Na`Vi room overview @ IEM6 WC

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 6, 2012

- Welcome to the best hotel ever!
- 5 000 star hotel!
- I’ll sit on this chair and have a sleep!
- Our guard should sit on the chair.
- Taxi-driver lied us!
- However we saved 60 euros. I mean 50 euros.
- Zeus you remind me of our taxi-driver cheater.
- Zeus, are you happy with the conditions?
- I do happy.
I’ve never lived in a room like this.
This picture is so conceptual.
It’s a place for the guard.
- I’m the guard before 12 AM, then Edward changes me.
Life is cruel.
- Zeus, it's for you.
Don't touch me anymore.
I won't touch you if you give me 5 euros more.
- I can give you some water.
- Water? OK.
Do you have something to eat?
Listen to me.
Imagine, we are wandering.
Someone is moving towards us.
Guess who!
We met them
We seriuosly glanced at them.
It's gonna be a battle tomorrow.