private resort transfer in Cancun

Uploaded by JCVdude on 13.11.2010

This walkway is new, but the air is not new. It's humid
and hot
One of the options that you have when you go to Cancun or basically any destination
is taking a private transfer even though all-inclusive vacations include
the transfers. If you opt to, you can take a private one. That's what's Cindy and I did so it was
really neat because
when we arrived they're waiting for us with their sign with our name, my name on it
then introduced us to anyone and everyone to do with this transfer company
again very nice
way to be greeted and it was immediate - once we got out of the terminal it was
just get the luggage to the vehicle, the luggage is loaded we had cold water waiting for
us and off we go heading to our resort
with no additional waits and
it was a great way to go
One flight I'm waiting for 2 or 3 more people
different terminal, a couple of other people waiting. The transportation is coming in 1-2 minutes.
I need you to stay here
So nice to not have to worry about a transfer. It's a real pleasure. How many days are you staying? 21. 21 days?
Lady, that's for you
Nice to meet you sir. Nice to meet you. Enjoy your vacation.
Hope you enjoy Cancun
Thank you. Bye.
Is there room?
I can bring the computer in the front.
We've arrived in Cancun and this is a lot different than taking a
crowded bus. Rafael is going to take you to the resort
Your hotel is forty-five maybe fifty minutes away
I will take care of you, so don't worry, enjoy Cancun. Welcome to Cancun
Thank you very much - nice meeting you. Hola!
This is a nice vehicle. Thank you sir.
Welcome to Cancun. Thank you.
Where are you coming from? Canada.
Seat belt Joe