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And if I was really...
a liberated woman,
would that bother you?
That depends.
In that case, I will be yours.
Monica was laughing. Didn't you notice?
Why the irony?
Cause Rodrigo likes interesting girls.
Come on, tell me.
The truth is, Belinda, you watch too much TV...
Hi, Mom.
Why are you late?
I was talking with Hela.
Your friend whose folks are aways? -That's her.
Eat Something.
Before you go to bed.
Okay. I ate. -Very funny.
Is this how it is going to be now?
I am really not hungry.
At least try your sweater on.
No, Mom. No. -Look.
You know I don't like pink.
Good night.
How about going to Rando and Pimpkys?
No, I don't want to. I don't like them.
Fine. It's no big deal.
I don't want to see them anymore.
Ok, all together now, as one.
In time.
Come on. Chins up. Tuck in those bellies.
Make those arms graceful.
We turn again to the left.
Selma, to the left.
Come on girls, all in time.
All in time!
Lift your arms. Smile.
Come on, keep it up.
To the left... very good.
Sway the hips to and fro...
I don't believe it. My Mom!
What's up? -Make like...
She saw me.
Okay, see you tomorrow.
You pick me up now?
For a change.
Are you meeting someone?
No, she's not there.
How's school? You managing?
Yes, but the third term is harder.
We have got more subjects.
You will have to work harder.
Which reminds me...
I am studying at Helas. It's quieter.
It's quiet here too.
Mom, her parents are away.
So who's minding the house?
Her older brother.
Good night.
Hello. Two kilos of oranges, please.
What's that?
It's brand new.
Sure, that's why it's all rusty and the brakes are shot.
Your change, Madam.
I need the money.
How much do we give him?
He can have 280, but that's it.
Okay, done. Thanks.
Thanks, guys.
Excuse me, you dropped your oranges.
Mom. -Where are you?
Helas birthday party. -So late?
How will you get home?
I'm spending the night here.
And what's that music?
Hello? I can't hear you...
Can I offer you a drink?
Hello, beauty.
What are you looking for?
Look at the state she is in.
Poor thing. -You know her?
Never seen her before.
Let me have a look.
Go on, leave her alone.
Get moving.
Everyone out of my dressing room.
To hell with you. Out!
Who do you think you are?
Feel any better?
You okay, honey? What happened to you?
What are you doing here?
I'm looking for my daughter.
Here, in a cabaret?
And you fainted? -I want to leave.
Don't fret. I'll show you the way as soon
as my show terminated.
I want to go home.
Don't worry. I will take you.
Give me a hand.
Quick, please. Thanks.
What's your name?
Want us to walk you home? -No, thanks.
You will be okay? -Yes, thanks.
Morning, Mom.
That hurt.
I'm sorry.
So I worry here all night, and it doesn't matter to you?
It's not like that. I'm really sorry.
Where were you? -I told you.
With Hela and everyone in the suburbs.
Never do that to me again.
All this because I didn't sleep here.
I am not a baby anymore.
I am sorry Mom.
Good morning. -Good morning.
How much is this? -12 dinars a yard.
Look who's here.
Hi, young lady.
You gave us a real scare.
I am sorry.
The smoke, the men, the atmosphere...
I don't know...
You live around here?
No, I came for cloth. I sew a little.
Really? You are just what I need.
Nothing fits anymore.
The other night, onstage, my top split open,
and I had to cover my breasts with a fan.
It must have been awful!
Not at all. They all loved it.
I got 1 47 dinars.
That's why I came to buy new fabric.
Which do you like best?
That's the most cheerful. -lt is nice.
I will take the Iot, thanks.
I wanted to tell you, you were great.
You dance so well.
Come again sometime.
I don't know if I can.
I thought my daughter hangs out there.
I get it. You are a strict mother.
If you ever do feel like it,
you are my guest.
Okay. See you.
You like that?
Morning, Mom. -Morning.
Up already?
Sleep well?
Yes... no.
Why? -A bad nightmare woke me up.
Horrible things coming out of the sea
and crawling along the beach.
