Sleight of Hand Magic Tricks : Skills for Sleight of Hand Magic

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.02.2008

Hi, I''m Doug. On behalf of, we're talking about and introduction to sleight
of hand today. Sleight of hand is skills that require quick or clever movement of the hands.
Quick is of course quick, something happening fast so your spectators are not seeing what's
going on. Or clever, meaning misdirection using patter to divert their attention to
something different, while the sleight is going on. Sleight of hand can be very advantageous,
in using in close groups, far groups. It's very powerful because it's right up under
their nose. It also takes a lot of practice, because you're using your hands. It's something
you're going to be manipulating objects with, thus the sleight of hand. Funny how that works.
But again, something that is very important that you do work sleight of hand quite a bit,
it takes a lot of skill, a lot of talent. So to become perfected at it, make sure you
are counting on putting a lot of time and effort into sleight of hand. For that matter,
again, the rewards are heavier, but because of the skill is much more heightened. And
that's a little about sleight of hand.