СтопХам 12- Нелегальные парковки/ Illegal parking lots in Moscow

Uploaded by StopXAM on Nov 13, 2011

-See you got poles here, you’ve made a parking. Is it you letting cars parking here? Look, I’ll just take these poles, they’re illegal here, if you haven’t got any documents.
-I will take these poles. -GOOD BYE! -I will leave only with these…
[Angry chatter]
-We wanted to park over there, but there is a restricting pole.
-Because this is private property belonging to administration of the president of Russia.
-Have you got any documents proving that its private property, that its some specially protected area or whatsoever?
[Thumbs for a Numb silence]
-Well, there gotta be an answer. -I don’t have it…
-But these poles belong to you? -Nope )

-We’re taking them, then. -If they’re not yours, why are you trying to take them?! I’ll bring them to police! -These are my personal poles… Ok, call the police.
-They organized illegal parking lot and letting only people attending the restaurant.
-What are we doing with the poles? We can’t just leave them here… -Take them yourself.
-You just told me, that parking belongs to “Yakitory” restaurant… -That is a parking for “Yakitory” clients.
-Why are putting these poles here? Are they yours? -No.
-I’m taking them.
-Put it back. -It doesn’t belong to anyone.
-Leave it! Leave it!
-You are standing on our parking! -So, this is a parking? -That is a parking space… -We are not giving you poles back.
Subtitles are produced by Nikita Fisunov