The Helping Hand - a story by Z. Murphy & L. Kranen

Uploaded by answers on 23.08.2012

I'm Daniel. Nice to meet you.
And my arm is really short.
And my elbow's right here.
And my other arm is pretty long,
but there's stuff I can't do and I don't care about it.
I can't do the monkey bars,
I can't ride a bike very well,
and I can't swing a bat very well.
My great-great uncle had the same arm just like me.
How do I describe my brother?
Hmmm ...
He's my brother!
I taught him everything I know.
We live in a small town in Indiana.
There's lots of farms.
And a lot of dirt!
Lot's of corn. Horses ...
There's horses all right!
And of course ... my brother.
Why did the dinosaur cross the road?
I just don't get it, I just don't get the whole dinosaur thing.
Daniel's more like my dad.
Not typical at all!
You know, Daniel's been always kinda curious.
He's always trying to figure things out.
Daniel? You want to help these two students with a project?
So my mom called the school
thinking they might be able to build something for Daniel.
And then two engineers showed up.
And that's Prince Maxwell Izzy B. Black.
I can do Jingle Bells!
Okay, so ... it really wasn't that bad.
And to be fair, Daniel really got involved in the design.
He really got into it.
At first they asked me what color I wanted, and I said I want red.
The second thing they asked me, what kind of strap do you want?
So I chose the strap to strap it around my arm,
so I don't need any help.
The third thing they asked me,
what kind of prosthetic do you want - a claw or
some three-fingered thing.
I didn't want the hand
because I thought it would be too heavy.
I didn't want the claw because it looked like scissors.
The third thing was the hook that could pinch stuff.
and that's what I wanted.
When I went to the presentation,
I realized that there was a bunch of other students
doing the same thing, for other people like my brother.
It wasn't just a prosthetic.
It meant ... It meant so much more to Daniel than we can even imagine.
And he's always willing to just try something new.
And that's what I really like about Daniel.
It was very cool just being able to see that side of him.
I think that's pretty cool.