Cleveland's Next Top Model - Episode 2 "Swimsuit Shoot" (HD with subtitles)

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Last week on Cleveland's Next Top Model,
Because of her bony legs, Debs could not walk sexy.
And was eliminated.
Now we continue our search, for Cleveland's Next Top Model.
Today's challenge, ladies... a photo shoot,
With local Sears photographer, Larry Zorn.
Oh but wait, there's a twist.
You'll be doing this shoot in your bathing suits.
Kathy, is something wrong?
I don't really look good in bathing suits.
I was hoping that the challenge would be like,
you know for a robe or a sleeping bag.
I look really good in sleeping bags.
One more thing.
You'll be doing this shoot outdoors.
And it is cold as a mutherf*#ker out there.
I'm a little nervous about the next part of the competition.
Because of my age, I don't react well to the cold.
Okay ladies, this is your first photo shoot.
And it's a swimshoot shoot.
And Larry has provided us a beautiful beach backdrop.
I wish I wasat the beach.
What, Lizette?
You're not at the beach.
But you better show me,
With your body, and your model abilities,
that you are.
It's winter in Ohio, but it better be
Summer in, Miami.
Let's model.
Come on, Kathy. Imagine this is a beach in Cleveland.
Throw the ball, Kathy. Ha ha ha.
Okay, the ball's covering you. It's completely covering you.
It's too low, now it' you can't see the ball...
Now, I'm mad about something else. Guess what?
Hurry up, Larry. My nipples are about to freeze off.
I'm hearing you.
Lizette, you need to be warm, be a warm model.
Lizette, calm down.
Nipples are cold, Larry. They're gonna crack off.
Cold nipples. Nipples, cold nipples. Nipples, cold. Hurry up, Larry.
Loud and clear.
Ooo, my nipples are so cold, they're about to fall off. Ooo!
Have you ever experienced this at Sears, Larry?
Okay Kristen, I have a trial in the afternoon,
and a sex date at night.
Oh, yeah, point at the person. Very nice. Yes!
Best shoot. Very nice.
Best shoot of the day.
Good, Pa...yeah, pick up the bucket.
Pick up the bucket and the shovel,, dig your own grave.
Like you're digging your own grave, because you're gonna die soon.
You're old.
I may be old, but my gentleman friend Larry says that I have the, uh,
pu@#y of a 12 year old.
Don't fall down, you're doing awful.
Uh oh, we have a problem.
There's something wrong here.
You okay?
I think we need, I think we need some help.
Yeah, we need you to get our of the shot, Larry.
I think, I, I, I think...
This isn't Sears, Larry. Look at, she's doing great things now.
Kristen, you were a little stiff, but you take a pretty good photo.
you're still in the running to be Cleveland's Next Top Model.
And Kathy, your photo was alright too.
Hey, you know what, Kathy,
at first I was nervous going into this photo shoot,
becauce you're so fat,
that I thought maybe you would look just so fat in this bathing suit.
Uh, but you know what, you proved me wrong.
Your body may be fat,
but your confidence is thin.
You're still in the running to be Cleveland's Next Top Model.
Will Lizette and Pam please step forward?
Lizette, talking about your nipples at a photo shoot is inappropriate.
That will not get you a Sears catalog.
Being a Cleveland model means not acting like a crack addict.
And Pam, your old thin veins betrayed you,
and you almost died on my show.
I'm sorry.
Pam, since I don't have any insurance for this show,
I'm gonna have to ask you to vacate my guestroom.
Congratulations Lizette, you're still in the running to be
Cleveland's Next Top Model.
I'm surprised I lasted as long as I did.
I have a tail.
Here's what's coming up on Cleveland's Next Top Model.
How dare you?
I have never,
NEVER been this angry.