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If you don't hear me this time please tell me.
I am sorry for being late,
for this lecture
Dr. Warren had time to explain to you,
about this experience.
Sometimes it is easier to understand
this from a person,
who has achieved it,
than to understand from a person
who is talking from some tenth storey.
That's what my father told me,
that if somebody's born on the tenth storey,
and the rest of them are on the first floor,
if you start telling them from there they will first of all not listen,
nor will they understand what you see.
It's not proper,
that we should try to tell them something from a level,
to a level, which is still there static,
in their mind.
So one has to, raise their, consciousness,
two three storeys so they start seeing that there's something beyond.
But, in doing so,
so many mistakes,
have been, there, before,
and some people have done it deliberately,
some are misguided
and some are doing it deliberately.
Net result is just the same.
Even if you give poison to someone by mistake,
or in a misguided way, the result is the same.
In the same way,
whether you are misguided,
or whether you do it deliberately, whatever is wrong
has an effect on the kundalini.
Now the Aquarian Age,
is the word I picked up from Dr. Warren,
which is so true today.
Aquarian means the water carrier,
and in Sanskrit language it is called as kumbha.
Kumbha is the one what we call the kundalini,
the mooladhara is the kumbha,
where the kundalini is there, the power of kundalini is there.
So to call it an Aquarian age must be some,
work of some, realized soul who could see that,
in this age the kundalini is going to be awakened,
and that, an age will start of people getting their kundalini awakened.
Now I have already talked to you the other day about
this second center, which is called as swadhisthana,
which gives us our sustenance
and also our power to create.
The sustenance is created inside,
that green part, which is,
represented by main ten Primordial Masters,
and these ten Primordial Masters had another
series of masters who were called as,
Disciple Principles.
Now about these people I have talked to you last time,
but today I would like to speak to you
about other centers, specially this nabhi,
which is the navel centre which is very important in human beings.
This is the centre by which we seek.
When in amoeba stage we seek,
food, at a higher level
we start seeking heights,
like when they became mammoth and all these
animals they wanted to have a height,
to go over the trees to be able to master them and to eat the leaves,
but they became so much outsized with their height,
that they had to become smaller animals,
like say intelligent animals,
and, like say cats and things like that, cat family.
And this is how the evolution has been,
brought forth through our seeking as amoeba,
then as animals and now as human beings.
As we have evolved higher and higher,
we have become subtler and subtler in our seeking.
For example the people who are seeking say power,
are not so evolved as people who are seeking their spirit, no doubt about it.
Because you have gone through that, you have had enough of it.
Maybe last lives you might have been kings and queens
and you must have seen all the jokes of it,
so you said now, it's had enough of it,
this power business, we don't want to have anymore,
such a headache we don't want to have.
The people who are seeking money also,
are the people who have had enough of it
and they were fed up of it so they said now we have had it.
So now you are seekers of, something beyond.
It has been always so, something beyond we seek,
but this seeking beyond is not described
to so many people and they are not able to understand
what is the beyond, that's why this center is very important,
of your evolutionary process.
Now, first of all as I have told you that we have to be in balance,
that's one thing we must have is the balance in life.
I mean in commonsense also we can see supposing there's
a car going only on one wheel,
how many would like to travel by that.
Anything that you do in life has to have a balance,
otherwise, anything, even catching something, holding something
or, small small things, even riding a bicycle
you know that you have to have a balance.
So if the kundalini has to move,
you have to be a balanced personality,
a personality with a temperate,
nature and must have a balanced attitude towards life.
That is very important, but in case it is not,
you can be sucked into the central path of the sushumna,
in the central path of your evolution.
Now the evolution takes place by remaining in the central path.
Those who go to the extremes fall out of this.
Now the virus that we suffer from very commonly,
is nothing but a kind of a vegetable
which is fallen out of evolution.
Now the vegetable that we call as tobacco,
is going to fall out of complete evolution and you'll be surprised after
some years you will not find
any tobacco growing anywhere because it will go out of evolution,
thanks to human beings that they misunderstood the role of tobacco.
Tobacco is an insecticide, is to be used
for killing the insects and not to kill yourself.
But, we sometimes forget, that whatever,
God has created for the good,
sometimes we can use it for our destruction.
Same is alcohol. Alcohol was created for polishing,
it's very good for example if you have to polish your crystal,
you should use gin is very good,
for diamonds or anything.
Is just a polish, it's a polish for the,
for anything, it gives a polish. You see alcohol is a polish and
its composition is such that it gives a polish to a thing.
Now God wanted you to have polished surfaces and polished things
and all the clean look of it so He gave you this polish.
Now you started drinking it, now what to do.
He never asked you to drink, but if you drink that,
then it polishes your intestines also.
