Garam Masala (2005) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 8

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In his place, I'd pay you more, pay you more respect too
damn you! You are here to screw me!
I'll hack you to pieces! I'll hang you up on the fan
don't you interfere, old fossil
wait there, don't you leave! You are dead, Shyam!
You want to kick me out and stay here, eh?
What are you doing? - Damn you!
You plan to have my Fiancée, eh? Bloody lecher
plotting, eh?
Get out of here with your stuff!
Pick up your stuff and get lost!
Please don't!
Think again! - Thought! Move it
Is this your final decision? - The ultimate
Out! - Goodbye
what's his name...? Padgaonkar
He might have an apartment like this. - What?
what's his address? Bungalow no. 3, Tulip citadel, Grobe Road... yes!
What? What did you say? - Nothing. I too need a house to live
what's his name...? - Padgaonkar
Yes. Padgaonkar. If I could get a house like this...
put your stuff down! You are not an orphan
You don't need to tell others when there's a brawl in the family
I need to talk to him. - Are you his business partner? Silly
Let go of me!
Ma says, never retract your steps
But retracting for a friend proves friendship. Dad said that
crap. If we spend more time with each other...
we might end up killing each other. - Can I even hit you?
You can hit me... go on. Am I complaining?
Just remember. You'll never find a true friend like me
Really? - Really
Shake hands
How about a Blue Label on the occasion? - I don't have Blue Label
It's there. I have seen it down there
Swine! Bloody snooper
I'm leaving. Bye
where are you leaving? We've stopped fighting
I can't take it anymore. I quit! - Did I tell you something?
You are like daddy. - Daddy? Swine, old fossil, senile...
is that what you call your father? - Who is the master of the house?
On my face
You are. - Correct. And who is the swine?
Who is the swine here? - Who do you call a swine?
Who? - It's the wife's brother
That's family. That makes you family
we love you. Did you think I was cursing you?
How silly
just a while ago he hit me... did I complain?
No, because I love him. Such things happen between friends
Make a drink of Blue Label for uncle, fast
I'm not drinking. - Why not? You will
Get on with it! - Sure
Let go
Hurry up
One for me!
Cheers! Cheers!
My heart... as vast as the sea
Let me immerse you in my heart, my love
My heart... as vast as the sea
Let me immerse you in my heart, my love
There's something I have to tell you...
I wish to ride these waves, my love
lmmersed... my heart's immersed
lmmersed... the heart's immersed, sweetheart
lmmersed... my heart's immersed
lmmersed... the heart's immersed, sweetheart
In your mischievous eyes, on your breath...
there's the requital to love
My desires, consumed by a storm...
there's the desire to love
In the depths of my craving...
I'm in a daze, my love
lmmersed... my heart's immersed
lmmersed... the heart's immersed, sweetheart
My heart... as vast as the sea
come, let me give you all I possess
If youth is fire...
Iove is the water that extinguishes it
It's true, my love, better you understand that
This restlessness is like a tempest...
believe me, my love
In your arms, I want to be, my love
lmmersed... my heart's immersed
lmmersed... the heart's immersed, sweetheart
My heart... as vast as the sea
come, let me immerse you in my heart
All I have to say is that I want to ride these waves...
O my love!
Lmmersed... my heart's immersed
lmmersed... the heart's immersed, sweetheart
Brother Makrand!
Yes, that's it
You're screwed! - What happened?
Your fiancée's arriving with a rotten fly
Looks like he's related to you. - Rotten-faced? Sucked-out mango?
That's my uncle
what happened, Mac? - Pooja, wear your clothes quickly
My Uncle will arrive any moment, I'm terribly scared of him
He's like a father to me. He's coming to meet you actually
So get ready quickly. - All right
Listen... don't always rush. Hear me out first!
There's a girl with him... she's like a sister to me
So no misunderstandings, okay? - Why would I misunderstand?
Actually, it was only for your information, okay? So go on... hurry
Let's go! Quick!
My respects, Uncle
You ought to have called, I'd have picked you up
which flight did you take? - From that traffic signal...
to this one, I need a flight? - I told you!
My Uncle never gives a straight reply!
Uncle, this is my friend Shyam. Shyam, that's Uncle. Say hello, son
This house, Uncle... it's my friend's, it's not rented
And this guy... - Babban
Babban. He's my driver. - Driver? When did you buy a car?
Actually, the car I have, isn't one I've bought
The company I work for gave it to me. - Very big company!
Very big company. Come on inside, Uncle. Please
welcome, Uncle
You must actually be wondering what I'm doing here. My friend...
who? - The guy in the red shirt, long hair
Shyam. His sister has a brain tumor. Any moment now, she could...
As if you're treating her!
I told you! My Uncle never Gives a straight reply!
The last time he cracked a joke, I vomited blood!
Uncle, you're too much. - Shut up!
What have I said for you guys to laugh so much?
You really want to know? - Yes!
know what, Uncle? We never laugh in this house... we only cry
His sister's struggling between life and death
Any moment, she could... you know why I'm sticking around here?
It's to give my friend moral support
what's happening here?
She's got very few days to live. So she goes for the elders' feet
She has a lot of respect for you.
The way she looks, it doesn't seem...
A well-fed punjabi girl, you see! - Did someone call me?
Yes... make some tea
And guess who this is...? - The one who'll drink the tea
He's my Uncle!
I've come to ask you just one question.
Are you serious about the marriage?
Of course. - All right then, I'll make arrangements
If anybody has anything to say... say it right now. Am I right?
I have nothing to say. You can do as you wish
It's all arranged then! Get on with the arrangements for the wedding
we're willing! - Who's we?
All of us are ready! - All right
Are you happy? - Yes
All right. I'm leaving then
At least have tea before you leave. - Are you out of your mind?
Tea for Uncle? Uncle will straightaway...
...sip champagne at my wedding party!
Do not worry, my child. Everything will be all right
Everything will be all right! Show him out...
my respects, Uncle!
And what are you up to? - Mac darling!
This way, Uncle... please come.
I'll give you a ride in the company's car
I'm going in a taxi! - No, not a taxi!
You'll get stuck in a jam, sir! - Don't teach me!
If I can come, I can also leave on my own! I don't need your help!
But I need your help, sir. - I don't want it! No!