Love Generation 1

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This sucks ...
It's Teppei
Were you sleeping? Oh, sorry...
Can I come over now?
No, I don't mean that....
We haven't met in a while...
She hung up on me!
Why are you stopping here?
Don't be a pain!
Get Out!
There's the station!
Your bag!
Are you all right?
He can't just leave you at the station, even if you're fighting!
Most guys would see that the girl gets home safely.
It's none of your business.
There aren't any trains.
Have we met somewhere before?
Do you always get acquainted with girls like this?
No...I don't mean that...
How about doing some Karaoke?
Nope! I'm going to look for a place to stay tonight.
If you don't mind the time let's do some Karaoke.
It looks like it's about to rain. Let's go to a hotel.
Can I drink this? / Go ahead!
She thinks she's really a star....
What did you say?
Sorry! I meant to turn it up. I'm sorry.
Why did you turn it off? I was just getting into it!
You've been singing for quite a while. Why not take a break?
But I still want to sing!
Um..I have to get to work early...
I'd like to get to sleep early.
Really? In that case go ahead and sleep.
This isn't the kind of place where one sleeps alone...
What are you thinking of? Something bad?
I only want to kiss you
What a disgusting thought!
Of course two people coming to a hotel will think about...
I'm not thinking about that!
Wait a minute! What are you talking about?
Generally girls who get invited to hotel will say: "I'm not that easy."
Or wonder "What underwear am I wearing?"
Don't you think about that?
You want to do it that much?
There's nothing else in your head?
Nothing else...
Why don't you take a shower first?
Alright. Five minutes.
You are not talking a bath?
I guess not.
What? Still dressed?
Right! What are you thinking?
How boring!
This is the Front Desk. It's check out time.
It's ten o'clock. It's check out time.
I understand. I'll leave right away.
I'm late!
"Sleepyhead, I don't want to be late, so I'm leaving first.
Being an office lady is tough. Charge the hotel bill."
That's it. Look over here.
That's good...
Teppei! Where have you been?
We're almost done.
How's this?
Red and white Christmas. It's a good theme!
It's good, but if the background is green it'll be better.
But a red and white Christmas...!
Use more berries for red, cake for white!
Can we change the background to green?
Don't say anything now, it'll be perfect! Can you add a little
Hello, this is Katagiri.
Buchou(section chief)?
I'm at the studio.
Return to the office?
Right now?
To the Business Department.
I'm very confident where I am.
This office won't have any originality if I'm not here.
I can't believe this. Why?
Take your confidence to the Business Department, if you are that sure of yourself!
I want you to learn what the real world is like!
What about the Creative Department's Christmas shoot?
I'll get someone else to take over.
If you still don't get it, then you really are naive!
Where is the Business Department?
Business Department...
I am Katagiri from the Creative Department.
Blue suit, white shirt, necktie, black shoes.
No long hair
No earring!
Forget about your old work style and being original.
Don't stand out! Understand?
This is Katagiri, from the Creative Department.
He doesn't know what we do. So for the time being, show him around.
Kachou (department chief), could I have a minute, please?
Excuse me, could you give me a hand?
Where have we met before?
Pleased to meet you.
First, the business dept. has only achieved 80% of its target!
Everyone has to try harder.
Next, how's the Shibuya advertising deal coming along?
Deciding on the budget...3,000...
Make it 3,500!
How about the Nippon News advertisement?
You don't get any?
This paper's advertising is very difficult.
Isn't this your responsibility? Why can't you do it?
What about you?
Of course I try...
Ah, I nearly forgot. This is Katagiri who's been transferred
from the Creative Dept. today. As he's from the Creative Dept.,
don't let him dismiss us. Everyone, look after him.
I have a lot of experience; don't worry.
I'm Katagiri. Pleased to meet you.
We'll decide tomorrow what your assignment will be.
All right! Next. Hosaka, what do you have to report?
Well, the Giants lost...
What's wrong? You look tired.
What would you know? A girl like you? There're lots of things you wouldn't understand.
Just because you couldn't do it with a nice looking girl, you didn't sleep?
That's not it!
What's wrong?
A mosquito...
Got it! Please continue.
Where were we?
Public Prosecutor's Office..
This is an unusual visit!
How is work?
So so..
Soichiro, what case are you working on?
I don't know if you've heard of it:
the Edokawa murder case.
You are doing this?
Asking for the death penalty?
Of course.
Have some coffee.
You are as determined as ever.
As always, once you've made a decision there's no swaying you.
