Doug: The Movie - Deleted and Behind the Scenes!

Uploaded by DrCoolSex on 06.07.2012

Hello. We know it has been two years since we released our "Doug" video.
People ask for deleted scenes.
There is a small amount of footage, but here it is.
[together] We hope it was worth the wait! Good job. Good job. Good job.
[beep sound]
We started to film today. This is the first day for "Patti".
There is "Janet" with "Greg".
This is "Dustin" without green make up. There is red color in his hair.
When "Doug" sees "Patti", it is an important moment. Time passed.
You bastard!
You ruined my video!
What am I going to do?
"Smash Adams" would waltz into her bedroom and fornicate with her.
You are not helping.
"Race Canyon" fights everyone!
I do not like to fight.
She needs a hero.
"Greg", how are you?
Can somebody help "Greg"?
Why do you film my pants?
You pointed to your pants.
Here is "Skeeter" and he is amazing.
"Greg" helps with make up. Did "Dustin" help?
"Dustin" helped but I painted my arm. I think my arm is very good.
Do you want me to make sounds of bacon?
No. Only if it helps you to act.
We are testing the equipment.
[whistling the "Doug" theme song]
Forever! ["The Sandlot" reference]
The light is bright. Bananas and tomato sauce taste good together.
The texture is smooth.
There is only three of us. It is simple.
"Roger" will go in the water.
There is no bad advertising. We will get more views when this video is released.
Right now.
Hello. Thank you for watching this video. We apologize because we did not release this video sooner.
"Greg" is working on other projects now. You will see these projects soon.
Continue watching our videos. Subscribe. Goodbye.
["Doug" theme song]