Healthy Grocery Shopping

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(Jill Barnes). My name is Jill Barnes
and I am a graduate student at Eastern Illinois University.
Today I'm going to talk to you about healthy grocery shopping.
It's never too early to learn where food comes from
and how to make healthy food choices at the grocery store.
Grocery stores are full of a wide variety of fresh produce
and ready-to-eat meals and making healthy choices
can be hard.
So this video will teach you how to make a grocery list,
get around the grocery store and make healthy food choices
so that you and your family can have a healthy family meal time.
The key to successful grocery shopping is to plan ahead.
You may not be in charge of making the grocery list,
but you can help pick out what's on it.
Let's look through a cook book to come up with some healthy
ideas for some healthy recipes that your family
can make together.
There are lots of great options in cook books.
How about tacos?
A taco is a great idea, it's easy to make and could also
be very healthy.
What do you like to put on your tacos?
It's important to make the grocery list before we go
to the grocery store, that way, we know what to buy before
we get there.
Let's make our tacos with turkey instead of ground beef that way
we can reduce the amount of fat that's in our tacos.
I'm going to write down turkey meat.
Then we need to buy the seasonings to go into
the tacos as well.
So I'll write down, taco seasoning.
Then comes the shells.
Shells can be whole wheat.
Whole wheat is full of lots fiber that's good
for your tummy.
Let's buy whole wheat taco shells.
And then the extras.
I like to put lots of fresh veggies on my tacos.
How about we buy tomatos, onions, and lettuce.
Those will be easy for you to help cut up and assemble
your tacos.
Then comes the cheese, my favorite part.
The cheese is high in calcium which is good for your bones.
But some cheese can also be high in fat.
So we should buy the 2% milk cheese that's lower in fat
but still high in calcium.
Now that we have our grocery list, I think it's time to go
with Mom and Dad to the grocery store and pick out the food.
Let's go to the grocery store.
Center aisles in the grocery store are full of high processed
foods with high calories and high sugar and high fat.
Tip number 2, avoid the center aisles which will help you avoid
these high processed, high sugar and high fat foods.
Let's use our grocery list to help us find what we need
in the grocery store.
Tip number 3, shop the perimeter of the grocery store where most
of the fresh vegetables, dairy products, meats and bakery items
can be found.
Lettuce was on our grocery list so let's pick up lettuce.
[no dialogue].
Onions are next on our grocery list.
Let's pick one yellow onion.
We need two tomatoes for our tacos,
so I'll pick out two tomatoes.
Taco shells will be down one of the aisles.
Look for packages that say whole wheat on our taco shells.
This package says whole wheat.
So we will buy this one.
We also need to buy the taco seasoning.
There are so many options for cheeses in the grocery store.
We would like to buy the 2% milk cheese that is lower in fat
but still high in calcium.
We have all of our ingredients, now it's time to check out.
We can now take our groceries home, unpack them and make
a healthy dinner with our family.
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