Health Care Reform & Cost Efficiency

Uploaded by sphweb on 03.12.2009

the biggest challenge in Washington today
the school it focused on covering more people
not in adding value or contain costs
to be sure ending more coverage for people is a laudable goal
but we've suffered for many years we have and in that terrible health care system that's
left many people out
so many experiments are going to be offered
from adding health insurance exchanges expand Medicare and Medicaid
were you having individual employer mandates to cover more people
our biggest concern is that if we had more people to the health care system
without changing value or lowering costs
the system will become unsustainable
under health care for my hope is that will change three elements
how we pay for care
what we pay for
and how health care is delivered
there's some quick and easy changes
how we pay for health care
some people a proposed just cutting
pena rates for Medicare and Medicaid
and those are
short-sighted and unsustainable heights the changes
our hope in this effort valley based insurance is eyeing
is that we also share
what we pay for
that we think about paying for value and services
and having less generous coverage for those service that don't add value
leaving funds to cover everyone
the third part of the snow is changing how we deliver health care
at the provider level we need to make changes in the use of information technology and best
that the
insurance level we need to make more and better use of preventive care services
at the delivery system level we need to think about making a process that is more efficient
and less wasteful are biggest obstacle to change right now
is that the American health care system
works well
for many people
sure we're worried about the fifty million people who don't have health insurance
but that leaves us with over two hundred fifty million people who don't have health insurance
and of those fourteen million people actually work within the health care system
they're afraid of change and afraid of losing
control there are many leaders now who won substantial change in health care system
and they're being criticized
by having the great
get in the way of the good
the good being providing more insurance coverage for people today
on the flip this around and say that
we're letting the good
moderately good health care system we have now
get in the way
of undertaking great
if we are to see great improvement in our health care system and to substantially and
value at lower cost
then we might have to let
the good to take place now
to help expand health insurance coverage for those that
don't have it
but in the long run we must
look for the great
we must
change your payment systems improve the delivery of care
so ultimately lower costs and provide value to all Americans