But it has its own nature. It doesn't have any
idea of morality, poor thing what, we can't blame the alcohol,
because it is suppose to polish, wherever you put it it polishes all right,
so it polishes your liver also nicely.
And when the liver is nicely polished then what happens
that the heat from the liver,
which is for the expulsion from the body,
it has to pass into the bloodstream, cannot because there's a,
barrier and because of that barrier
poor liver does not know what to do.
It just goes on accumulating all the heat within it
and that's how your liver goes out of circulation of anything,
and you have liver problems and you feel very giddy, nauseated,
and liver is the one which really cleanses your attention.
Whatever you gather from your attention it cleanses.
So you become horrid I mean you are all the time angry,
hot-tempered, you bark at people all the time,
all that thing is typically liverish you see. We grow tall,
like that absolutely straight line, and
you become very hot-tempered. Sometimes you could be hawk-like you know,
people will be afraid of going nearer such a person,
because such a person can be very dry personality
and that's why you'll find,
drunkard people if you they're over-drunk you go near them they'll just
beat you for nothing at all. I mean
it sometimes happens that by chance
if you go and ask some drunkard that: 'What's the time?' in the night
you will have it.
So, because it spoils your awareness
and in that awareness a nice man also could be like that,
but of course there could be a case where a person might become better.
That is also another thing that can happen
when you get possessed by this
left-side movement because alcohol reduces
your awareness and you go to the left-side movement to the left side,
may give you, a feeling 'Oh I'm very much better now'
and sort of you get happy because your ego is subsided and everything is
alright and 'I'm really moderate now, I cannot hit anyone
and let me have little bit and sleep off'.
But next day there's a hangover
and you feel so horrible with it,
that you don't know what to do, I mean
it's something, then again you want to have it in the night
because you want to again go to the same realm into the left side.
Now this left side realm, apparently shows that there is
reduction in the weight of the ego, but it does not, it wobbles.
What happens that you go to the superego on the left hand side you see there,
and the ego then thinks that it has gone down because the superego
increases in size. But when superego increases, the ego is pushed down
and then when you come to your ego condition,
then it pushes down so there's a big wobbling going on,
and such people get ultimately very much confused.
They might end up in a lunatic asylum I don't know what they do,
but, when they are even sane you can find they lose the grip over life,
for example such people can become very frivolous, and
cannot feel the joy of life without drinking.
It's most amazing that people can't enjoy each other unless and until
there's a glass in between. I mean human beings are so beautiful,
and they have the capacity to enjoy each other, so much,
they are the only ones who are blessed more than anybody else.
But if there's a glass all the time in between
then they can just bark at each other,
they cannot enjoy each other.
The enjoyment should be complete when there's nothing in between.
Now this is what I was telling you, this nahbi chakra.
This nahbi chakra gets, ruined also when we take to,
alcohols or serious things like that, drugs and,
even I've seen certain medicines can spoil this.
Then you get a problem with the other things like digestion,
you get constipation, all sorts of things take place,
by which you develop
gas troubles and other troubles and then your heart troubles and it
goes on one after another.
I do not say that it's only alcohol that will cause.
There are other causes also, but alcohol can never be helpful,
in giving you good health. Some people
have a feeling that if you take alcohol then only you will keep good health.
Is a wrong thing. Because health is not only physical health.
It's also mental health. People think that
physical health is the end of everything,
is absolutely wrong because we are not only the physical being.
We are also the mental being and the emotional being.
And when you play too much with your nahbi chakra
you have the biggest problem and that is that
you can never be successful in life
as far as enjoyment is concerned, of your achievements.
For example a person becomes rich,
unduly rich he becomes, is a blessing
I should say of nahbi chakra on the right-hand side.
Right-hand side nahbi chakra can give you a lot of wealth,
a lot of money and you'll have ten cars and fifteen people attending to you,
everything you may have but, it cannot,
it cannot give you the satisfaction of life.
You will go on accumulating and end up with a suicide or something like that
and you would not know why you are
bent upon committing suicide.
That's why in all affluent countries you find
people are planning to commit suicide
and the more affluent they are the worse it is.
But the left side gets completely dried.
Now the left side is the centre of
the family life, the Gruhalaxshmi,
the Goddess of the family,
the household you see.
A person who runs after money too much,
forgets his family. He has no time for his family.
The husband and wife may meet somewhere
on the airport
or may just wave at each other sometimes you see, crossing each other,
or the children suffer the most.
And in that case the women also then take up with the men,
they compete what's wrong, they start copying men,
and in so doing so,
when they compete with each other,
then what happens, that this family life gets disturbed.
The woman of the household is dissatisfied,
her ego is not satisfied. In olden times
the man used to go in the jungle,
and get all the wood cut, bring it home,
and give it to the wife and wife used to cook.
There was no problem because there was barter system.
He could see her working in the household.