When you were in school and decided to be a prosecutor,
I had a classmate who wanted to be a policeman.
He gave up..
but you did as you said.
I'm just a hard-headed, that's all.
There was a bit of a problem when you were job hunting, but now you're really working hard and like your job, right?
Not really!
Now I'm really working furiously because the boss
is recognizing my abilities and I feel like I'm getting somewhere.
Welcome back.
Yes. Yoshimoto?
Just got a call from Sasaki.
He said that the old classmates are
meeting tomorrow at the stewardess' lounge.
Are you coming Teppei?
Air stewardesses...
I don't know...
What don't you know?
Of course you are coming!
Everyone's going to be there.
when things are difficult,
when things are difficult,
do you think of anyone's advice?
Or maybe a woman's face comes to mind?
Recently, when I'm really trying hard,
I keep thinking about the theme song from the Evangelion anime.
So it's the same with you.
My starting point seems
to be high school.
Like when I got hurt during the race,
or was under pressure from others.
But I grabbed victory because I had hope.
So, the words and things that encourage me to carry on are from that time.
I was just thinking about it now...
Are you in trouble?
In trouble?
Can one work year after year at an awful job?
What's wrong?
You're strange today.
Never mind.
Speaking of high school...
I bumped into Mizuhara the other day.
Mizuhara? Our team manager Mizuhara Sanae?
She came to Tokyo.
sign: Historical Treasures of the Chinese Court Exhibition
How come?
I heard from Yoshimoto that you were here. I had a bit of time so thought I'd come be to see if you were here.
How are you?
And you?
I'm fine
When did you come to Tokyo?
I was sent here last year.
Last year?
Why didn't you give me a call?
Are you married?
Of course not!
Not yet...
I'm glad of seeing you looking so well.
I used to worry about you.
You got dumped by a great guy like me, and I wondered
if life was bad for you after that.
What are you saying? You were fooling around so I dumped you!
I did not!
That was just rumors around school!
You misunderstood me.
All these excuses now won't make up for it.
If you can, how about dinner tonight?
Mizuhara, Mr. Xun has arrived.
Please come over as soon as you can.
I'll be right there.
Are you busy?
yeah ...
I'll give you my card; you can call me anytime. I'll write down my cell number as well.
You took the trouble to come.
I'm sorry.
That's right. You are working.
Why did you call me out during work?
I'm really busy!
I've been working for 2 years now, it can't be like we were
before in school. Meeting that often...
A lot of things have changed.
We are just pretending that we haven't noticed.
Give it back!
Katagiri! What are you doing?! Are you done with your work?
I'm sorry.
What's that?
You come to the office to play?! Come over here!
I'm sorry...
It's hers.
Umm..I'd like to visit my grandmother who's ill. Is it all right if I leave early?
That's fine, you can go.
Thank you! Everyone, I'm off!
Katagiri! You are now part of the Business Department.
You have to follow the Business Department's rules.
First of all, you can't be playing outside!
You have to be on time.
You're too much!
Who do you think you're talking to?! Watch your attitude!
Katagiri! You're no longer a kid.
Why are you dressed like this? You look like a salaryman!
Salaryman? Didn't I tell you? You've forgotten.
My name is Uesugi Riko.
You can call me Riko-chan.
Thank you! Now everyone please enjoy this flight.
What are you doing here? You're not a stewardess!
Teppei, Riko, do you know each other?
You're called Teppei?! What a strange name!
Don't bother me! You said there would be stewardesses here!
I'm a stewardess!
Me too. An ANA stewardess!
Do you want to see us in our uniforms too, like Riko?
They said they wanted to see the uniforms; that's why I wore it.
that's why I wore it.
Do you enjoy looking at her?
I enjoy it very much! Me too.
You see? Everyone says they're enjoying themselves.
Don't be too pleased with yourself!
Didn't you say you were visiting your grandmother?
My grandmother is a very kind lady, so she said it's all right
not to spend time with her and to go out and enjoy my life.
Don't call me that!
Riko-chan, Riko-chan...
Yes! Thank you! Cheers!
I met Riko when I was a student working part time at the horse racing track...
She loved horse racing.
She lost quite a bit of money too.
Everyone worked there, but you're now a stewardess and she's merely an ordinary OL.
No, there's not much difference.
Stewardesses still have to serve tea and meals up in the planes.
How can you say that? That's the road you picked!
But there are times when I regret it, and feel like giving up.
Let's go, the two of us....
For a walk..
Where are you guys going?
We're leaving first.
Bye, see you at the office tomorrow.
