YouTube Partner Pet Peeve

Uploaded by PhilipDeFranco on 20.05.2011


Hello Vloggity
I just got back from San Francisco and I wanted to make a video real fast
just a one take video talking about my
biggest pet peeve on YouTube
and it doesn't negatively effect me
when people do this, I just see it
and I go, I think that's wrong, and granted
it's just my opinion
and so you can take it as
knowledgable or
me just talking out of my asshole
I think, I think I'm very knowledgable
of the space, especially since
I've stayed
somehow, somehow stayed relevant for the past
5 years, which

anyway, not going to talk about
those poor souls that I looked up to
when I first started YouTube, but
something that people do, specifically YouTubers do
that it doesn't bug me, but I
think is really just the wrong thing to do
is if you are under a 100,000 subscribers
I would even push this number higher
but just specifically, we'll just
say 100,000 subscribers, if you're under
100,000 subscribers, why
do you have two, three
four channels? that's just crazy
it's crazy because you've haven't necessarily
on YouTube
you don't have that big, big push power
yet, if you're under a 100,000
and so then you're taking you effort
away from your baby, your thing
that you hope takes you somewhere
and you're throwing it on a second channel
that gets 1/5 of the views
and then a third channel that gets like 2,000 views
and you just
if you think about, like the time commitment
to that secondary channel, compared to
reward, none
whatsoever, I mean if you're going to test out those things
test them out with your main channel audience
I mean you're small enough
where you can mess up and you can
and it's not going to ruin you
you want to see if people like something
try it out, just play around
you don't have to make a second channel for vlogs
just you know, make a vlog
that is interesting
I mean don't make a channel and you're like, "It's shitty
it's just a shitty" why are you going to put out a shitty product
it just doesn't make sense
for the long haul, so my thing
is if you're still a small tuber
stick and focus to the one channel
because you might not be
big enough to make YouTube
your job and you know
time is very important, I mean even
when it is your job, your time is very important
the only time I would say go to a second channel
is if it is a collaboration channel
like a 5 awesome guys, gays, girls
one of those things
talking to each other, then it makes
sense because then you might
get noticed by someone that's not
in your regular audience and it's this whole
different experience then that makes sense, but
otherwise, no stop, please
focus on making the
good stuff and then
once you hit, I would even personally say
400,000, then branch off
otherwise, you're just going to be wasting
your time compared to time spent
verse reward
that's just me talking