Now the husband earns the money
and the woman spends. I mean that also requires some work,
isn't it to spend the money.
But to man it looks like, that I'm the earning member and she's the spender.
So she said all right, I will also earn. But in this too much of competition,
too much of competition like this, between the two,
what happens, the family suffers, the children suffer
and such a person will have problem with the wife, the wife will have
problem with the husband and you can always feel that center on this finger,
if that finger is catching, that means there's something wrong
with your family relationship,
that you have to adjust yourself, or he has to adjust.
It's an important thing. Because you are like the flowers
which have to produce a fruit.
That's what nature wants.
Nature wants that you are there to produce the,
fruit, that is your children.
That's why you are men and women. That's the basics.
Now, if you think that
with that responsibility if you can do something else you should do.
But the main thing is that,
and if you don't do that, is to look after your children, to give them joy,
have a beautiful nest for them,
then I must say that you are neglecting your basic duty
and your attention is on something else.
That's why so many divorces are taking place and problems are there,
the women ask for their rights, they go beyond their limits,
they became dominating here, the men become dominating.
That's not the way we are going to solve it.
We have to know that we are two wheels,
two wheels of one chariot,
one on the left, another in the right.
Now they are not similar,
they're not similar they are two types one left side one right side.
But, they are equal.
In their, whatever they do it's equal,
they are to be respected equally in the same manner.
And it is always so for example,
I had a girl who came to me
and she was a private secretary,
and she told me: 'Mother you say this,
but I've seen that all these men come and flirt with their private secretaries.'
So I said: 'All right, maybe so, but what does that matter.'
You see that shows that's something wrong with the man, he
doesn't understand, he's off his head, he
cannot enjoy his wife and he's running after other things.
It's like having something in your house and you are
looking at other things you see.
Like in India if you go to some,
somebody comes to your house be careful about your things,
but in England I tell them, if somebody comes to your house
be careful about your wife, see.
Is just a little difference between,
but the second one is a dangerous thing because fundamental,
the wife is the fundamental thing,
because you do not know what she will do, how she will react
and you do not know how the guests because that is regarded as their freedom.
But if you take away something from somebody's house that's not freedom,
because we can take away anything from somebody's house
why should anybody arrest us?
Because there is a free will for you to do what you like,
is allowed to do what you like, but in that free will
you are harming so many people and ultimately your society.
Now these two wheels, as I said,
are very important to God,
because so many great people want to take birth on this earth.
So many great souls want to take birth on this earth,
and if we behave in such a manner,
that all the time this chariot is this way going up and that way going up,
I can tell you no child would be willing
to be born in this place who are great people.
Only the people who are of the worst type will be born,
they'll be hooligans, they'll be horrible people with a horrid nature
and they'll spoil the whole atmosphere of the countries
where husband wife have, do not have good relationship.
The children will be such hooligans
and such horrible things
that you'll be surprised that at the age of eight years and five years
they'll be committing murders and doing
all kinds of such thing that you'll be shocked.
Now between you and me,
because you are also husbands and wife and,
one thing it should be there that
we should not quarrel before our children.
We should have all decency of husband and wife, there are so many things
we do not do in the presence of our children.
In the same way we need not sit down and
quarrel and say: 'I hate you and I hate you'.
I tell you this is something you have to change little bit in our language.
In India if somebody says: 'I hate you'
it's regarded, that man regarded as a most unmannerly person.
I mean its very bad manners to say 'I hate you' how,
I mean it shows that you are very low type of person to say like that.
But 'I hate you' so what.
If you hate so what, you are not God.
If you hate me what does it matter, actually,
if somebody hates someone, so what.
That shows that person is not a good person, just to hate someone.
'I hate you' is a way of expressing something
that is I feel, is very wrong for the family system. It shocks children.
Children look upon you as ideals.
When they are born you should see them,
most of the children nowadays in Australia are born realized,
I see them around when I went to the airport and I see they're born realized.
And they watch you, and they're surprised
and they sulk and they feel very sad.
They don't like, they don't take sides,
they don't like the father to fight the mother, the mother to fight.
And one other thing which you must understand,
that a certain gradation has to be there.
A woman is the strongest point of the household.
Like this Mother Earth is.
She takes all the problems upon Herself.
She, because She's the strongest.
Who else can withstand this kind of, weight on Her.
It's the Mother only can do that.
In the same way a woman in the house is the mother,
and she has to bear.
You see it's nice to have a husband
who comes home and says whatever he likes
and takes out all the filth on you,
than to have a husband who is very sweet, hello, hello
and outside he goes like a bumptious tiger on everyone.
Such a man is, has to be, he has to, you see they're like children I would say,
they are like children. They have to take out their tensions on their wives only,
and you should be an absorber of that
and that's the sign of a woman.
A strong woman doesn't get easily disturbed by these things.
