RoboCup 2012 Walkthrough

Uploaded by BotSportTV on 23.06.2012

Hola It's Carissa here, at the world trade center, in Mexico city, for the RoboCup 2012.
Want an express visit? follow me.
This is rescue robot. This robots are crossing a giant maze, simulating
a disaster zone. This is the kind of robot we desperately needed
in fukushima, Japan. To save human lifes when disaster strikes.
This is robocup @home. This robots should be able to move and interact in a human environment.
That means they can talk and they can listen, and they should be able to obey a simple order
like "Bring me the remote" or "una cerbeza por favor"
This is RoboCup Junior. All these noisy kids are the future of robotics.
One of these kids might, one day, invent a robot that will replace your smelly dog, cook
and clean for you. And even play video games with you.
Rescue Maze
Mini-soccer Dance
This is festo logistics and @work. I'm still not sure what they really doing,
so let's go to see some soccer.
This is RoboCup Soccer Simulation. It is virtual soccer inside a computer.
I know you don't care! You want to see robots
There's small size There's midle size
But the best are the humanoid categories. They are 4 different categories of humanoid
The Standard Platform In this category everybody is using the same
robot: NAO He's really cute and he speaks French. "Bonjour Nao"
The "Adult Size" In this category the robot has to be over
130cm tall. And they don't really play soccer. It is just one kicker against one goalkeeper
then they alternate.
Teen Size In this category the robot has to be over
100cm. I think, this category, wil be soon th e best but for now, the best category is
the kid size.
The Kid Size As you can see these robots are super small.
But they can kick, they can jump, stand-up, throw balls and plus, they're super cute.
But be carefull this is the 2011 world champion for the USA.
And there's this one from Japan. And there's also these ones for Germany.
The finals video will be online Sunday, Sunday