Excel 2007 Zoom In and Out

Uploaded by spreadsheetrepublic on 24.01.2012

Hi, My name is Mark Smitton from spreadsheethowto.com and this is my Excel 2007 guide on how to Zoom In and Out.
You can use the Ribbon method or the Mouse method.
The Ribbon Method
On the Excel 2007 Ribbon select the View Tab.
On the View Tab click on the Zoom Button which can be found in the Zoom Section.
The Zoom Dialog Box will now appear.
Select from the magnification options.
Above 100% will zoom in to your spreadsheet.
Below 100% will zoom out.
You can zoom into a range of cells that you have currently selected in your worksheet with the Fit Selection option.
You can also use a custom magnification by selection the Custom option and entering a value.
Click OK when you have made your selection.
Your worksheet view will now match your selection.
The Mouse Method
Click and hold down the left mouse button on the Zoom Slider.
Drag your mouse cursor to the right to zoom in or to the left to zoom out.
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