Bouyancy in Microgravity - YouTube SpaceLab Physics Entry #1

Uploaded by paramarthika on 12.12.2011

Hi All!
Today, we are here to present our entry into YouTube Spacelab Contest.
I'm John, 17
Edwin, 16
Akhil, 16
We are here to check the effect of gravity on bouyancy
and also to have some fun.
In a column of water, pressure increases with depth.
Presure beneath the body is greater than pressure above it.
The resultant force pushes the body upwards with an acceleration.
This is the principle of Bouyancy.
So, when the value of 'g' decreases?
We see that Bouyancy is directly proportional to gravity
In space, gravity is very less and so bouyancy is also nearly zero.
In space, bouyancy is near zero and so is acceleration due to it.
When we dropped the ball, it moved down with an acceleration.
Then it stopped and came up with an acceleration.
On earth, there are three types of forces actiong on the ball.
Bouayant force, Viscous force & Gravitational force
Whereas in space, there is no Bouyant force & Gravitational force
or Bouaynant force and Gravitational force is too less
so that only Viscous force is acting on the body.
It moves down with a velocity and stops there since no other force is acting on it.
This principle can be applied for stopping rockets in outer space.
When meteors enter Earth's atmosphere,
tremendous amount of enregy is released.
When passed through a viscous liquid, it can act as an 'energy grabber'.
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