Making Homemade Sausage Hot Links : What are Sausage Casings?

Uploaded by expertvillage on 13.12.2007

Hi my name is Karl James owner of Creolesoul catering located in Round Rock, Texas and
on behalf of Expert Village I'm here to show you how to make hot links. Okay now let's
take a look at our casing, the casing are basically the intestines on a pig. You can
use cow intestines and that is what sausage normally traditionally are stuffed in these
casings. Like I said they are normally the intestines from a animal these are hog or
pig intestines. So the next time you have some one that says they don't eat chitlins
if they ever eating sausage they have eating chitlins. Anyway a lot of the larger company
that manufacture sausage they are using different types of material for casing they are using
Collagen , they are using Fibrous and believe it or not some of them even use plastic casing.
So we are going to stick with the animal intestines itself you can find them at any grocery store
they come packed in salt so when you get them you want to let them soak in water oh some
warm water from 30-35 minutes and then start working with them. Anyway that is our casing
and let's start getting them prepare for stuffing.