Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Fischer-Dieskau)

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When my darling marries,
celebrates her joyful marriage,
I shall have a sad day!
Go into my little room,
dark little room!
Weep, weep for my darling,
my dear darling!
Little flower so blue!
Do not fade!
Little bird so sweet!
You sing on the green heath.
Ah, how lovely the world is!
Do not sing! Do not bloom!
Spring is over!
All singing is at an end.
At night, when I go to bed,
I think of my sorrow!
Of my sorrow!
Went over the fields this morning,
dew still hung on the grasses;
the merry finch said to me:
"Hallo! How are you?"
"Good morning! Eh? You!"
"Is it not a lovely world?"
"Lovely and smart!"
"How I like the world!"
The bluebell in the field
greeted me merrily, dear thing,
with its bell, ting-a-ling,
sending its morning greeting:
"Is it not a lovely world?"
"Lovely thing!"
"How I like the world!"
And then, in the sunshine,
the world began to sparkle;
all took on hue and colour
in the sunshine!
Flower and bird, great and small!
Good day,
is it not a lovely world?
Hey you, eh?
Lovely world?
Now will not happiness begin for me?
Now will not happiness begin for me?
No, no,
I am sure
it will never blossom for me!
I have a burning blade in my breast.
Ah me! It cuts so deep
into every joy and every pleasure, so deep!
Ah, what an evil guest it is!
It never rests, it never halts,
neither by day nor by night, when I am asleep.
Ah me!
If I look up to the skies,
I see two blue eyes resting there.
Ah me!
If I walk through the golden field,
I see from afar that blonde hair
blowing in the wind.
Ah me!
When I start up from out of my dream
and hear her silvery laughter ringing,
ah me!
I would I lay on the black bier,
could never open my eyes again!
The two blue eyes of my darling,
they have sent me out into the wide world.
So I must say farewell
to the place I hold most dear!
O blue eyes, why did you gaze on me?
Now I have pain and sorrow evermore.
I went out in the still night
and over the dark heath.
None said adieu to me.
My companions were love and pain!
On the road there stands a linden tree;
there I rested in sleep for the first time!
Under the linden tree,
it shed its blossoms over me like snow;
I did not know how life was,
everything was right again!
Love and pain