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a little heavy
I have never had a bullpup in my whole life...
Ha, and you don't how to handle it!
are you filming? yep
welcome to another SCDTV review division episode
we are...where are we?
"Search and Kill" part 3
Greetings to the guys from..E..S...K....K :D (some mumbling)
the skirmish was kickass and we were fighting on opposite sides
but I couldn't kill you, unfortunatelly
but I shot one gentleman from Straszyd這 :D
I'm really proud of it and I'd like to send my regards
In our next episode with MG and his toys we'll take a look at
MG's vision of Jantar assault rifle
home-made GP-30 grenade launcher
yeah, it's GP-30, not 25
GP-30, version 6G21
if I'm wrong guys at will correct me
Jantar has been rumored to be the successor of Beryl assault rifle
in fact, it was just an MA thesis on WAT ( Military University of Technology)
it was a cut up Beryl in bullpup system
the gun was so interesting that it made some internet career
however, there were about two or three working real steel models
G&H made 6 Jantar aegs
This version was made by MG
I made it from AKS cut the stock off
I got rid of the fire switch here
fire selector was filled with spatula
all Russian trademarks removed
frontguard is from Beryl
Tantal flashhider
funny thing, the upper rail is from a cheap Umarex G36
Does it resemble the original? yes, it does.
stock is just my patience and a bit of hot glue put on a mould than drilled
there is some foam inside to make it look better
how much it's different from the original?
the stock is completely different
as I had to fit the motor inside
however, I've got a plan to use an AUG gearbox
as the motor stand is in a different angle like this
so than I could be able to make the stock more like the original
the trigger is mechanical
earlier it was electric
so, some wires runnign from the front to back
now, there's a coupler running from here to here
and now, you'll have to translate it into ENglish :p
is the selector working?
it used to but I damaged it
what's the performance?
it has 380fps if I remember correctly
it was ment to be a cqb weapon nothing special
well, it's a bullpup so someone not familiar with such replicas
doesn't know how to grab it
this construction prooved that making a bullpup gun from AK is effortless
it's very expensive
as fas as a Beryl based bullpup weapon is concerned
and it's completely not ergonomic
problems during magazine change
I managed to solve the problem, so changing is easier
but you have to learn how to do it
now tell us about this Well, it's a figment of my imagination
I wanted to make a grenade launcher and as usual I made it in my kitchen
as we mentioned it the GP-30 version
there's the sight trigger's functional
the launcher is functional there's a firing pin inside
the trigger is mechanical too
that's all
our last toy today
we're terribly sorry for the cars but everyone is coming back home
some time ago, someone told me that you can't make Beryl from AKS
it's possible, even the folding stock
it an original Beryl stock
upper rail is original too
opens and closes perfectly
no wobble
frontguard original
the flashhider is a copy of the Beryl one I got it from a guy on allegro
gas block is modified
AKS front sight is modified too
magazines are from AK74? yes
rear sight needs to be replaced
have you installed a fire selector?
nope, not yet
I haven't received the selector yet but I've got an idea how to solve the problem
it's just a matter of .....thank you....
a matter of buying the selector and putting everything togather
the replica is functional
the battery goes here
it's a Firefox 11.1 lipo
the cost
tell me about the cost of these
you can get an ak for 200PLN (60usd)
200PLN for the handguard
40pln for the grip
flashhider is hard to buy, but it's available at WORK11 for 60pln
the rest is my own work
the upper railcan be taken from G36
here the overall cost is close to Jantar's however parts are more expensive
I bought the ak for 200PLN
handguard around 50pln
50pln for the flashhider here my own work
there's an original gas tube inside
upper rail, stock and gas tube cost me 200pln
so for around 500pln plus own work
it took me only 4 hours to do it
within two day I customised an AK
it's a cometition for ARES
maybe not a competition, but you can easily make something like that at home
you can install any mechanism and have a burst mode
piece of cake
and now tell us how much did the grenade launcher cost
it cost me... I paid 20gr or 30gr (5-8 cents) for the tube
the sight is made from a pencil
and a piece of old computer casing
that's all :D
how much does a GP-30 replica cost? 500PLN ( 120-150 usd)
so you see the difference
you can do it at home
I did it at my desk without going to my magic balcony
but you need to be a handyman
don't say everyone can do it Cygan can't
I could do it
[dudek] I wouldn't do it
[dudek] even if I had original parts I wouldn't do it :D
even if you had a manual you wouldn't do it :D
allright, that's all folks
we'll see each other in the future during a skirmish on in front of the camera
if not during war, so mayne on youtube :D
[dudek] how do I turn it off? I have no idea!
Irek talked to MG