Macrobiotic Cooking with Milica Milovanovic - Quinoa Salad

Uploaded by macromilica on 18.09.2008

Dear my culinary friends, our guest for today
comes from the United States and she is
going to be here in Belgrade for some time
I have to tell you that
she started to teach and explore Macrobiotics in the US
there are institutes in the US where you can learn Macrobiotics
She probably had her own reasons for doing so
and we will see what they are all about
Our guest for today is Ms Milica Milovanovic
Ms Milica Welcome
It is good to see you
Milice I wrote down some things on this paper about Macrobiotics
there are many definitions for it,
Macrobiotics is THIS and THAT, you eat...
Here is what I have: Macrobiotics is a process
of observing everyday life, day by day,
so that you can be free and choose your destiny.
Aren’t those words a bit overstated? Macrobiotics is about destiny
That is right
The thing is, if you eat a lot of salts and meat
you act like an animal, right?
So, you can easily provoke a crash, fight and other things.
Therefore, you choose your own destiny
Too much salt in the food can provoke a fight?
Imagine that, I never thought in that direction.
This is one of the (Macrobiotic) principles that are different
from each other, the opposites
Yin and Yang, they can’t be translated differently
because they are always changing.
So you cannot say they are positive and negative
because those characteristics are not variables.
It depends on the food you choose...
woman is a Principe of Yin
and if I start to eat a lot of meat in my diet,
my body will produce more testosterone
so I will have traits that are more masculine.
So, that means if you want to be more feminine,
what do you need to eat?
Women should never eat meat nor eggs.
They simply don't need them.
They should eat fruits, and they should
allow their femininity to come out.
I have never heard anything like that,
I can only say – unbelievable.
Can you tell me why did you commit to Macrobiotics
and that particular way of eating?
I was accidentally introduced to Macrobiotics in 1986.
I didn’t even know what the Macrobiotics was and
nobody knew how to explain it to me.
My friends recommended me to start with
Macrobiotics because I was too fidgety.
I had 150kg (330 pounds).
You had 150kg?
Yes, 150kg and 35 years,
and I had heart problems and kidney problems for a long time,
since I was born actually and I was very nervous because of
my diet and also because of the use of medications
When I started with Macrobiotics I lost 50kg (110 pounds) easily.
Later on it was a bit harder
You need to learn, and to understand things,
you have to live in harmony with nature
you need to understand why and when to digest certain things,
since there are season changes to be considered
Every season has its own food
Those are really interesting things;
I hope that this recipe will be as interesting to our viewers.
Thank you for coming
Thank you
And I can’t wait to see what are you going to prepare for us
Excellent, I will show you
What are we making today?
We are making a quinoa meal.
What meal?
Quinoa is a grain that is gluten-free
Here in Belgrade, I had a chance to see
many kids that are allergic to gluten
so I wanted to make a summer salad with
quinoa, corn, cucumber, parsley and lemon.
Again, something simple, without any foreign products.
Let’s see how you are going to prepare this
We soaked the quinoa.
It is better when quinoa is soaked
because it starts to germinate
We are going to add some corn.
So inside the pot we have one cup of quinoa with 2 cups of water,
and we are adding 1 cup of corn so that
we can cook it all together for 20 minutes.
When this is cooked, here we will make the sides for it.
So when quinoa is cooked and cooled off,
we will add it with the sliced cucumber, parsley and lemon.
Do you want me to cut the parsley for you?
No, no.
You are going to chop it?
I will chop it because according to Macrobiotic philosophy
blender is electric and this is natural energy.
This is all chopped by hand, really no effort.
So we chop parsley...
I can see that you cut cucumbers and peel off the skin
but you also cut out the seeds from the center.
The thing is, seeds are really hard to digest,
that is one reason, and the other reason is that they cause gases.
If you like to eat the seeds, than you will have to cut the cucumber,
add salt to it, and leave it so that it can release the water,
then you throw away that water and make a salad
I think that is healthier to extract the seeds and to cut it.
I can see that you cut the cucumbers in squares
and you added chopped parsley.
Yes, and now we will squeeze the lemon
Wonderful, now we can check on quinoa
Here, you can see that we will need to cook it a bit more,
so that the remaining water evaporates
You can see how it germinated nicely
I can see that it engrained because of the water.
Yes and it germinated because we soaked it
before we started with cooking.
Mhm, great
Now we are just waiting for it to cool off and then
we will mix all together and taste it.
Milica I can see that it is almost done.
Yes, we are going to mix it all together.
Yes. The most important thing in macrobiotic cooking is
to pay attention to the energies because
macrobiotics is based on energy principles.
That means when you cook something,
you need to stir it clockwise.
You shouldn’t stir hysterically because
you are transferring that energy to the food
and it makes you nervous
Mhm, good
So what are we doing now, combining it?
Yes we are going to mix all together...
...and that would be quinoa salad
All kids and people allergic to gluten can eat quinoa,
millet and amaranth, and they will not lack nutrition.
What is amaranth?
Amaranth is also a type of grain, similar in looks,
but smaller in size and is also gluten-free.
People that eat those kinds of grains will never lack nutrition
and they will have all needed vitamins and minerals.
We just need to set it off for a minute and then we can taste it.
Yes, this is a quinoa salad, see how beautiful it is
It’s a real pleasure for the eyes
250gr (8.8 oz) of quinoa, 3 cucumbers, 2 lemons,
sweet corn, 3 bunches of parsley.
Here we are, trying the quinoa salad
Interesting... light food with interesting taste.
The taste of quinoa reminds me of something, but I don’t know what it is
It’s really good
Important thing is that combination is right and that It looks good.
And tastes good
Yes... It really looks nice
and it is very refreshing, what if someone likes to add some more lemon?
That is fine, you can also add some radish or tofu,
the choice is up to you.
This is just the basic, you can add whatever you like
Thank you
It is really great when you are eating something that you know is healthy.