How to Decorate Eco Friendly Baby Gift Baskets | Pottery Barn Kids

Uploaded by pbkids on 05.01.2011

Hi, I'm Kelli Ronci, and I'm a stylist with Pottery Barn Kids.
How you present a shower gift is just as important as the gift itself.
I like to choose a color palette and overall theme,
and then personalize it in some way so it will appeal to the mother to be.
For this gift, I chose the theme of feeding time,
and the palette of natural browns, and this beautiful robin's egg blue.
An environmentally-friendly alternative to wrapping your gift with a traditional box and wrapping paper
is to choose a reusable basket like this Pottery Barn Kids Sabrina Basket.
I've filled the basket with some brown shredded paper, and then added some feeding supplies,
such as the Birdy Feeding Set from Pottery Barn Kids,
and some organic baby food, wrapped in a square of fabric and tied off with some ribbon.
I also created this little recipe book, and included some organic baby food recipes,
and I left some pages blank so the mother to be can fill it in herself.
For the burlap wrap, you can find a downloadable template for the shape on
Start off with a yard of burlap, and pin your template to it.
Then cut around the template with some pinking shears.
Place the basket in the center of the cut out burlap shape,
with the handle sides of the basket facing the short sides of the burlap.
Now fold the long sides to the inside of the basket.
Bring up one of the short sides of the burlap, and using a pencil,
poke a hole through the burlap on either side of the center piece of the handle.
Thread a 14 inch piece of ribbon through the holes and secure to the basket with a bow.
To secure the corners, poke a hole in the short and long side,
then thread an 8 inch piece of ribbon through the holes and secure with a knot.
Now repeat this step on the other three corners.
This is a great and environmentally-friendly way to give a gift
that is a gift in and of itself.