Traditional Shepherds Pie Recipe : Estimated Cost to Make Traditional Shepherds Pie

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Hi! I'm Richard Bucola here in New York City and today on behalf of Expert Village, I am
going to show you how to make some Shepherd Pie. I just want to touch a little bit on
costs. This is a very inexpensive meal to make and it is very hardy and it is very filling.
I had enough to make about at least for 12 to 15 people. I made two casserole dishes
full. I only used a pound and half of chopped meat, I used sirloin which is better and chopped
meat cost me about 6 bucks. The carrots and corn were a couple of bucks. The can of corn
was like a buck and the peas and carrots frozen were like a buck. So again, it is a meal you
can make for a lot of people for under 15 bucks and you can feed 12 to 15 people. I
used things like I had leftover like my mashed potatoes and stuff and that is what makes
it a great dish. It is a great great dish. All the other stuff makes it that much better
and when it comes down to it, Shepherds Pie is delicious so make it and eat it and share
it with your friends. On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Richard Buccola from New
York City. Thanks for watching.