She's not bothered. She says all right,
you little baby come along,
now I have had four babies, now this is the fifth one
which is the smallest has come.
Let him shout and scream, even with the children,
you have to be patient, they'll hit you, they'll do anything.
I would say that way in India, children are treated
very kindly and they are special things.
They will do what they like when they are children,
but when they grow up we do not have teenage problem,
we do not have problem where the children don't respect.
In that, this is very important
aspect of our modern life
that we have to understand, what is the relationship of husband and wife is.
Husband is like say, a gentleman who
is definitely is to be respected by the wife.
But if she does not respect the husband she cannot
get respect from her children.
But the husband has to be respectable man,
that's very important. If the man is not respectable, he
cannot be respected easily.
But the more is the woman has to be very respectable,
if she doesn't give her respect,
you can handle any kind of man
if you are clever enough, drunkards, all sorts, they come round.
Because after all they're human beings, they're not bad people.
But because of mishandling they just get out
and the domination of men is just a myth.
See, they cannot dominate,
they're incapable of domination. They just do it because they want to
feel that they are superior, that's all.
But they cannot dominate. Whatever domination, what is their domination,
is little little things here and there.
Just like children, that's what it is.
If women understand their maturity and their,
their responsibility as women, because they are the shakti,
they are the power of the family,
and they are the potent shakti for the husband as well as for the children,
but if they get disturbed
then the husband is disturbed and children are also disturbed.
But they are potent, while the kinetics are these people.
Like here is the electricity, all right,
so we say very good, lamp and electricity and all that,
but from where does it come. The source is somewhere
quietly sending the source,
and enjoying itself by giving that source.
In the same way this is a very important centre.
Why I said it because today I went,
went to Melbourne and all the time this finger was burning up to this point.
So that means there's something wrong with
men and women as far as their family life is concerned.
They're all very upset I felt.
The husband is upset and the women.
Maybe the laws maybe against men, maybe here
I don't know. But in America I found
a husband and wife relationship is very queer.
For example I met a lady, very queer people they are.
I went and stayed with a lady she had a luxurious house
with a swimming pool and this and that,
a maid in coming to do everything up and five storeys and this,
and she said: 'You see my, one of my former husbands
will come and see you in Los Angeles.' I said: 'All right very good idea'.
So he came, he was like a pauper you know walking like this,
and he says: 'I have got a room on rents where I'm staying Mother,
it's very difficult, I have to share it with someone'. I said: 'What?
That lady who was there,
she has a very big house, she's supposed to be your wife'.
He said: 'That's mine, I tell you, I lost it to her in a case'.
I said: 'How could you lose that in a case?'
'Because she asked for a divorce and because
she found guilty out of me something some,
so she got it'. And she married three husbands, all the three husbands
are moving like paupers, and this lady's very rich.
If you marry seven husbands, seven husbands are finished forever
but the lady is so rich, seven times more than any one of them.
So this is kind of a law I don't understand.
First of all why there should be a law, I don't understand,
between husband and wife.
I just don't understand. I mean we don't have such laws in India but
everybody cares for the wife,
because she is the nearest and the dearest person they have.
Who else to depend? If the woman is dedicated and devoted to husband,
do you think he'll run after any other woman, he has to come back to her.
You see he'll be so fed up with these
women who just live for money or anything
and he has to come back.
So you see one has to take a very wise decision,
because you must understand you are born at a juncture,
whether in, on which you will be destroyed completely,
or you'll be saved completely. Is a very important thing.
You have to save humanity. You are born
at a time when you have to save humanity.
It's not only kundalini awakening
that will help, because you might be saved,
but you have to save the whole society,
the whole family, the whole,
I should say the whole universe or the whole
creation will have no meaning if you people are destroyed.
Now you, this is one of the way of destruction,
by destroying the family. The children become mad,
the husband becomes mad,
they all end up in orphanages, that's what I've seen,
they are mostly in orphanages in their old age,
there's nobody to bother about you.
So it's a question of giving, and giving and giving.
Now this Gruhalaxshmi's centre is on the left-hand side,
and the another is Raja Laxshmi centre is on the right-hand side.
Now this center gives us the power to rule over people
and we become very, in extremes you see we can become very arrogant
and we can become very very, sort of authoritative and we might,
sort of end up with a funeral with ten thousand people behind us,
all bought from market and put there behind you without any feelings,
that's all finished. With such a man finished they'll say, oh thank God he died,
he was a horrible terror for us.
So, that kind of a life can come with Raja Laxshmi.
But in the center is the Laxshmi.
Laxshmi is the Goddess, is the power within us, by which we balance,
lead a very balanced life,
by which we are satisfied.
Now they have made a beautiful picture of this Laxshmi also one
should understand this power is a Lady,
is a Mother and She stands on a lotus. Now these are all symbols
which suggest that,
these symbols are carved out with such deep significance.
