Share Spray: A New Way To Do Everything

Uploaded by centernewdream on 15.10.2012

Here I am in the middle of my big American Dream!
Look I have a house, a family, all of the latest electronics, and --
Oh! Uh-oh...
Oh, that's embarrassing
I've been meaning to clean that closet.
But first I’ve got to pay my bills.
Ugh, the bills are killing me!
This American Dream is expensive.
Just turning on the computer these days is stressful – look at the news.
Tons of my friends don’t have jobs.
And we're wrecking the planet
and getting trash everywhere... and the icecaps are melting…
Blah blah blah. It’s depressing.
Seriously, I know my life looks all nice on the surface
but I’m freakin' STRESSED!
Hello, my dear!
I heard you say that you are freaking stressed.
WHOA!  Strange person with tall hair… WHO ARE YOU?? Where did you come from?
I’m your Sharey Godmother!
You’re my….”Sharey” Godmother??
Yes dear.
Look, I can’t stay long. Just take this spray.
I promise, it will make a big difference.
Whoa, now I have a can of Share Spray and I'm supposed to use it on everything?
Okay, here it goes…
Hi, I’m Nick, from next door. My vacuum cleaner just broke.
Could I borrow yours?
Oh! Is this how Share Spray works?
You know what, Nick
We could actually SHARE this vacuum and just swap it back and forth each week.
Really? That would be great!  Then we wouldn't have to buy a new one.
Money’s been kinda tight for us lately.
You know, we should think about other ways to share. It might lighten both of our loads.
Good idea!
Share Spray is powerful stuff. I like it.  
I’m going to try it on something else!
Like my crazy garage.
It’s full of stuff we hardly ever use. A drill, a lawnmower, a ladder…
And the thing that’s a little silly is that many of my neighbors have these exact same things
and they hardly use them.
Okay Share Spray. Work your magic!
Yeah! I’m going to start by borrowing and lending and sharing more of this with my neighbors.
We could share tools,
appliances, electronics, camping gear…
We can have clothing swaps and toy swaps
This is great!
we’ll buy less, and we'll have less clutter.
And it’s better for the planet
You know I realize it has been kind of sad that I barely know my neighbors.
I’ve been feeling isolated, like I don’t know anyone on my street.
I’m going to Share Spray this too!
Look at this space!
We could be sharing yards
We can plant more community gardens and grow our own food
And we could have more community cook-outs and create more community gathering spaces
Families could share play equipment
And we can all help each other out more with things like childcare
I think sharing is even going to help me eat better food!
We could do veggie swaps, and meal exchanges. Mmmmm…
Where next with the Share Spray?
Ooh, our cars!  Sitting in traffic drives me nuts
and gas prices are just insane.
If we Share Spray our cars, there are so many options
We could share a car with a neighbor, or we could join a car sharing program
or we could carpool more, and we would save so much money.
And with fewer cars on the road there’d be so much space
And ooh, the air smells better too!
So, I’m looking online and I realize that sharing is easier than it has ever been before.
There are all these websites and online tools to help people to connect with each other, share things,
organize borrowing and lending, keep track of who's using what…
Wow, sharing could be the new way to do everything!
It could transform our entire communities!
All of those vacant lots and empty store fronts could become community gardens, cooperative preschools,
shared workspaces, food cooperatives...
Hey Sharey Godmother!
If you can hear me
Thank you so much!
Share Spray could change the world!
Oh hello, my dear! I’m glad you are so excited
But Share Spray won’t change the world
It’s SHARING that will change the world
You don’t need this spray, silly
If you want to start sharing more, then just go out and start doing it!
Oh. That's true… huh.
Everything that just happened could be done by normal everyday people
Now why didn’t I think of this before?
We just need to start reaching out to each other and cooperate and do more together and SHARE!
Well done, my dear.
You have everything you need
Now hand me that spray!