Litigating Against A Cult.

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the first part is the
human part
uh... some cults have become famous or infamous for taking intimidating actions
against lawyers who oppose them
and also ultimately for buying lawyers off with huge settlements from which the lawyers
great sums of money
uh... i personally never experienced that except on one occasion
although my colleagues have and
one of them has experienced it as recently as a few months ago
he is still litigating against this particular group
behalf of a particular client
uh... and uh...
one of the members of this group uh... was a few months was staring in the window
of his house at his wife which is you know very unsettling to a
woman with a couple of children there and so on and so forth
unreal one might say
uh... so this group apparently is still continuing on doing some of the
things that it's done the only thing they ever did with regard to me
was uh... we had a court of appeal federal court of appeals hearing once
uh... and those uh... hearings are normally attended by as many as two or
three people you know the audience is usually sparse you know as would be a uh...
a way to put it
and uh... this group uh... loaded the courtroom with people and uh... they
maybe it's not a nice thing to say but it was like the great unwashed staring at you
and in many cases obviously they were
uh…and afterwards and afterwards as people walked out
hordes of these people
scores hundreds of them including ones who couldn't fit in the court would just stare at you
you know
and it was very unsettling to my wife having been unconventional most of my life
this stuff rolls off my back like a duck
like water off a duck's back
but this was very unsettling to my wife
so from the human standpoint not too much of a problem
uh... from the professional standpoint
uh... it was an absolute stone wall they were employing some of the
nations major it's a small firm but they are among the nation's major civil
rights lawyers they have i'll put it bluntly sold out for hundreds of
thousands of dollars
they would produce nothing the cult members have some of them were
lawyers and they'd sit in
uh... they would uh... give you no books no none of the things that lawyers
were supposed to do in discovery would they give you they'd always argue their
religion and not susceptible not susceptible therefore to anything that's
going on in court
uh... they would not it was almost impossible to uh...
it was impossible to uh...
depose witnesses
and they were prepared because they're very wealthy they were prepared to and did spend
any some of money necessary
uh... to
uh... outlast out fight out do out stubborn out obstinate the opponent
what was right or wrong had absolutely nothing to do with it
uh... and I must say that to a rather considerable extent the courts in
you know you're well aware that the misdeeds of the federal courts are one of my
uh... i shouldn't say favorite topics they're a topic on which i am almost obsessed
one might say
not you larry not me no I wouldn't be obsessed about anything if I were I'd be a cult member right
I've got my own cult
the federal courts let them get away with this to an extent that never
should have occurred
because the federal courts are very very leery of
treading on what is at least alleged to be religion
right to the point where
they will not even or they're loath even to take action against
that are anti-social actions
uh... as opposed to beliefs which uh... which are protected by the
religion clauses
this excerpt is brought to you by the massachusetts school of law