She stands on a lotus. Means imagine, who can stand on a lotus?
And She's a very healthy woman, very healthy woman and She stands on a lotus.
It means that, that She is never putting pressure on anyone.
A rich man comes in, he must honk his car,
loudly, because he's rich so he thinks he must honk it higher,
and a rich man must go in a big limousine or some sort of
a thing to show off that he's very rich.
If he comes to any program, or any he must sit in front,
he should have the front seat,
and he makes him known everywhere everybody must feel
the weight of the rich man. He can run away with ten wives,
of somebody and, he can have a big
boat for himself, and he can get any number of women there
and he can spoil any families he likes because he's rich.
This kind of thing comes in in people but Laxshmi the One who has,
stands on the lotus,
is the beauty and the glory of the riches,
that God has given that person.
Then, it has got two red, pink flowers in the hand, that are
lotus flowers again. Now the lotus is regarded as a very
holy flower in India, because it is so receptive
to everything that is crude and funny. First of all
it is born in the mud. Just think of it,
in the mud, in the filth, where the horrible smell is coming out,
the lotus is born.
And the one lotus gives the fragrance, the beautiful fragrance
to the whole atmosphere,
and kills all that's filth and everything,
and covers the whole pond with its big big leaves
so that it looks a beautiful pond.
That's what is the lotus for. But this lotus
is a pink lotus, means pink, you know is the sign of love.
Pink is the sign of love. So such a person has to have
tremendous love and that softness of the lotus.
Now the inside of the lotus is very soft and nice
and a, I don't know what do you call that, the bee, the black bee,
a very big one which has got horrible,
no, the black bee, it's like that, which has got
angular legs and things like that, horrible, you cannot touch it.
That one, can find its place in the lotus.
When it goes to the lotus, the lotus opens its petals and takes it inside
and makes it, sleep on the corona that it has, very soft
one on the bed, and covers it nicely
and gives it a nice, you see,
swinging feeling, that it feels it is in the lap of the mother
and it sleeps off. Even such a animal, it gives a place to live.
Now the man who is a laxshmipati the one who is blessed with Laxshmi,
has to have a temperament like that.
Anybody who comes to his house,
anyone, should be very readily accepted. I've seen people like that,
I've seen in my lifetime, should be accepted and they should be
very gratified to have such people in the house
and should feel that oh God,
what a blessing it is that we have a guest in the house.
But in modern times, we find out devices and methods,
how to avoid guests,
guests are equal to pests.
I was in London, we were living on Surrey Hills and
we had bungalows, separate bungalows,
quite good bungalows I should say, there were seven bungalows.
And poor husbands were taken to tasks
for mowing the lawns and everything and the wife used to
tell them now come along do it properly
and the polishing of the,
brass whatever was there and everything was done very well.
But I didn't see even a rat enter those houses,
even a rat, I mean leave alone human beings.
Nothing entered those houses, only these two persons used to come out
and go in.
And I don't know they might be having some yearly,
some sort of a get-together, maybe.
But nobody, while My house was naturally, I am like this,
so it was open all the time, people would come in and go out and this and that
and I was just enjoying their company.
And one day they asked me,
what's the matter in Your house, all the time people are
coming and going and used to wonder what is it going on inside.
I said nothing, just they come, have tea and go, that's all, just
some talk together, some rapport of love.
But what is this, all the doors are closed,
that way I must say Sydney people are very open hearted,
and they are, they like to be together, there is a togetherness in them.
But with all this, if you cannot have togetherness,
to enjoy your wealth with others,
then what's the use of all the wealth.
If you have wealth, you'll go for horse-racing,
that's also your own enjoyment.
If you have wealth you will do something else which is so individualistic.
You cannot enjoy your wealth
unless and until you share it.
As I told you the other day that
I am, a capitalist in the sense I have all the powers within myself.
But, I cannot live without sharing it,
so I am the greatest communist, because I just cannot enjoy,
that's why I had to come all the way to Australia
and today my husband was so insistent that I should come back soon,
I said: 'No, I have to meet all the Australians still, and then I'll come.'
So unless and until you share this love after realization,
you do not enjoy. All isms drop out,
because you become combination of both extremes,
and you just start enjoying yourself.
Now this lotus is in the hand
and another hand that the Goddess has is like this. She has four hands,
and one hand like this.
Now this hand that is like this means,
you see with this we must give, we must give, we must be generous.
Miserly people cannot be the blessed ones,
they cannot be. Miserly rich is the horridest thing that you could think of.
Mean, if you see a miserly person,
I mean, I don't know, I get a headache with a man like that, you see, who
goes on counting each and every pi
and measuring everything, you see miserly horrible things
and ultimately when they die, their children
take out all their money and just spend it over.
