Alejandro & Diego - 048 (English Subs)

Uploaded by AleRP01 on 21.04.2012

Diego, yesterday I went to get a vaccine, and I ran into Ms. Miranda in that place.
Well, what did she tell you? What happened? -No, no. We didn't talk to each other.
Truth is, I'm not complete sure if it was her. But look, in that clinic only illegal women and women that don't have medical insurance are accepted.
I think that since Ms. Mirada no longer has a job, she doesn't have insurance, and that's why she was there, right?
Yeah, true, but I mean, why would she be there? -I don't know!
Sweetie, and if Mr. Miranda is pregnant? Wait, wait, wait. And If Mauricio is the father?
Yeah! -No!, Diego, no! Why are you so gossipy?
Whoever overhears you say that will think it's true. -Oh, come on now.
Hey, I've got news for you.
What's up? -My mom decided to go meet your dad. What do you think?
Really? -Yes!
I brought you here because I don't want anyone to hear us.
I wanted to ask you... Did you see Miranda a few days ago at a clinic?
I don't know what you're talking about sir.
So you didn't go two days ago to a clinic?
Ohh, yeah, yeah. I went there a couple of days ago. And no, I didn't see Ms. Miranda. I think my mom saw her when she was leaving.
Well, it so happens that in that clinic they see people without insurance and without a job...
...and also illegals. So when she told me she saw you, I got worried about you.
She saw me?
Yes, Nora. In fact, I wanted to ask you, do you have any problems with immigration?
Hector, thank you for coming. Your son should be at the cafeteria. He's done with his lessons.
Thank you, Ana.
Nora! -Hi!
So good to see you. You know, I'd like to discuss something with you. But at the moment I don't have time.
Remember that I want to meet your parents very soon. -Yes, yes. Of course.
Excuse me.
Bye... JP, can you come with me? We have a lot to talk about. -Yes, of course.
Of course Nora being illegal worries me. -Look, Alejandro. For my girlfriend's problems, I'm here.
She has someone to protect her.
Diego, and who is protecting YOU?
I don't know what you're talking about.
About your feelings. About your distress.
About who you really are in the inside.