AXE Chickipedia - Paise ki Bhooki - Is your Girlfriend greedy for Money? Ep 11

Uploaded by bindass on 24.06.2012

A romantic dinner – Rs 1250
Picking up your girlfriend daily – Rs 300
Perfume – Rs 2500
Chocolates – Rs 500
Monthly anniversary dress - Rs 3000
Taking the girlfriends family for a picnic – Rs 8000
Necklace for her birthday – Rs 15000
For my birthday, disgusting!
And you say you love me and you can do anything for me
I don’t think I have ever seen a person cheaper than you till date
Bullet for the pistol – Rs 50
Some girlfriends think, if they have a boyfriend then they don’t need an ATM
And these girls get into relationships so that their
Boyfriends can pay for everything.
What do we call these type of girlfriends in English
Gold Digger
And in Hindi we call them sly and God knows what else
My ex boyfriend used to drop me in his mercedes
Lets go to Dubai for the weekend
Shopping time
Oh my God, I left my wallet at home
Yes, transfer it to my account
Do I have to ask you for money now, can you not see the bill on the table
I had a dream that you bought a BMW.
Okay baby I am leaving
Your credit card
Your car keys
Where you going?
Diwali festival shopping
If your girlfriend wants to take advantage of your wealth for a reason like Diwali festival
Cut your credit card into many pieces and burn it
Put a lock on your wallet, and lock your car keys in the car itself
Otherwise you will also fall for this Gold Digger trap
I have called my friend Sonia for dinner too
Baby I thought only you and I were coming
Yes, but when were we going to have a candle light dinner anyway
Sonia has come, Hello!
Ok listen for starters I want one chicken tikka,
one seekh kabab, one reshmi kabab, one malai kabab
Five butter naans and two vegetarian pulaos.
That will be all for me and Sonia, you can ask him for his own order
Sir what would you like to have?
Sir bill
Baby do you have some money?
No, I thought it was your treat so I did not get my wallet
Please keep my watch and I will give you the rest of the money later
So this was your plan, calling me for dinner and then
Embarrassing me in front of all these people
You know what, till today I have not met a cheap person like you.
Come on Sonia
Baby when you coming back from Delhi
Why what do you want from here
How mean, you only think I call you when I want something
I called because I was missing you
Aww that’s so sweet
Baby I’m coming day after tomorrow
Ok then do me a favor and get me a bag
Okay ill get you a bag
And get one for Priya Didi,
And Koyal Didi
You will anyway get something or the other for the parents.
And listen, get me slippers also, with no heals
Okay baby
There is no easy way to avoid this kind of a Gold Digger trap
You should stay far away from these high maintenance girlfriends
Because you wont even know and all your money will be spent
And as your money will get over, your girlfriends’ love for you will also get over
I know that some or the other girl has made your wallet lighter
You don’t have to worry, there is a big line of men facing the same problems
If you want to save yourselves from these type of women
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I would like to thank Realgarysaini because he shared his story that
how his ex-girlfriend made his wallet lighters.