All Inclusive Resort Kitchen - FDR Jamaica

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The FDR Resort, in the kitchen, the heart of the operations, where everyone gets all the delicous food from.
Quite so. (Chef)
What we're doing right now, we're preparing for breakfast in the morning and dinner tonight.
You're preparing for breakfast for tomorrow morning already? (Joe)
Right, right. We have to prep for breakfast for tomorrow. (Chef)
This is like 2:30 in the afternoon (Joe)
Right. The breakfast people finish at 2:00, 2:30, 3:00 pm
So when they're around, they prep for the next day.
You make your orders here?(Joe) I'm making my orders. (Chef)
This morning what I'm doing is for tomorrow. I'm making orders for tomorrow. (Chef)
So you have to come up with a menu?(Joe)
Yes I have all the menus. Everything is planned for the days. (Chef)
Oh for all the different days. (Joe)
So today is Friday and that's gone. (Joe)
Yes it's outside. They're doing prepping for that one (Chef)
And how many people do you have working 38, 39?(Joe)
38, 39, yes (Chef)
It's on a shift system so they're all on a 24 hour shift.(Chef)
24 hour shift? (Joe)
We finish at 1 in the morning. (Chef)
Start at 6 in the morning & finish at 1 in the morning. (Chef)
And you get to sample the produce? (Joe)
I try to make sure we have the best product we can possibly have.
Cause most all of our stuff is local, so I . . . try
Driving around I've see there's a lot of people selling produce (Joe)
Everything is fresh (Chef)
Perfect climate for growing all the fresh food. (Joe)
Especially right now. Whe we get a little rain right now. It's good for the vegeteers.(Chef)
So I'll take you around and show you what we're doing. (Chef)
Thank you. How often does a person get a chance to see what happens in a resort kitchen? (Joe)
Not very often. Nobody wants to bring people into the kitchen (Chef)
We have a fairly nice kitchen area.(Chef)
We separate all. The pizza shop, the pantry, the butcher shop, the atrium,
It's very beautiful food - we'll show you
Your pastry shop, and whoever your Pastry Chef is, it's excellent! (Joe)
Because one of the things that I've found is that in many places, they make everything overly sweet. (Joe)
Very sweet icings (Joe)
There's a standard we try to keep up with. We try not to use nuts. A lot of people are allergic to nuts.(Chef)
So we try not to use nuts, unless they're visible and people can see. (Chef)
Certain type of items we don't use unless it's visible and people can see (Chef)
Otherwise, we're good.
We do the separate breads. Just do breads. All different types of breads. We do like 8,9 different types of bread (Chef)
All on location, right here. (Chef)
Everything's fresh. (Chef)
All the bread we do now is for tonight. It's fresh. (Chef)
You wouldn't believe what that smells like. (Joe)
You can try one, it's OK. (Chef)
Oh I just had lunch!(Joe) You can try one, it's all fresh (Chef) Ooo hot!- hot!hot!hot!(Joe)
All these fresh vegetables were are doing here will be for tonight (Chef)
All of these, sauces, mint jelly for the lamb tonight (Chef) (Kitchen noises)
Separate deep fryer
And they cook all of the sauces on that side. Vegetarian in the middle (Chef)
The soup recipes, are they your own? (Joe) All my own. (Chef)
Excellent (Joe) All the recipes are my own. Soup, salads, everything. (Chef)
So you threw everything out that was before?(Joe)
I threw everything out. It took me like 2 weeks to put my recipes in. (Chef)
It's been good.(Chef)
She does all the salads for us tonight, for dinner. (Chef)
The Salad Queen (Joe)
I know this is unusual, but the food is really great at the restaurants (Joe)
In the morning, every day I have the spinach crepe . . (Joe)
That's him right here. And she . . .she's the one. (Chef) Excellent! Excellent food (Joe)
She's here 7 days a week (Chef)
7 days a week?(Joe) Yes sometimes (Chef)
You like bammy? (Chef)
Here is dinner. We're preparing dinner
How long have you been working at FDR?(Joe) About a year and 3 months (Chef)
And just your first name? (Joe) I'm Juliette (Chef)
And you are? (Joe) Latoya (Chef)
And you've been working here for? (Joe) 11 years (Chef) 11 Years. Wow.(Joe)
This side here is fine
I'm grating some parmesan cheese (Chef)
That's Arvil (sp?) Arvil is my main man (Chef) Hey Main man! (Joe) Hey Whassup? Ya mon (Arvil)
I'm doing a carving thing right here. (Avril)
It's not perfect you know, but . . . work to go
He is in charge of all the breadfast stuff (Chef)
What's she is doing is piping butter for the bread for tonight (Chef)
That's why we get those cute little dropplets of butter? (Joe) Yes
They look like little flowers (Joe) That's the idea?(Joe) Yes (Chef)
It's decoration. (Chef)
All the ??? are done down here.
This is the pastry shop. The pastry is awesome!(Joe)
The pastries being done now are for tomorrow morning - breakfast (Chef)
So then they go into the refigerator? (Joe) The refigerator (Chef)
We bake them fresh in the morning (Chef)
That's a chocolate cake. (Chef)
Oh wow, that's beautiful! (Joe) Everything is made from scratch (Pastry Chef)
That's for tomorrow morning too?(Joe) No this is or the Pier Restaurant for tonight (Pastry Chef)
Oh for tonight. (Joe) Yes (Pastry Chef) And for the Italian Restaurant too (Chef)
And I'm dabbing it with glaze, just a simple syrup to keep it nice. (Pastry Chef)
Beautiful. And delicious I bet (Joe) It's all local foods (Chef)
Cookies and buns (Joe)
Busy place (Joe)
Oh you've got a lot of cheese to do (Joe)
Yes we have a lot of parmesan (Juliette)
It's not what I expected. I thought that you would be out here and doing things (Joe)
It would be like Chef Ramsey - yelling at people (Joe teasing) No, no (Chef)
But everyone knows what to do. They're doing their job (Joe)
I do all the scheduling - all the people to work. Everybody knows exactly what to do when they come in. (Chef)
I make sure I start all the shifts. I take a break then make sure I finish all the shifts. (Chef)
So you're here until 1 o'clock? (Joe)
I'm here until 9:30, 10:00 at night. I start at 8 in the morning (Chef)
So that's what a Chef's job is? (Joe)
That's the job. It's long hours. It's long hours.(Chef)
I actually do cooking most time at the ?? school. (Chef)
Epecially when I add something new, I have to show it. (Chef)
I know that alot of people want to be Chefs and they're looking at the shools. (Joe)
They don't realize what's involved (Joe) They need to think about it (Chef)
You really have to think about it. Either you want to do it, or you don't want to do it (Chef)
It's not something you can 'try' (Chef)
And it's not 8 hours a day. (Joe) Not 8 hours (Chef)
It's not a regular job. (Chef)
And you're doing it because you love. . . (Joe) I just love to cook. (Chef)
That's my only thing. (Chef) That's your passion? (Joe) That's my passion (Chef) 0:010:30.000,0:010:32.000 Thank you very much. It's been awesome. (Joe)