HetaOni 5 - Part 1/3 [ENG / FRA / GER / ITA / NLD / POL / POR subs]

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That's not Tony.
When we were talking about going through the first floor, that Thing appeared, too.
But the moment I saw it, I realised it was that friend that America had introduced to us before.
Y-yes. Are we mistaken? We concluded that it was America's friend and felt more at ease in our search...
I live close to America and I've met Tony several times. I suppose they do look alike.
But even so... he would never attack America.
Attack—What? It attacked him?!
It was only one hit. America was thrown against the wall, but he was still conscious somehow and started shooting at it.
It had no effect at all, though...
We thought it was America's friend at first, but when it suddenly attacked America
and America seemed to fight back for real... we realised that we were probably wrong.
So that's why we heard shooting!
We had no idea what to do.
He was getting cornered, and when we tried to do something about it, he yelled at us to get away.
I think he... wanted to handle it all on his own.
But it was too strong even for the three of us, so we decided to get it away from him.
I couldn't fight it, though... I lowered my guard for one moment and was knocked out.
When I came to, both that creature and America were... gone.
I-I'm sorry, Russia, for all the trouble I gave you...
No, you weren't a burden at all! It's pretty hard to fight while you protect someone~
But if you want to thank me, why don't you become one with Russia? Huhuh.
... Anyway, we wanted to help him, but we didn't know where he'd gone.
We decided we might as well start looking in the kitchen, and then the Thing appeared again and China joined us.
In other words, three people are missing. I think we should help them as soon as possible.
America has nothing to do with it, so we can't feel safe. Rather, we should expect the worst.
What's the matter?
There's something inside the burnt wooden box! Just a second. Um...
Be careful.
Uh-huh. Oops—Ow, hot!
It's a key. It's a key to some room!
Obtained "Hallway Key"
We got a new breach!
Finding a way out was our priority, but first we have to think of a way to rescue our friends.
If we are thorough in our search, I'm sure we'll find them.
Those three are also tenacious people. They've got to be /somewhere/...
Friends, huh...? Sounds interesting.
I was caught by surprise before, but next time I meet the Thing, I'll have a /lot/ to thank it for.
Let's hurry. I don't want anyone dropping out.
Well, then, we'll split up into three groups, since we have so much to do.
And no one can go alone. Each group should have at least two people.
Yeah, there are too many rooms.
There are rooms we can open with a key, rooms we can't open, and rooms that we haven't checked out yet.
Yes. Now, about our unsynchronized watches...
Eek!! J-Japan—
... So, it found us, after all. This room is no longer safe.
Was it ever off-limits? Shit! What are we going to do?!
My group will be in charge of dealing with the Thing.
Germany, Italy, you will search for the room to open with that key.
Then I'll fight with Japan!
Can I join you? I really have to thank it for all the trouble~
There's a room that I want to investigate with Canada, so that's where we're heading.
Italy, if you make any progress, come to the room with the piano.
Okay! B-be careful, Japan.
Thank you.
... Well, then, everyone... good luck.
Play which group first? - Japan, Russia, China - Germany, Italy - Canada, England
That guy was a little bigger than before, don't you think? Maybe we should go back to help them, after all—
No, first we must accomplish the mission that was given to us. Japan can take care of himself.
We have to fully understand this house so that we can also lighten /his/ burden.
Veh. All right. Also, if we run into that thing, I'd rather run away.
Duly noted. Anyway, let's search these rooms once more and then... um... report to England.
Okay! Let's do our best, Germany.
[Hallway Key] Key to the hallway on the first floor.
The key isn't for this room.
Well, there was one more locked room - a Japanese-style room. Let's try that one.
Used "Hallway Key".
[Rice Ball] Restores the strength of a single party member. Very salty.
[Chilli Pepper] Restores the ability to battle. Make it hotteeeeeer!!
[Beer] Restores the SP of a single party member. Old man, gimme 'nother beer.