Shall we go to a quiet bar?
How about going to the Akai bar?
Ah, there's a taxi.
today... I...
Those days...
I can't.
Do you like someone?
Someone I used to see during high school. I just met her again recently.
I thought I could forget the past but I can't.
You're still in love with her?
Pretty useless, right?
No, men are like that too.
It looks like I picked the wrong guy tonight.
I'm going home.
If there's any news from Nakamura, please tell him that I'll see him at 3:00 pm.
I'm going out.
Aren't you going out?
You look like you have something to do.
Feel like doing this?
That's right, last night Yoshimoto and I had a romantic evening.
Don't bother me during work.
Don't you want to know what we did last night?
Yoshimoto is not someone who will do anything to a woman that he's just met.
That Erika-chan is really something!
Are you really friends? I can't believe it!
Are you listening? We had a really fun time last night.
This morning I've got dark circles under my eyes. See?
Give it back!
Get back to work!
Hello. Erika? It's me.
What happened after you guys left last night?
No way!
Is that so?
I understand.
Absolutely nothing happened.
You wanted proof whether I did it or not? That's why you called?
Don't tell me you feel something for me.
I can't really tell. You had a girlfriend during high school. I absolutely can't imagine it!
Does she call you Misao-kun? Misao-kun?
Hello, Te-chan?
It's Mizuhara. Mizuhara Sanae.
I'm really glad you called.
After work? No problem. What time?
Seven? No, eight?
In front of Hachiko/ In front of Hachiko...
Wait, eight in front of the station?
I think it's just a bad line. The sound is not so clear.
I'll come after work. Bye!
That's great, Misao-kun.
Leave me alone!
Katagiri! Come, we have work to do.
Work, work!
Sorry, are you all right? Sorry!
Yoshiko! I need your help.
It'll start in 30 minutes, thanks.
I have to do all this in 30 minutes?
I'll put them here.
Hurry up!
Thank you.
Thanks to everyone. The president would like to say a few words to everyone. Please go outside.
Katagiri! This way.
Why haven't you cut your hair?
You're thinking, "Why do I have to do this type of work?" right?
"This cannot be, this is not my place." That's what you were thinking while working.
How can you do a good job thinking like that?
You think that if you quit everything will be fine.
But you won't get away from this society that easily.
Why not think about what you can do and put it into your work?
Not because of the company, but for your own self.
So? How about going for a drink?
I'm sorry, but today...
Okay then. Here.
Good work.
Welcome back.
What are you doing?
Having my love fortune foretold.
Don't play around with the company's computer!
Don't you have a date? You're going to be late.
I know...
you sure are bothersome.
Sorry but could you take the next left and then another right? It'll be faster.
Excuse me
Nothing, sorry.
You came to see me?
How do you know I live here?'s not like that. Te-chan...
You and Sanae were high school friends?
This package is from Mom. She said to give it to you.
Next time you want to come, let me know first.
Sorry, could you please wait?
Please come in.
Excuse us.
Excuse us.
There are no slippers here?
Is this ok?
Thank you.
I'll put the package in the fridge.
What did Mom send?
Aji no hiraki (horse mackerel, cut open and dried).
Is English tea ok?
Fine with me.
It's ok, you just take a seat. This place is cramped.
Do you smell curry?
Just a little.
That's because there's an Indian restaurant downstairs.
You should clean up your place a bit!
Then it won't be so embarrassing when people drop by.
Isn't it fine like this?
How is it that you and Mizuhara...
How shall I know..
Mizuhara's a translator helping the investigation cases.
When they need to take statement from foreigners
during investigations. I'm then in charge of the translation work.
The pay is low, the job is tough. It's like volunteer work.
But without you, I don't know what would happen.
Aren't you the same Soichiro? Although your work is not directly related, you still take the trouble to check on the foreigners' work conditions.
Messy room....Here's the tea.
Do you have sugar?
I bumped into an old classmate the other day...
Give it to me....This too.
Looking at you two talking... you don't seem like just two co-workers. It's more like husband and wife.
Wait here for me, I'll get the car.
I called your cell phone, but no one answered.
Before meeting like this, I actually wanted to tell you... I wanted to tell you first but...
I never expected to be with Soichiro like this.
We met during work,
I didn't tell you somehow....
Did you tell him we used to go out together?
But then again, it's difficult to talk about something like that. And there's no need either.
I think it's good that it's Soichiro,
He's not like me, straying...
What happened to my cell phone?
Where is it? If I call...
How can you use other people's cell phone?