What kind of things?
Sticky creatures, like snakes.
Have some coffee and forget your snakes.
What are you doing today?
The usual.
I've got an early class.
I don't really want to go.
Hi, Lilia.
How are you doing? -Not too bad.
I'm a Iittle bored, in fact.
I keep busy, knitting.
Which reminds me...
I have a gift for your daughter. -How kind.
That's nice work.
Look how pretty it is, Zeinab.
You like it?
You know what?
She wanted a sweater for 40 dinars!
What a waste!
What brand?
See, that's all they know today.
Know what I found in her purse?
And she's just 14.
What are we to do with these kids?
Be patient.
She's a good girl. She won't do it again.
Try the sweater on by the mirror.
Mine drives me crazy, too.
Good evening, Lilia.
What's wrong? What's up?
You look upset.
Salma's ill.
I'm off to the pharmacy.
All alone at this hour?
Mohammed can go with you.
Mohammed! Come here.
Where is he? -I don't know.
Can we hurry a bit? I want to see the game.
Go watch your game. -You sure?
Stay here. Good night.
but put in a couple more stitches here.
Folla, you are next.
You really dance well.
Sorry. I'll take it right off.
Leave it on. Let's have a look. Turn around. You look great.
Let's surprise them.
I can't go out like this.
It was just to see.
Don't play the nervous virgin.
The clients are leaving. Come on!
Hey! Here's our new star.
Shokri, play something.
The darbouka, please!
This is my place.
Come on.
Good night.
Good night.
The evening's over?
Well, good night then.
What's the matter?
You are still in bed. I was worried.
Don't worry. I didn't sleep well.
I had a toothache.
You are not being reasonable. Go see the dentist.
And you? You okay?
You know, sometimes I feel past it.
That's normal, we're not the same age.
I'm off. My class starts early.
What a lovely dress. Who's it for?
Madam Kamoun wanted some alterations.
But this isn't hers.
There's a lot of perfume on that.
Hi, Salma.
Are you better now?
Kids pay no mind to their health
and mothers worry. Think about yours.
Here. T ake it back. -It's a gift.
It's not for me.
Or I'm not for it.
Let's dance together.
I just came to give you the dress. I have to see a client.
It will be fun. We will drive them crazy.
Put that down.
Hey, girls! Come on!
Isn't that your costume?
So what?
Help her get into it.
We're gonna have a ball.
Faster, faster.
Let me help.
Turn around.
It's gotta be tighter.
The color suits you.
And shake those breasts!
Let's get it done up before she starts.
Lift your head.
Here, take this hair clip.
Look at this hair!
Yeah, just like silk!
Just look at that gem.
Good. Is that okay?
Wait a bit.
Bank notes galore tonight!
For us too, I hope. -Of course!
Just look at that lovely smile!
Don't be afraid. It's easy.
Follow me.
I was ridiculous!
Ridiculous? Are you kidding? Wild, maybe.
Didn't you hear the applause?
I heard nothing. I saw nothing.
You were ecstatic, as if...
Ask Shokri.
He never saw anything like it.
I'm so ashamed.
What do you think?
Lovely and talented, with fire in her blood.
But she dances for herself. No technique.
It gets away from you.
But this isn't a game.
There's an audience.
It's not you in front of your mirror.
Let me be frank.
We're all artists here.
Understand? -Yes. You are the manager.
So, you will take her?
We will see.
But she's got to learn how to move.
Move your hips up and down.
Lift up your hair. Show some neck.
One... two...
Look in front of you. Smile at the customers,
part your lips a little.
Move. Go on!
On your toes.
I'm exhausted.
Dancing is hard work.
What did you think?
I will be right back.
Make yourself at home.
Let's cool off.
How long have you been at the cabaret?
Almost fifteen years.
I'm part of the scenery now. I'II be kicked out soon.
He wouldnt! You are the star.
Star? You are kidding.
I heard he's getting new girls.
Blonde and cheap.
Don't look so shocked. That's life.
Drink your drink.
If I'm boring you, just say so.
