San Diego County Launches Campaign Against Childhood Obesity

Uploaded by KPBSSanDiego on 21.05.2012

>> >>KENNY: Five or more servings of fruits and vegetables, limit recreational screen
time to two hours of r or less, drink 0 sodas. The directer of the initiative, Cheryl motor,
hopes San Diegans will get with the program. >> >>: This is our first step, encouraging
the 5201 messaging and helping people understand these healthy behaviors.
It's a pretty simple message. As long as we have environment that promotes
health, it will be easier for peep to follow these recommendations.
>> >>KENNY: Motor admits it's tough for people to be healthy when they're surrounded by fast
food and video games. >> >>: At the same time, families need to
understand the choices they should be making and this effort, this campaign that we're
launching today is really all about that. >> >>KENNY: Chula Vista was chosen as the
place to launch the campaign because it has the highest childhood obesity rates in the
countsy. Nearly one in four girls and one in three
boys are obese. School sphr intend nt Francisco says the 5201
campaign is a necessity to get kids healthy. >> >>: It's a moral imperative, we have to
do this.