How to Make Hiyajiru 冷や汁の作り方

Uploaded by cookingwithdog on 21.08.2010

Hi, I'm Francis,
the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."
Let's cut the vegetables.
Slice the cucumber into thin slices.
Sprinkle on the salt
and toss to coat in a bowl.
Leave until wilted,
then squeeze out the excess water.
Stack the shiso leaves on top of each other
and remove the stems.
Roll them up and chop into fine strips.
Let the shiso leaves sit in the water.
Thinly slice the myoga ginger.
Add the myoga to the water and lightly rinse.
Drain with a mesh strainer
and remove the excess liquid with a paper towel.
Sprinkle sake on both sides of the Japanese horse mackerel.
This will remove the fishy smell and keep the fish tender and juicy.
Grill the horse mackerel at medium heat.
When the skin side gets evenly brown, flip it over.
Grill the flesh side until lightly brown.
Do not over grill the fish.
Let the fish cool down on a plate.
Carefully remove the skin and bones.
Pick the flesh with your fingers and make sure there aren't any bones left.
Lightly crumble the fish beforehand.
Wrap the wooden spatula with aluminium foil in order to toast the miso.
Drop and spread the miso (2 tbsp) on the spatula.
Turn on the burner
and toast the miso.
Lightly brown the surface until they start to get aromatic.
Be careful not to burn the miso.
Wrap the tofu (1/2) with a thick paper towel.
Let the tofu sit in the fridge for a while in order to remove the excess water.
Heat the toasted sesame seeds (2 tbsp) in the pan and stir until hot and aromatic.
Put the sesame seeds in a suribachi bowl and grind them with a surikogi pestle.
(Good smell.)
When they are half ground,
add the toasted miso to the seseme seeds.
Mix them with the surikogi pestle.
Here is the Japanese-style granulated dashi.
Dissolve the dashi completely in a small amount of hot water.
Put the dashi in the ice water and stir.
Gradually add the cold dashi stock to the miso and dissolve with the surikogi pestle.
Finally, drop in the ice cubes.
Add in the cucumber.
Put in the shiso leaves and myoga ginger but leave a part of them for garnish.
Drop in the Japanese horse mackerel.
Remove the paper towel,
tear the tofu into bite size pieces and drop them in the dashi stock.
Gently mix from the bottom of the bowl and the Hiyajiru is ready to serve.
Prepare a bowl of lukewarm millet-mixed steamed rice.
Generously pour the Hiyajiru onto the steamed rice.
Top with the chopped shiso leaves and myoga ginger.
Finally, garnish with grated ginger
and chopped spring onions.
Smoothness of Tofu,
salty flavor of horse mackerel
and refreshing texture of cucumber and myoga ginger.
These elements make the Hiyajiru a delightful dish!
Heat the grill thoroughly before cooking otherwise the fish will easily stick to the bottom of the grill.
Good luck in the kitchen!