Majority Report: 2008 Army-Navy Spirit Video

Uploaded by MillerMovieStudio on 26.11.2008

Cop1: OK Rob, what’s coming?
Cop2: Red Ball. Annihilation in a football game. Navy is the victim. Army is the victor.
The pre-cogs nailed the kick-off time at 12:02 pm, December 6th.
Location is Lincoln Financial Field. This will be case number 8187.
Alright Army, how do you do it?
Do we have positive ID on these players?
Cop2: On the way!
Mooney at fullback...
Scappaticci at linebacker
These guys are tanks!
Who is number 12?
Cop2: No 12 on team roster!
The 12th Man...must be some sort of secret weapon!