Eric Saade: 'Once I got a pink dildo on stage ...'

Uploaded by EricSaadeorg on 23.08.2011

What is your definition of fame?
I am so incredibly uninterested in fame, so it's not something I think about.
I love music, love to perform, love to write songs and all that.
Are there times where you think it is onerous or is it fun?
Yes, as soon as it is about music. I'm known for music
and people come up and say d**n awesome artist you are, it is love for me.
But as soon as it is about getting requests like that game on TV
and "Let's dance" and all that it can be, for me,
not to do thoses things now because it has nothing to do with music.
It is just about fame to a couple of celebrities who are playing on TV.
Do you have a philosophy?
You just have to dare to do it because someone told me in November,
you can not stand and say that you are here to win the Melodifestivalen,
because in Sweden you stick your neck out for when it is written in the newspapers.
My answer is when I'm here I'm going to do it and I intend to go in for it
if I did not go in for it, then I might not win in that way,
It may be un-Swedish of me but I always say what I think.
I will always be myself so that is my philosophy.
You have been friends with different fans at some point?
Last time in Russia, I met a bunch of fans who spoke russian and I just said hello.
I got a puzzle off them, a puzzle which I will do when I have time.
Since then, there have been fun places.
Once I got a pink dildo on stage and I had to dodge it, it was intense I can say.