SYTYCD 2012 - Season 9 Top 14 - Mia Michaels Choreography & Performances - Full Episode Recap

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Hey, guys.
I'm David with DanceOn.
And I'm giving you your weekly recap of So You Think You Can
Dance, Season 9.
We have a little bit of a change of location today.
I'm traveling, which is why there's just
a wall and a couch.
I'm also filming on my Flip cam.
I don't know if the quality is better or worse.
So let me know about that.
And also, I have to talk a little bit more quietly
because people are sleeping upstairs.
So that's why all these things are different.
So I'm so excited that So You Think You Can Dance is back in
the air after the two week hiatus.
And when they announced that it was a Mia Michaels focused
episode, I literally died.
This is just a disclaimer for this episode.
My criticisms of the dances are not going to be focused on
technique very much, just because Mia Michaels' pieces
are so emotional, and they're so focused on performance.
Sorry about that.
That's what happens when I watch a Mia Michaels piece.
The night started with Eliana and Cyrus' door routine.
And I've got to say that Eliana really sold it once
again, but not in her usual way, because usually I'm just
very impressed by her technique.
She really sold it in terms of her performance, and it was
really evident in parts where there was minimal technique.
For instance, the part where she's banging on the door to
get back in.
I was enamored by it, because of her performance, the little
contractions in her back-- all of her contractions for this
entire piece were completely on point.
Cyrus, he's got charisma, he's got sex appeal, or whatever.
It's very clear that at this point in the competition, he
should not be in it any more.
Tiffany and George's piece was next and I've got to say that
right from the very beginning, I could tell that George was
going to step it up, just from his very first cross down and
then his look at the hands.
One thing that I will say about this routine-- and this
isn't really a criticism, but I found that the roles of the
relationship were reversed.
It seemed more like George was the woman in the relationship
whereas Tiffany was the man.
She was very grounded and solid.
I don't know if that was the choreography, or if that was
the couple.
I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, and if that
was intentional on Mia's part.
But regardless, I thought it was interesting.
Next we had Will and Amelia's butt dance.
Of course, Will and Amelia get the butt dance, because
they're the quirky couple.
I will agree with the judges that Amelia seemed
a little bit off.
I was just so impressed with Will.
I'm so impressed with Will every week.
As they were both running across the stage and he has to
pass her, he just threw his head back with this arm
movement, and just every little subtlety.
He was really selling it, in terms of character.
Then we had Janelle and Dareian's bed dance with the
rose petals.
I completely disagreed with the judges about Janelle.
In the last few seconds when the camera was close up on her
face, and she was rejecting him and stuff, I cried.
That was the first dance of the night where I legitimately
cried tears.
And I was a mess.
I did get what they were saying about her hair being in
her face, but that's not her fault.
That's the stylist's fault.
And for the little bit where you could see her face, I
thought that she was really performing well.
Of course, that's not to say that Dareian
didn't do well, also.
And I thought that the attention that the judges gave
him was completely warranted.
I thought he did a great job with this.
I liked the little flip that he added.
I just think that they sort of were too harsh on Janelle.
I think that she did really well in this piece.
Audrey and Matthew's piece to time was OK.
I would agree that Matthew was not connected.
Tiffany, however, from the very first little wave, I
completely got her interpretation as a little
girl visiting her father.
And although Nigel said something about Mia being
grown up when she choreographed this piece, I
thought that Tiffany's interpretation of the piece
was completely viable.
I thought that Mia had to have approved of it if she was
doing that in rehearsals.
I think that Tiffany portrayed the part very well.
She was very convincing and it was very moving, probably in a
different way.
I just wish that Matthew had been as invested in the
character as Tiffany was.
Witney and Chehon's bench routine was great also.
One moment that I thought Chehon really nailed the
emotional connection was the little moment where Witney
reached for his hand and he scooted away.
I really connected with that.
I still agree that he needs to loosen up, but really, that's
a minor thing.
He's a wonderful dancer.
And Witney did very well.
Her jump off the bench into his arms was wonderful.
Lastly, Lindsey and Cole did probably what I think was the
best routine of the night.
They did the addiction piece.
And I thought that Cole's interpretation was brilliant.
It was completely different but it was completely valid.
Going into this routine, even before they danced it, I knew
it would be a great fit for him because he's been playing
characters like this for a while.
It sort of followed the theme of the night in terms of the
dancers being assigned dances that fit them very well.
And it almost walked the line of being predictable.
I would have liked to see Mia try and stretch these dancers
a little bit more, because they did end up falling into
the patterns that they've been following for
the past few weeks.
They ended up choosing Lindsey to stay, and they kicked of
Amelia and Janelle.
And honestly, I think they should have chosen Amelia.
Even though I hated her in the first few weeks, I've grown to
really like her.
And I think that she was the best dancer
of the three girls.
From the guys, the judges surprisingly chose George.
And I don't disagree with that.
He definitely has the best technique of the three of
them, but it was just surprising because when you
have Dareian and Matthew, I definitely thought that they
would have chosen one of them in terms of their appeal to
the audience and stuff.
Anyway, that's it for this week.
I'm sorry if I'm you, know, talking
quietly and I seem tired.
I am tired.
Thank you guys for watching and I will see
you guys next week.
All right, bye!