How to Play Three-Card Poker : How to Make a Straight Flush in Three Card Poker

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.10.2008

Hello my name is Taylor Honkofsky on behalf of Expert, I'm here to talk about
3 card poker and in this section we're going to talk about the straight flush. So your
sitting down you got your ante posted, you have your pair plus bet, and you received
your 3 cards face and you look at them, look at that you have a straight flush. Which is
same suit 3 cards in a row, so you see 10, jack, queen, highest is obviously ace, king,
queen, then the dealer has his 3 cards which are usually faced down, in this situation
the dealer has a pair of 6's, no where close to a straight flush, straight flush wins.
Alright your going to win your ante, your going to win your bet, and your also going
to get paid nicely on that pair plus. So this is you know the best hand you can have you
should definitely get real excited when you have that cause your going to make lots of
money. Thanks for watching.