You're the one who forgot it! You left it on the desk and left. I'm taking care of it for you.
Thank you very much. Now switch it off and return it to me at the office tomorrow, bye.
Why no?
Please wait!
Just remember to bring it to the office tomorrow, that'll be fine!
Where's the 'Thank you'?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I specially came over to return it and you can't even offer me tea?
How about coming in for tea?
Thank you...Slippers?/ There aren't any.
Such huge breasts! How come they're so shiny? I'm envious!
How was the date?
You got dumped, right?
That's why you're in a bad mood.
What's so funny?
What's this? Your graduation album? Shizuoka Prefecture...
Why are you so embarrassed? Just like a girl! Don't tell me you were this fat before!
This is you? You haven't changed a bit.
This girl...Is this your girlfriend? Mizuhara Sanae?
I'm sorry.
That's enough,
go home.
You've some really embarrassing things written in here...
To the victor of the big meet...
Te-chan? Te-chan's shot... Te-chan's perspiration...
This is none of your business.
Stop messing around.
People have important memories and feelings from the past
that they don't want others to know about.
A past that you don't want to forget!
Things that one keeps inside, wanting to forget and can't!
Why can't you understand?! Are you an idiot?
I understand!
I understand.
I also know what it's like to be dumped.
See this?
Engagement ring?
Let's go throw away our unhappiness.
Why is the sky in Tokyo pink?
It's pretty.
I think tonight's pretty too.
Aren't you from Tokyo?
At night, the sky is pitch black. The sky is filled with a million stars.
And now you're in smoggy Tokyo being an OL.
That's right!
Why don't you go home?
Somehow I feel like there's something in Tokyo.
I don't want to give up on myself yet.
Me too I guess.
I don't want to give up on myself yet either.
I wanted to throw this away here.
It was here that I first got it.
Is it really ok?
It's ok.
What are you doing?
You didn't throw it!
I intend to pawn it tomorrow and buy a Prada bag.
Don't lie!
Stop! What are you doing!
Stop messing around!
I threw away your unhappiness for you, you should thank me.
That was mine!
Prada ...
I can't believe this!
It can't be helped!
None of your business.
No way.
What are you laughing about? What's so funny?
Just what?
I was pretending. Pretending!
It's in your pocket
it has to be...
I dropped it.
Dropped it?! What?
Right here, I pretended...
Look for it! Look for it!
It's expensive!
You really threw it?
I didn't. I pretended!
Forget it already.
How can I?
I said it's ok.
Thanks to you...
I can really forget him now.
Arigato! ^_^
I'm sorry.
Do you still love him?
Yes, I still love him.
But he's in love with someone else. It can't be helped.
I have to give it up.
If I don't, then I won't be able to go forward.
When one really loves someone, things like this are bound to happen.
It's harder than looking for a diamond in the sand.
You'll find it again, that diamond. Someone who can really love.
A diamond...
A diamond...?
As long as we try hard.
I'll work hard today!
What time is it?
Can we still make it on time?
What's this? Who decided on 20 million this rate, the company will make a loss..understand...?!
Sorry I'm late.
Why are you this late?
I went to the beach...
To look for something.
What are you thinking about?!
Why are your shoes so dirty?
How can you meet customers like that?
Do you have any intentions of working in this department?
I do
In that case then change your attitude!
And your hair!
When are you going to cut it?
I'm not cutting my hair. This is my style.
It's just that I've always had this hairstyle! I just can't do it because you suddenly ask me to cut it.
Calm down....
Alright! I'll slowly change myself to suit the business department.
I cut it!
I've cut off all your unhappiness for you
Excuse me. I'm going out for a bit.
Let's get back to work!
Welcome. Same as before?
You decide...
Hey, that's too much...
Hello, this is Katagiri from the business department...
Not bad?
Then, all right. I'll see you then. I understand.
Wait, wait! This bread is really delicious so I bought some for you as well.
Just as well...
I wanted to say something to you.
Thank you.
Thanks to you. I can forget the past.
That's good.
I'm going this way...
I'm going this way!
I also have something I forgot to say to you.
That hairstyle doesn't suit you!
Finally done...(^^) This is the translation from the Dorama Fansubbing version. I'm only doing this to give people an opportunity to watch it in a better quality video file.
This is sync so it will match the raw file provided by "merumi" @ Hope you enjoy it. I finally understand how hard it is for the esubber. It's a lot of work. What I did can't be compare to the real subber.
I don't even understand a word of Japanese for God's sake. Hope you enjoy it. You can delete this part out if you want.