GTA SA Multiplayer Movie Part 4 - "The Kidnap"

Uploaded by Ultragrillo17 on 09.12.2010

Pilot: Passengers. We arrived to Los Santos
Pilot: We will land in a few seconds
Pilot: Please, fasten your seat belts
Kathy: Uf, finally arrived
Kathy: It was a long trip
Kathy: I can't believe XxOECxX was sent over here
Kathy: After all, Los Santos is a city with many gangs
Kathy: I haven't heard anything from him since 5 months
Kathy: The last thing he told me was that he lives in Santa Maria Beach
Kathy: Uf, I'm lucky, a Taxi
Kathy: TAXI!!!
D_isturbio: Where should I take you young lady?
Kathy: Santa Maria Beach, please
D_isturbio: Isn't a little late to swim?
Kathy: No, I came here just to visit someone
Kathy: But I dunno where he exactly lives
D_isturbio: I know a lot of people out here, What's his name?
Kathy: His name is XxOECxX, he's my boyfriend
D_isturbio: Ah yeah, he's a detective, I know where he lives
[U.C]Blackberry: South Beach sent me over here to spy the detective, he's a pain in the ass
[U.C]Blackberry: Maybe I'll break into his house and kill him, I'm bored.
D_isturbio: ... One time the Ballas had my brother as a hostage
D_isturbio: He went to rescue him shoothing them
D_isturbio: If he didn't got involved, maybe my brother would be dead
[U.C]Blackberry: A woman arrived to his home, maybe I should wait
Kathy: Thank you, here you go
XxOECxX: I didn't thought you were going to come over here haha
Kathy: You disappear for 5 months and you didn't called me, you thought I was OK with that?
XxOECxX: I'm sorry honey, but San Andreas' Police and South Beach are looking for me
XxOECxX: Police jammed my phone and now they will know if I make a call
Kathy: OK, I'm sorry, I was scared with the idea of you being shot and killed
XxOECxX:Don't worry, I'm fine, after all, I've got a few colleagues
XxOECxX: Although I'm low on weapons now
XxOECxX: Police ordered Ammu-Nation owners that they musn't sell me anything
[U.C]Blackberry: Surprise!!!
XxOECxX: *Cof* *Cof* Dammit... Tear...Gas...
[U.C]Blackberry: My, my, my, What do we have here?
Kathy: *Cof* *Cof* Please, don't kill me!
[U.C]Blackberry: No, I've got other plans for you
Kathy: *Sob* XxOECxX, help!...
[U.C]Blackberry: SHUT UP!, He's unconscious...
[U.C]Blackberry: Walk Faster Bitch!
[U.C]Blackberry: My bosses will be pleased with you, he he he
XxOECxX: Dammit, It's morning already
XxOECxX: She's gone, I have to rescue her
XxOECxX: Where the hell did he took her?
XxOECxX: What's this? A note?
XxOECxX: Tipical of kidnappers, they beg for the money and then they kill the hostage
XxOECxX: I wasn't born yesterday, I will fight them!
XxOECxX: Espartan and Dracko are in their respective cities
XxOECxX: Screw it, I'll have to do this alone
XxOECxX: First of all, I need a gun
XxOECxX: I'll go to John's Ammu-Nation, before police start to crawl around
XxOECxX: I don't know South Beach's techniques of kidnapping, hope nothing happens to her
XxOECxX: Here's the deal
John: 'Sup kid, What's wrong?
XxOECxX: John, It's urgent, I need a gun
John: Have you forgotten about the police? If I give you a gun they will arrest me
XxOECxX: I know, but this is an emergency, my girfriend has been kidnapped by South Beach
John: Shit, why the hell they don't surrender?
John: Here, take this AK-47
XxOECxX: Thanks John, I owe you one
John: If cops ask, you didn't got it from here, ok?
[TBS]Lucas_Barrios: Any sign of the detective?
[Shuffle]_DarKLorD_: Not yet
[RAL]Tomas_Ariel: Hope he appears with the money
[TBS]Lucas_Barrios: Screw the money! We need to take revenge of him 'cus he killed our leaders
[RAL]Tomas_Ariel: Do we need to kill her? Why don't we just rape her?
[Shuffle]_DarKLorD_: Tomas is right, undress her!
[Shuffle]_DarKLorD_: Wait! I hear a car! It must be him!
XxOECxX: Leave Kathy! or else!
XxOECxX: AUGH!! (Damn, I forgot to buy body armour)
[RAL]Tomas_Ariel: Where's the goddamn money?
XxOECxX: (One is down)
[RAL]Tomas_Ariel: Augh.. It can't be true...
[RAL]Tomas_Ariel: AGHHH...
[RAL]Tomas_Ariel: *Cof* *Cof* Unghh, curse you
XxOECxX: You still alive?
XxOECxX: Damn, If I killed the leaders, why are you still here?
[RAL]Tomas_Ariel: Leaders are not important... No one cares if they die or not...
[RAL]Tomas_Ariel: Your girlfriend is in the cabin *cough* *cough*... ARGHH
Kathy: XxOECxX, I'm glad to see you! I knew you were coming to rescue me!
XxOECxX: Did they hurt you?
Kathy: They were going to rape me, but you just got here in time
Kathy: What's wrong with this guy?
XxOECxX: Leave him, he bleed too much and died
XxOECxX: Let's go to San Fierro, tomorrow will sail a ship with "merchandise"...