The Jersey Shore is DEAD!!

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Hello and welcome to the Thursday Philip DeFranco Show
if you're not familiar, my name is Philip DeFranco
and this show really isn't a show, it's just me talking about
some of the stuff that mattered in the news to me
starting with: "Fair hand" or otherwise
known as cursive, is being phased out
in even more schools, today: Indiana
because as of today, Indiana is replacing
cursive with keyboard proficiency
and this made tens
and twenties of people angry
but let's be honest, there's really no reason for cursive
the only time I use it is when I sign a receipt
and then I just give up half way
through them, like P-H-I-L
scribbles, just guess the rest
I don't care, and ultimately cursive as of today is just
waste of time in classrooms, so in the
up coming months and years, expect many states to follow suit

Last week Vinny quit
yesterday Mike said he was going to quit
also there was a weird picture of him being followed by like
eighteen, 16 year old girls
like he didn't look date rapey enough
and Snooki celebrated the show by grinding on a plant

oh TMZ
how you entertain me with filth, I love it
but all this news coming out, if you are a fan of
consuming filth like the Jersey Shore
I'm guilty of it, seems less and less likely that after
the fifth season, there will still be a show
so that happened. In news that's really interesting to me
product placement. What isn't news
is movies like Transformers, music videos
always have product placement to help the cost
that's an understood fact of movie making now
what's really interesting is the fact that TV
companies are digitally inserting
ads, for explain a rerun
that aired just this year of an episode of
How I Met Your Mother, that was filmed in 2007
an ad for that "I don't know why
Kevin James makes shitty movies" movie
Zookeeper is in the background, now part of me feels
like this is awesome, what a genius way to
monetize content that's being repurposed
genius! it makes me a little angry
and I don't know how feel because I feel like someone is just trying to trick
me with their ads, but it will be interesting to see
if this happens more and more or it will turn
out to be way way way way way too distracting
next up is a segment called
:What the Fuck San Francisco Type People??
and it's a story about a man that was strolling in gallery
at Union Square looking at the paintings
and admiring the Picasso's
admiring it so much that he literally took it off the wall
and just walked out with it, at
11:40, middle of the day, a guy walks away with a
$200,000 Picasso, now the douchebag
caught on camera, but my question is
Where was the security?
every movie you ever watch where there's a painting being stolen
and you touch the painting, metal bars
like fall down around and there's dogs
and guys with guns, but this guy
"That looks cool, I'm going to have it" he just strolled
out, and all the San Francisco PD is saying is
"Uh well maybe he'll have a hard time selling it
because it's such an original piece"
main point, I don't know whether to be like angry at this guy for
stealing a great piece of art or amazed at
how simple it really was to steal and an update
to the Casey Anthony story that we talked about yesterday
Judge Belvin Perry Jr.
sentenced Casey Anthony to about 4 years
in jail, of course the defense saying
"4 years, judge you can't throw the book at her"
to which I would say, well half the people
in that state can't read so what else are you going to do with them?
of course the time she's already served, 2 years and 10 months
would be credited towards that and according to the math
because she's been possibly good in jail
she could get out in week to a few months
of course because she has to serve time for lying
to officers, the judge saying that each lie
was a different sentence and of course even after
Casey Anthony gets out, she's going to have a lot of fun
with defamation civil suites for people like
Zenaida Gonzalez, who of course is the woman Anthony
named as Caylee's nanny, even though they never met
so there you go, and of course let's move on
to our biggest story of the day and also
our douchebag of the day and that is
the News of the World
which of course is the 168 year old
newspaper, most widely read
English newspaper in the world
shutting down today after huge, huge problems
the huge, huge problems?
"allegations" we have to legally say that
allegations of phone hacking
and evidence tampering, it started by
going into the phone of a murder victim, going in there
reading some messages, deleting some messages
which gave the family hope because they were like "Oh no she's
accessing her phone!" No, it was just
Rupert Murdoch owned company, to which I would say
for those of you coming down on Rupert Murdoch
I understand why, but just because you employ people
doesn't necessarily mean that you told them to do it
but like big cases like this, of course it started
off with one thing and then it turned out this is a
common practice for News of the World
go into celebritiy's phones, victims of
terrorist attacks, essentially anyone they wanted
more information on and so Murdoch released
a statement today saying

:It goes on, and then shutting down the newspaper
they will continue to edit the final edition
the money they make on that paper will go to
"charitable causes" and ultimately it is a dark
day for journalism, which I guess brings us
to our quesiton of the day