GeeklyCoolChic: Episode One

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Hi guys, and welcome to GeeklyCoolChic!
First we are going to do Vanessa's Fashion Show!!
, so come on guys let's check it out.
Hi guys, and welcome closet.
I'm ganna modle for different types of styles
My first outfit is... The Tom-boyish girlyish kind of people.
Now the shows that go
with this outfit are...
Coverse ankle kind
That ones that go up to your ankle mostly. Like that!
And now how to have this outfit
is just grab skinny jeans
And a tank top, a shirt like this.
With a little hoody in the back

And that's how you can get a tom-boyish girlyish kinda look
Hi guys, this is my second outfit, the sportyish-girlish kinda look.
The shoes are..these!! Flats or tenny shoes.
But I'm going to be useing flats.

Now you can find the top at Ross.
And the pants or caprice,anywhere
How you can get this look is by getting caprice
If you're wearing these kind, if you don't like how there's a little short here.
A tank top
And then some flats or tenny shoes!!
Then you'll be rocking sportish,girlyish,
and fabulous
at the
same time!
Hi guys, my third outfit

Now I don't have cowgirl boots
but I do have
Now, not the ankle ones.
You gatta have the high tops. To rock this outfit
Something like that
Now I used a plain
T-shirt like this
a Tank top
Some shorts & leggings
It can be any kind tank top but
I used this one to be more counrty! And that's all Thank you gor watching!!
Hi guys, and my favorite outfit of all...
well why tell you if I can show
My beautiful, zebra, strapless dress!!
Now you can find this dress at 579
At the mall
I got this from Florida, since recently I took a trip their
And the shoes are
High Heels. You could wear this to church.
that's why my bracelet has a cross on it
With zebra & pink!!
And the belt I alos got it at 579
So this is a perfect outfit for you to wear if you're going out,
hangout, or just to have fun!
Now I'm going to...
Hi guys, I'm Daniela
And did Vanessa rock that outfit or what!!??!!
She look awesome!!
Okay now it's my turn, to do my page. Called Gossip with Daniela. So let's go!!
Hi guys, ok first is Justin Bieber's New hot Single

It's called "As long as you love me"
And you can see the video in the description below, or the box right here
But to warn you, it has some kissing parts.
So I don't know if you're allowed to see that..
But it's a really awesome song
Hope you have Bieber Fever like me!!
Okay, next
is there's a rumor that Katy Perry is dating John Mayor.
Katy is 27 & John is..
40...wait no not 40...
Sorry about that. He's 34. So yeah..
This is a picture of Katy Perry
John Mayor
Okay, I saved the best for last!!
Kristen Stewart
cheating on Robert Pattersion?
some people say it's just a rumor!! You know, just forget it
But does this look like a rumor?

Director of Snow White & The Hunts Man
And their's Kristen Stewart.
Don't believe me? Well check this out!!
That Kristen & Rupert
Some people might not believe me, like it's not them. it's a random picture!!
Well is this a random picture
It's Kristen & Rupert

And yeah...
And Kristen Stewart is 22, and Rupert is 41
Is married and has 2 childern...It's just not cool to cheat like that...
Well I hope you guys enjoyed. And that's it for GCC.
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