What's wrong?
You keep looking at your watch.
I don't want to be Iate.
Thanks for the information,
it's like making love with a stop watch.
You think it's easy.
Studying and going out with a musician?
It's my job.
To be in love behind everyone's back,
especially my mother. It's torture.
Why don't you tell her?
You are crazy.
It'd kill her. I'm all she's got.
If she remarries, that'd fix everything.
You don't know her.
Her life is dedicated
to my father's memory.
She talks to him...
I mean, to his photo.
She says all sorts of stuff, like he'd answer.
Maybe she hears him?
I've got to go.
You didn't finish my dress.
I'm sorry. I had so much work.
For the neighbour who never pays.
I promise I'II do it soon.
Please. I need it. Make an effort.
The black bra. How much is it? -120 dinars.
For you, Madam?
Yes, as usual.
Could you call a cab? -Right away.
Two minutes, Madam.
Can I help you?
Thank God. You are back.
Leaving your daughter out at this hour?
It's not right.
I visited a sick friend.
How are you? How's the family?
Everyone's well, and sends you their regards.
Where are your keys?
Why are you late?
Well I never... Since when must I make excuses to you?
I'm the one who's been stuck with him.
I can't take any more.
Get your uncle some tea. I'll make dinner.
No, thanks. An orange will do.
Mom, you bought new shoes?
They are really shiny.
You want them to be invisible?
It's the style.
Women and fashion. My God.
Let's have a look.
Now that's a shoe.
Can you walk on those heels?
They are very comfortable.
Like being barefoot. -Barefoot?
They are real nice.
T ry them on. -Not now.
Come on.
Show us how you walk in them.
They are great.
I'll go and make dinner.
May God hear your prayers.
Here kid...
And for your mother.
This child does not eat.
She's even thinner than before.
Good night.
Why watch that?
Luckily, she's gone to bed.
Salma's nice and obedient.
Thank God.
But she' s tired. Her eyes have bags.
You have too!
Come more often to the village.
We should. But I've so much to do here.
Here. Eat.
More coffee?
I'm going. I'll be late.
Wait for me. I'm going too.
It's time.
The harvest wasn't good.
Thanks. Give all my regards.
I'II tell them.
T ake care of yourself and the kid.
You should have worn something else.
Button it! -Button it? Me?
The dress, not your mouth.
Finally, you're here! I was worried.
I had family over.
You'll tell me later.
Change. We have got work.
How much did he give you?
200 dinars.
What? Count it again, you never know.
It looks right.
What a meany! You have got admirers.
They come to see you and he knows it.
It's wrong, cheating her.
She's been slaving for three weeks.
It's hard times for everyone.
Phone, rent,
Exactly. Hard times for everyone.
You two can have another forty.
God will repay you.
Twenty each. It's better than nothing.
How much did you get?
The usual.
We're on in ten minutes.
We'll work them up tonight like they have never been.
Who? -The clients. Who'd you think?
Where do you think we are?
Don't look at me like that. -Why not?
T ell me... you have got a girl, don't you?
I know a girl.
Do you love her?
Yes, but...
it's complicated.
She's all her mother's got.
You know...
Ever since I saw you dance,
I can't take my mind off you.
Lilia, you are on! Now!
I love dancing. -ls that so?
No kidding. Weddings, cabarets...
Sweetie, a client wants to meet you.
This is serious.
Make an effort to be nice. -What do you mean, nice?
Don't play the shy virgin.
He wants you to dance at his home,
in private. -His home?
I dance here, for the clients.
I'm an artist.
He is too, in a way.
He pays well.
I tell you. Don't be afraid.
See that Mercedes?
It's mine.
Let go of me. I want to go home.
I know. The boss told me you were not like the rest.
I'm different too.
Let's get to know each other.
You would not be sorry.
Let go of me.
I'll take you home.
Maybe you will change your mind.
Come on, let's go.
Don't look like that.
What's going on? What does he want?
I'm doing business with the lady.
What business?
Is she your sister? Girlfriend, wife?
Piss off!
