Risto saved us.
- Thank God this is over.
- How do we go on from here?