They have, miserly people have another way of
getting their money looted. For example
a thief might come in, if not thief then,
their children will become very wayward
or something will happen,
they will get sick and they'll have hand brokens and
feet broken or something, and they will have to spend money.
So the miserly people are such a nuisance to the society.
They give nothing to the society they are
there for themselves and they are just malignant personalities.
The people who give,
not of course I don't believe into giving
into somebody freely because that also can spoil people.
If you give something to someone very freely,
they can be completely spoilt and,
they would not know how to use that money.
This is the trouble with human beings is,
that they cannot bear anything.
If you give them money,
either they'll become miserly or they become wayward.
If you give them power either they become dictatorial
or they become destroyers.
I mean, you cannot give anything to human beings
without realization.
Anything they get extreme, they become mad.
That's one word you can explain.
Now Krishna has said, 'yoga kshema mahatmyam'.
He has said I give you Yoga,
that is union with God, self-realization,
and then I look after your kshema,
and kshema means your well-being.
This well-being is brought forth with this Laxshmi,
with one hand that is giving, the another is the protection.
This hand which gives, should not, the other hand should not know.
It should be so done so gracefully, graciously.
Today only I was telling the story to some people,
about my own father,
who was a very generous man I've ever known.
And he had a habit on a Sunday afternoon he used to go,
he used to call all the people and say that I have to
give away lots of things, I have too many things in the house.
He'd take out all the blankets, sometimes all the
utensils and sometimes food, anything that he felt like he used to give way.
So people would come and he would pass on and his head was bent like that,
and some people told him, what's the use, some people are
taking three blankets, some are taking two blankets,
you don't even see what's happening you are just giving away,
please at least raise your head.
So he said: 'The problem is like this,
because I don't give, it's God Who is giving,
I'm just standing in between.
And they all are saying that
you are giving you are giving, thank you, thank you.
So I feel very shy, first of all.
And secondly it is the lookout of God who is giving these things
to see whether one gets two or one. Why should I bother.
I'm just standing in between, I'm not supposed to see who takes two or one.'
Such generosity I've seen, in my own lifetime.
And I have seen, the more generous he was,
the more generosity flew into our house.
I mean, that like if you open this door from the other side it starts flowing.
But some people have sixty shirts, but still they'll go
to the market and buy shirts.
And they'll say: 'Oh I have a weakness for shirts.'
Now I don't understand this weakness
of heaping up shirts after shirts.
It is ridiculous, isn't it.
Some of these things really are ridiculous,
that I have a weakness for shoes,
now you go and see the shoes are from top to bottom,
you can open a shoe shop, or,
it's like that, what's the use of getting so many shoes
because your foot has got the same size for years now,
it's not going to change, even after realization.
So there is no need to, I mean if your shoes give way is all right
but, I too have the same problem. That
I, My disciples know that they should give me a shoe, I don't know why,
they give me a shoe, all the time I go there they give me
chappal or a shoe or something. I said now
I've too many now what to do?
They said: 'Mother return it to us we'll keep it for vibrations.'
I said: 'That's a good idea,' because I have no place
to keep all these shoes, I mean I am not a cobbler,
I cannot do anything with it.
So it is useless.
Best thing is to give flowers
so that I can again send them back to some ocean or to some river.
So even in there, when we go on accumulating,
and I must have this, you go to the shop the people are
like this like this, watching everything. What is there to watch.
You see whatever you want to buy you go in the shop see what you like, you have it.
But sort of I must have this, I must have that.
I have known a person who had ten ironing boards
and twenty iron in his house. All locked up.
I said: 'For whom?'
So she said: 'Maybe my children.' I said: 'You have only one child,
God has been very miserly about you,
you have only one child. And now what are you going to do with this?
You'd better throw them away.' And with the electrical
I mean appliances you know they go off and all that.
But she would not.
She could not, she used show everyone: 'See now I've got it.'
Not antiques, all modern stuff, you see.
And this is how the things go on accumulating
which has no value aesthetically or in any way.
Actually you should buy something only to give it to someone.
That's the best way of enjoying it to the maximum, you see.
And anybody likes it - have it.
You see, that's the best way.
It's a great thing, I mean I tell you it's rather difficult for you people
to understand but I am one of them Wwho does that
very often, and my children and my husband are rather worried you know,
God knows next time what She'll give away.
But you'll be amazed I've so many things,
so many things, despite all this,
I mean the whole time thinking what to give to whom,
still it's so many things in the house, now that we have to take a bigger house.
I don't know what to do with so many things
and I try to thrust things on the people, Baba you take this you have liked it.
But they say: 'No no no how can you give me.'
But really that gives me such a pleasure,
and one must learn how to do.
But I've have seen human beings are different.
For themselves they'll buy diamonds,
and for others they'll buy artificial things.
It's very common you know.