Piss off? She's my sister-in-law.
Her husband's a karate teacher.
Would you like to meet him?
I'm just about home. Thank you.
Good night then.
Good night to you.
Hi, Lilia.
Hi, come on in.
It's been a while since I've seen you.
I see Salma every morning.
You are so busy...
Not at all.
You know, Lilia,
I think Salma smokes.
What do you mean?
What do I mean?
I smelled cigarette smoke again.
Times change.
You're right.
I should be more careful.
Want some tea?
She's grown so quickly. Such a lovely flower.
I see her with a young man. He's family, perhaps?
T all, thin... -I will make tea.
Lilia, I'm telling you...
It's a dangerous age. You have to watch her carefully.
It's not easy for you, a woman alone.
I put myself in your place.
Believe me... -Thanks.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing here?
Just visiting. -Later, Okay?
You don't want to see me? -Of course!
Are you coming tonight? Yes or no?
I don't think so. I don't feel like going out.
You look so tired.
Doesn't she?
She hasn't been in good form these days.
She lets it all out at night.
Lets it all out? Where?
At the cabaret.
The cabaret?
I'II make the tea.
She alters my dance outfits.
I'm a cabaret dancer.
The cabaret, right near here.
Know it? -Certainly not!
Maybe not, but your husband must.
My husband?
Of course. But he does not tell you. I know men.
This is a bad dream! Where'd she come from?
Hi, Fola. -How you doing?
The friend I mentioned. -Charmed.
Do your best on her.
What's her name? -Lilia.
Hi Lilia.
Where have you been?
The usual... the cabaret...
Want a cigarette? -Oh yes.
Your flame is out. -lt lights at night.
So this is our new star?
What would you like? -I don't know.
A new haircut? Like Barbarita in the series?
A cut like this? -Yes.
That'll be just perfect for you.
Is that you in the photo?
Yes, in my last show.
You look great!
She should've come.
The place was packed.
She's shy, our friend.
What are you looking at?
It suits you, that new hairdo.
Think so?
You look young. -Don't fib.
No, really.
You're pretty, like this.
You should dress more modern.
Like your hairdo and your shoes.
Yesterday I got a bag. -Let's see.
It's lovely.
Met someone? -Don't be so curious.
You could tell me.
Don't talk nonsense.
But it'd be terrific!
You're prettier than ever, recently.
The bag, the shoes, the hairdo...
Can I study at Hela's tonight? If you like, she can come here.
You can go to her place. But I prefer you sleep over.
Really? You sure?
I won't worry so much like that.
"To determine the mass of a steel ball.
You remember that class?
"First, using a balance..."
What's he up to?
He was supposed to meet me.
It's still early.
You know he is at the cabaret.
"First, using the balance,
"measure the water displaced..."
Hello, Mom? -Hello, sweetheart.
Did I wake you? -No.
Did you study well? -Yeah, we did.
Your voice sounds strange.
It's okay.
I didn't sleep well.
It's something important.
Are you listening?
At the dance class, I met a boy.
We are in love.
I want to introduce him to you,
If that's okay with you.
All right.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to surprise you.
What have you done?
I tidied up. What's wrong?
I think we should stop seeing each other.
Don't you ring? -I never do.
Yes, but today... -She expects us.
Mom, this is Shokri.
Please sit down.
So, you are Shokri?
You have nothing to say?
Excuse me, Madam.
I didn't think...
You didn't think what?
I didn't imagine Salma's mother like you.
Did you think I was a dragon?
If dragons looked like you...
I'm just talking nonsense.
Salma dances as well as you.
What's that supposed to mean?
I meant...
Seeing you, I can see why she's so gifted.
You know how to make compliments.
He writes lyrics for songs
with a composer.
Go get us some tea
while I talk to Shokri.
Unless you want something else?
No, tea's fine.
She is singing.
She is happy.
Think how it was at the cabaret.
We will learn how to get along.
I will be an excellent mother-in-law.
I'm sure, Madam.
Lilia. What's this Madam?
I'm sure, Lilia.
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