NTRS 357 - The Changing Food Supply: Impact on Health.

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bjbjBrBr Welcome to NTRS 357 - The Changing Food Supply: Impact on Health. I am Laura
Calderon, your instructor for the course. Most of you are taking this class either to
meet the Upper Division Theme Science requirement or as an elective. I am available on-line
through Moodle and I will be able to answer all of your questions through email or 'class
questions' forum. We will not be meeting at any time during the quarter everything you
need to successfully complete this course will be on-line. My role, as your instructor,
is to facilitate the learning process as you navigate through the learning modules on Moodle.
I would like this learning experience to be both flexible and interesting. I hope that
you will take an active role in the discussions and will get to know other class members.
I also hope that this course will benefit you, not only in your academic career, but
that it will also impact your personal health in a positive way. Good nutrition is a foundation
of good health by selecting a healthy diet, you can reduce your risk for many chronic
diseases including obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and some cancers. This
course is arranged so that everything you need to successfully complete this class is
on Moodle. Be sure to read through the Tips for Successfully Completing NTRS 357 before
moving on to the Learning Topics (these tips are posted on the main page under 'additional
resources'). Be sure to access the Learning Topics 1-11 for the 10 weeks of the quarter
plus finals week, the Syllabus, the Calendar, the News Announcements, the Class Questions
and the CHAT forum. Discussions, Assignments, and Assessments will be available under each
topic (for example Topic 1 equals week 1 and Topic 11 equals final exam week) as well as
in the calendar. Use your syllabus to stay on track; I would suggest putting the due
dates in your planner. The Learning Modules within each Topic are set up so that you can
progress through the class in a timely manner that meets your needs and demands. But pay
close attention to the due dates for discussions, exams and the projects - there is something
due each week of the quarter. I wish you success and good health as you continue through this
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