They will buy for, they are wearing diamonds
and when it is coming to giving to others they'll give artificial.
At least don't wear at that time the diamond,
at least that much decency should be there.
So you see when it comes to giving, give it with your full heart.
You just feel that love of giving
and you feel so happy, because you feel so big about yourself,
like an ocean that's giving so much of clouds
and again it is receiving these rivers into it, and again making it into clouds,
a sort of a circle of beautiful conversion into beauty
after beauty starts, it's so beautiful.
And that's what we should try to become,
a part of that circle, which is so beautiful
and which is so joy giving, to yourself also.
And this is what it is, and this hand is for ashraya, means for the protection.
You must protect the people who are your subordinates,
who are dependent on you, your children.
Like, it's a very common thing to insult your children from their childhood.
Why did you spoil that carpet?
Why did you do that? You should not have said this,
why did you? This is a very wrong thing of discipline.
Best discipline is to put dignity into children.
You see, a good home in India we'll say,
is known by the way children are addressed in the family.
Like, in a good family we address the children like sa.
Little bit like that, ap, means sa. We never address the children with indignity,
and we put them on a dignified level.
And it's a very nice thing. I'll tell you about my own granddaughter,
that, somebody was telling her one day that, there's a very, this boy
and why don't you marry him. She said: 'Why do you want to talk about marriage?
I'm not yet grown at all to think about marriage,
and we have to be dignified about things,
how can we think of marriage when we are not to think,
and my grandmother will marry me and I want to live, a dignified person.'
A little girl of seven years said this to this woman who was very,
sort of pseudo-intellectual type and she tried
to tease my granddaughter. She said: 'It's not dignified'.
Just think of that. At the age of seven years they have their sense of dignity.
If you tell them, you see they, you need not tell them don't spoil the carpet,
but give them dignity they will never spoil it. You'll be surprised.
Because we all the time cut them short, they become so bad.
They want to, they think we are good for nothing, we don't know
what to do, all the time they're telling us like this.
Or even if you have to tell them, tell about somebody else,
like that boy, you know, he was absolutely
useless, he didn't know what to do,
he spoiled the whole carpet, I went to his house and slipped down.
The child immediately gets the thing.
But directly all the time hitting the child,
you see gives him a personality
which does not hold,
anything substantial within.
He might later on became a very arrogant person taking a cue from his parents,
and he may behave the same manner,
but he would not be that dignity
which just is silent and is expressing and manifesting.
It should be a silent dignity which just manifests,
and when people see such a person,
it happens, people see and say 'Oh what a man, what a dignity'.
You see that's what, and they become sort of ideals for society.
I think this, correcting the children is not the way,
it is not disciplining, but it is making them grow.
What we have to give to our children is the joy,
is happiness of the family, is the complete security,
a sense of complete security
and you will see you'll never have teenage problems,
never have teenage problem.
You'll be surprised you put them anywhere,
they'll be so dignified and so mature, that people will be amazed.
You won't have to tell them. Even small little children I've seen,
if you keep your house very clean,
and also always look after it, children themselves will keep it clean.
They would like to do. Because children are
really the budding beauties.
When we cut them we cut them at the root.
They expect so much from us you see,
they lose all their dignity
and I'll tell you try this with your children,
give them dignity, you will be amazed how they behave.
We say they are spoilt, I've never see
children being spoilt when they are dignified.
Like my own grandson is a realized soul who's a very great person and
all his friends are above twenty-five years,
you see he's just a five six year old boy and
he doesn't like to wear any dress which has got
funny faces and all that He says:
'This is like a clown, I'm not a clown,
I don't want to wear'. I found it very difficult in Singapore to buy
a pant for him
which didn't have any funny faces,
because all of them had Mickey Mouse this that.
And I've seen my grandchildren also,
daughters, there these dolls with, you see this ducky
what you call the duck sort of a face you see.
They said: 'What's wrong with these dolls,
they should know how to put their lips. This is not good.'
I mean you see, they themselves know, that this is wrong.
'She's going to go into tantrums.' That's what they say.
This duck is going to go into tantrums
that's why she is behaving like this,
oh like that, you see they are great-grandmothers sometimes the way they
do some things and the way they behave.
But we must give them
real love and joy and happiness,
that's the thing we can give to our children
and you'll be amazed that this Australia is going to be blessed with children
who are very great saints,
very very great saints. I know that,
and you have to look after them with dignity.
Very great saints are going to be born in this country,
so I have to request to you, that forget your problems,
husband wife problem, is nothing. Look after your children,
give them dignity, give them a nest where they could live,
forget because I've seen in England I've seen
even an eighty-year old woman behaves like a bride
I mean she doesn't get over her feeling that she was a bride.
Like one of the 'Great Expectations'
you must have read of Charles Dickens where there was a bride
who was sitting all the time thinking she was a bride.
