LUMINA Webisode 5: Give the Lady a Hand (HD, Closed Captions, Web Series)

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# Happy birthday, Lumina! #
- Teddy told me. - Oh, of course.
- Thank you. Are these from... - Everybody in the office, actually.
That is so sweet.
Who's this from?
Is that what I think it is?
It's beautiful.
There's no note on it.
You don't know who it's from?
I don't want to assume.
Maybe it is from a secret admirer.
Maybe not so secret admirer.
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Lumina 1x05 Give The Lady A Hand
I really love it.
I'm glad.
Happy birthday, Lumina.
Oh, hey, Teddy.
It looks just like I imagined it would.
It's too much, Teddy. You really shouldn't have.
I wanted to get you something special,
something that would show you how much you mean to me.
How close we've become.
Teddy, I really can't accept this.
But it's for you.
We're just friends.
Teddy, how can you afford this?
It's not about price, Lumina.
Teddy, just tell me.
James sent me to this vendor that he knows in Mong Kok.
The guy gave me a great deal because I did a small favor for him.
- What favor? - A delivery.
To a neighbor of yours actually.
Some guy named... Rider... Cornwall?
Do you know him?
I gotta go.
Where are you going?
Are you crazy? Whose hand is that?
What are you talking about?
The hand that you left outside my door.
Calm down.
Look, that wasn't me.
Do you still have the hand?
I left it where it was.
You should have taken my advice and stopped talking to him.
This can't be happening.
Your Ryder is not the Prince of Corwaith.
Not even remotely close.
He's a common thief.
- I'm going to be sick. - Okay,
I'm going to pick up the package.
And if anything else happens, just use my card.
Use it? It's empty.
You can't see me in this?
Nothing. Nothing's on it.
Odd... you have no mirror sight...
yet you still see Ryder.
Ryder has some sort of special mirror.
When he looks through it, he can see me.
So you're not a mirrorspy after all.
Tell me everything.
Start from the first time you met.
Are you going to sit here all night in silence
or are you going to talk to me?
Can I please explain?
There isn't anything to explain.
You lied to me.
Everything is a lie.
What's so urgent?
I have information about the Dark Mirror.
The Dark Mirror!
Time after time, you are trying to sell me those outlandish stories.
Call me when you've got something real to offer.
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