The Face Behind Facebook - Is Facebook your friend?

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Within five short years Mark Zuckerberg has turned his social networking website
Facebook to a global phenomenon. To friend someone, update your status or write on
a wall is the language of the one hundred seventy five million people on the website
Facebook. It kindda became an addiction for me. Created in a Harvard dorm room way
back in two thousand and four is a way for students to share information online. Today
from politicians to a lot of curious parents Facebook
says its gaining five million users a week. It caters to everyone who is interested
in sharing any type of information with other people on the web. If it were a
country it would be about the size of Brazil Recently paradi on Saturday night live. It's
Facebook break. Inside the company Facebook growth is taken very seriously, facing
tough competition the site is still searching to find successful business model
and it's users are asking questions about their privacy online. who owns our data when
we put it on our web, who owns it when we put it on Facebook. Earlier this month Mark
Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO changed the terms of use for the site to read the company
may retain archived copies of your user content. Say in ten years I wanna run for
President of the United States or twenty or thirty years, anything I have on Facebook
now since its own forever, they can do whatever they want with. Sparking outrage
some say Facebook was claiming of ownership of personal photos and information. They just
basically had a major PR flame out on our hands and they haven't stepped out to
put out the fire. After quickly recanting the company is now also giving users unprecedented
governance over the site. Mark Zuckerberg is Facebook's founder and CEO,
he's here for an exclusive interview. It's good to have you back. Oh, it's good to be
back on the show. I wanna talk about some of these stuff we just mentioned that piece
in a second. But let's talk about sheer numbers to begin. I mean it used to be I thought
when you first started this there was more of an exclusive small core people using
this and it had this incredible cool edge with a hundred seventy five million people
using this around the world can it retain its
cool? Well, there's stuff that's growing a lot and now they are people all over the
world who are using it, including about a million a week new people in the US alone
are signing up. So, people are using it just to communicate and share information with
their friends and the people around them so everyone is just using it for their
small circle of people. So, let's do the math here you say a million new people a week
here in the US alone, you're gonna hit two hundred million users then in the near future
Oh, hopefully soon, yeah. If I have Facebook page can it be cool? I mean I'm not
self-depricating here but am I the kind of person you...It would be cool if you do have
a Facebook page. Oh, I was gonna say obviously. But, do you want the moms and dads
of the worlds out there. Is that really your target audience now? So the idea is really
that the site helps everyone connect with people and share information with the people
they want to stay connected with. That's really something that is applicable for
everyone, so it started off with young students now we have people all over the world
in all different age groups in different demographics are using the site, I mean that's
something that would continuously grow. Let's go through this controversy ok because it
did kind of explode here, there is this fear that after you release the statement, that
seem to indicate that what people put on their Facebook pages, picture, content,
information would be retained in the archives of the company. A lot of people freaked
out about that Mark and since you've modified that explain to me exactly what the situation
is now. Sure, so there are terms that the site are governed by and you know frankly
we made a mistake in the last version and it
sure is unclear language our intent is that people own their own information and that's
one of the things that makes Facebook really special. It's a service that people
are using to put up information that they wanna share with people that often is really
personal, private, intimate. And one of the big differences that Facebook makes is
that it gives you great control of who you share your information with. So, if I have
a Facebook page and I put on that page pictures of myself, me and my wife, my kids
information. If I decide to take that page down and not be a Facebook user in the near
future all of that comes with me you don't keep in some archive. Yes, so what happens
is that none of that information would be shared to anyone going forward right
and so I mean you control exactly who you're sharing that information with. So you
can say I wanna put up this photo but I only wanna share it with these people in my
family or these friends from high school, you know once if you sign up for this item
and you decide that you want to take the information down then none of that information
will be shared with anyone going forward. Let's talk about business, there
are reports that this company is still not breaking even. And what shocked me when I
read that was with a hundred seventy five million customers how can any business not
make money? What's the explaination for that Oh, well I mean our business is actually growing
really well. WE have a few different lines that are growing well. I mean for the
last few years we have been primarily focused just on serving users, helping people
connect and share, helping it spread all across the world. So, do you have plans to
grow the revenue substantially? Oh, it already is growing quickly and especially
in this economy we're very happy with how it's going. I'm getting used to people talking
about Facebook in the office around here and now they're talking about twitter
and things like that and clearly I have a lot of catching up to do. How does the competition
from things like twitter etc. change the way you view your business in the
coming months and years? Well, you know there a number of services online that help
people connect with people around them and share information with them and you know
Facebook offers a number of ways for people to do this. It's by far the biggest
place on the web that people are going to share photos. I think there are more than
a billion photos shared a month on the site. People are also using it to share messages
with people. And one of the big differentiators is just that people have really good control
of who they are sharing their information with. So, for example you got these cases
that our soldiers who are overseas in Iraq who can
post specific information that they wanna share with their families right and people
can view these because they have really good privacy controls on the site. Did you ever
dream two thousand four in your dorm room in Harvard when you started this thing and
you'll end up with sitting here one day saying we're about we're gonna go across two
hundred million users? Nah, I think that's pretty difficult to perceive. I mean, when
we were starting I figured that there would be services like this, that would help
people share information and connect in these ways. I mean I knew that would be
a really special service for people but just no idea that we'd be ones who were
kindda helping to build that. And you started some big, Mark Zuckerberg it's great to
have here, wearing a tie this time I should say, last time I think you were in
flip flops and some kindda like flees things so you really kindda fulfill now that was
very serious when you were in Meredith in two thousand seven, look at you! This looks
like a serious CEO, Mark it's great to have you here. Thanks. Thanks very much.