I see that picture even today,
all the time they are in bridal mood.
You see you are a mother and you have to treat your children with that dignity
and with that love that a mother should give.
It is very difficult for some people
to accept the position of a mother,
they think why women should be the mothers.
I said this is the greatest things look at me. Look at me.
This is the greatest thing to be the mother,
to love everyone, that they depend on you for
love and guidance, just for love.
Such a great thing to feel: 'Oh God
see how much I can give, how many cups I can fill,'
it's such a great feeling,
I wish you would know what a mother is and the,
motherhood you have to learn from your children and grandchildren and expand it
to the whole universe. It's such a great thing a woman has in the same way
the father has to do a lot of things about which I will tell you
when we go to the other center.
I think I've talked at length on this center because
all the time what I find these two centers are catching
very much in Australia.
So we have to talk about the things that are catching on this and this.
And today I saw there five six children with their both the fingers in,
all realized children with those fingers they were sucking,
and they were showing me again sucking like that.
So you can imagine how much it is,
and otherwise this one and this means that
you have been going to some unauthorized personality.
If you are going to some unauthorized personality this thumb will be caught up,
that's why children put their things in their mouths and
Freud has his own nonsensical theory,
but actually it is the center that is catching
with these born-realized children are showing you.
Now for today, I may not be able to cover other
centers so much, but later on,
what is the date we are having the program now?
Next Monday Wednesday Friday,
three days are there out of which I will cover all these centers
and specially that of Christ I would like to speak,
because I met some people, when I went to America
I was telling the people there
that you are to be born again,
you are to be born again and you must have your realization,
so what I found whatever lecture I gave there were big big,
much bigger than these you see, they had brought to tape
all my speeches, and the people who organized my program told me that:
'Mother you'd better get it patented or don't allow them to tape it.'
I said: 'Why?' They said: 'They will be publishing these are all writers
and this I said: 'Very good let them write.'
But some of them started an organization called 'born again', imagine.
Now if I said you have to be,
then you start an organization that we are already self-certificated.
You see it's a thing one should understand you are to be born again.
Now Christ has said that you will be born through Me. Is a fact.
Where is Christ, is here. This is the gate, see the narrow gate
and your kundalini has to pass through that.
Now in case it does not pass you have to say Lord's Prayer.
You have to take the name of Christ
and you have to adore Him,
then only it passes through, shows that you have passed through Christ.
You enter into the kingdom of God which is the,
limbic area. So, it's a fact
when He said you have to pass through Me
He didn't mean that people who are self-certificated
can say that: 'All right this is Christ,
this is Bible this is Christ,' as if Christ is somewhere lying there,
you just have to turn a stone and you get Him there.
Christ is here. How do you approach Him is only
through the kundalini awakening and it passes through Christ.
This is the door.
Now say, you are all Christians or maybe you are Jews or whatever it is,
but, in India for example
they have a very antagonistic feelings towards Christianity.
Now even a Hindu, or a Muslim,
if he denies he says all right I don't believe in Christ. He has to.
I have to tell him that: 'See,
if you don't believe in Christ I cannot give you realization.
You have to ask for forgiveness,
and you have to request Christ, then only this will pass through.
Now there may be Jews or Christians,
any type, they have to know that all of them are here.
For example there was a doctor who came from,
Tehran to see me, he had cancer,
and he came to see me, he had this cancer of the stomach,
so I told him that: 'Do you believe that Mohammed Sahib was the same
as Dattatreya or Nanaka?' He said: 'No I don't even believe,
when you say that He was Moses or Abraham.
I said: 'He was Moses Abraham
and they are very powerful personality.
Unless and until you accept,
that He was Moses and Abraham,
you are not going to get it.
He said: 'Ah, I cannot say that,' because Jews and Muslims are like this.
I said they both are the same they are very great personalities,
you are just fighting for nothing at all.
I know Who is Moses and I know Who is, Abraham.
But he would not accept, for eight days, then his wife, you know
she was wiser, she said you'd better get it, you are not well,
you'll die, better get it, then they came.
You see this is what happens, they are just compelled.
He came: 'All right Mother what ever you say I will accept.' I said: 'Not that,
from your heart you have to say,' and he was cured,
for your information he was cured.
So do not have any extreme ideas,
They are all in there, and They are all One.
Only we are fighting saying this is mine, that is mine,
so this is I have just hinted that this center because I think
that's a very important center
as I have discussed with the void, about all these Abraham,
Moses and all the Old Testament, which is so important.
How, and how Christ is the One, Who,
stays there, Who crucified Himself, to make a path
for us to pass through, why His crucifixion was necessary.
So I'll spend more time on that later on. I hope
you'll make it convenient to come again, and I hope you'll get a better hall,
they are feeling very warm here. Thank you very much.