Fairfax County's Winterizing Your Home

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really the first thing you want to do to whether at home is get into the act
with some home and hawk
and she'll the whole in the attic for
if you don't use your fireplace
you know to make sure that that was close and the most important stuff up being a trash
bag full of of fiberglass insulation the plug up this whole he's a typical house and year
continue to run out
then of course not sleep second that course heels in and read the script and that's a
smart and in the ceiling and its leader who correctly can sing up twenty percent of your
heating and cooling bills
annual basis
President serrano the answer
but homeowners who want to be aware of were rising their home faith the throes of commons
unfulfilled which can lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage
to your home
well primary things that people can do to keep the pipes from freezing is
but insulation on top of the point
it is a simple as going to home depot is in getting insulation wrapping the pipe up insulation
with duct tape on top to keep the insulation secure
so what do great service to keep you apart from freezing in situations where we're facing
old brother it's not a bad idea for people to
allow their faucets to drip
very very small amount people are moving inside surface like and this is really important
because sitting water is that from now to keeping your spouse from having freeze in
in addition to its way to interpret your home make sure the leaders on the rumored for months
of programmable first that is a device that regulates the temperature when the occupants
or not
in the home are there in the home and and asleep
so the passengers can be
%uh moderating down or up depending on the season
to reduce the longtime of the system
in that system is not on it's not costing him out
another thing that homeowners to do to protect your home during the winter months
it could change the filter of their heating and cooling system
the changing the filters he pleases and stop that that should be done
%uh at least four times a year possibly more is the house is certainly there's been any
construction activity of lots of pets heating and cooling systems failed primarily because
of military buildup and four minutes beginning he believes the expected by a professional
the beginning of the season the you know the police season will
well primarily help that system operates
%uh at it
not people for months
the most importantly you know that is operating safely is not going to break down
that the worst time
from March six nine richter preparedness visit fairfax county doctor backlash commercials
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