[Eng Sub] Love Letter Ep. 147 -- feat. Super Junior Hangeng and Siwon (1/6)

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Trans: Love Letter Subbing Team Video: jomyung and 13monkeyshouse
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Hello everyone!
(T/N: "autumn with the sky clear and blue" sounds like "sky," "Go," "horse," and "Bi," as in Bi Rain, the singer)
[Can't stop him! Ho-Dong's way of "chun-go-ma-bi"]
Chun-go-ma-bi season is here!
Introducing the best ladies!
[Lovable, elegant, Korea's wonderful ladies]
Love Letter Season 3's wonderful princesses
Finally, she is here! "S-line girl," Hyun Young!
Love Letter's "cutie-honey," Ayumi!
Pretty, smart, Hawang Jungeum!
"Rugby-ball girl," Solbi!
Perfect attraction, Girlfriend's Yuri!
2006, best (something), Kim Ha-Yeon!
10 men will come out in succession
Then, the laudies will classify them as "kingka" or "poktan."
Who is going to be which?
3 months later, he has changed...
The guy who tries his best, "Mr. One Thousand," Chun Myung-Hoon!
[Strong entrance]
[The father of "suk-sso(?)"]
We'll see Chun Myung-Hoon's performance now.
Music START!
[Burdensome dancing king, Myung-Hoon]
[Again 1996, when he debuted!]
[A burdensome x100 stomach dance]
"Bu-dam-ga~" (T/N: "That's too much")
[This isn't right] [This isn't right]
[Predictable, Myung-Hoon's fate] 1 - 2 - 3!
5 to 1, poktan!
[Burdensome dance Chun Myun-Hoon: First poktan!]
Super charming boy, Super Junior, Choi Siwon!
[Our super charming boy]
[Just with his entrance]
[Heart pounding] [Heart pounding]
[Prominent looks, Choi Siwon]
[Dancing is also perfect]
[Manly power, manly air]
I have a request! [Request?]
Sexy dance!
Can we not ask for what we want?
Yes, okay.
[Very excited Hyun-Young noona]
[Shy/embarrassed Siwon]
Isn't Myung-Hoon's dance, in a way, a sexy dance?
No~ That's a dance that's no good!
[Myung-Hoon dancing that no good dance]
[What's wrong with my dance?]
Again! He does the no good thing, again!
Music START!
[It's time! Siwon's sexy dance!]
1 - 2 - 3! [Handsome Siwon's fate is?]
Everyone agrees Kingka!
[Sexy, handsome Siwon: First kingka!]
[3: Lee Jung]
[A very unique mike]
[Appealing with his excellent voice]
[Nevertheless, the nation's representative singer,] [Lee Jung]
[Excited cheers]
1 - 2 - 3! [Did his voice get through?]
[Nation's singer Lee Jung: Second kingka!]
A guy that looks like Bi,
Banana Boat's Yang Dong-Sun!
[He really looks like him!]
[fascination] [fascination]
[First off, a hello with Bi's dance...]
[Everyone agrees]
Hello! Refreshing/cool guy, I'm Banana Boat's Yang Dong-Sun.
[Dong-Sun who looks like dancing king Bi!]
[Indeed, what is his dance?]
[2006 New dancing machine Yang Dong-Sun]
[Take in my charm!!]
[Struck with admiration]
Really feels like watching Bi [Really feels like watching Bi...]
[Having gotten recognition for his charm, Yang Dong-Sun!] [Third kingka!]
Immortal guy, name is: Shin Jung-Hwan!
[First in Love Letter History! Jung-Hwan's crowd type]
Are you going to go "all in" on one girl? (T/N: talking about his gambling scandal)
It's not enough with one girl!
Numbers 2, 3, 4...
Huh? Oh! That's me!
Shin Jung-Hwan, music START!
[Getting warmed up first with the "swae-gol-usuk"]
[Ah! Is this a newly formed dance??]
[Change to pelvis flutter dance]
[flutter] [flutter]
Just one vote!
Just ONE vote!
[For the time being, success in being funny!]
1 - 2 - 3!
[And they laughed when it was funny...]
Failure in the pelvis dance, poktan!
[Saturday's guy, Shin Jung-Hwan: Second poktan!]
Genuine, studying-hard boy...
Lee Sang-Won!
[Absorbed, studying-hard, Lee Sang-Won]
[Waited for today!]
[It's okay to anticipate too]
What did you prepare for us today, a "trying-hard" dance or song?
Today, I prepared both.
Actually, there was a group that I liked long ago.
I'm going to try and copy them. [Who exactly is that group?]
Music START!
[Ah! This song!]
[Country Ko-Ko's song, ]
[Sang-Won, trying hard to get Tak Jae-Hoon's voice]
[Happy Jung-Hwan]
[Excited poktan brothers!]
["Tak" Sang-Won, with Jung-Hwan?]
[This is Jung-Hwan's voice?]
[flutter] [flutter]
[Devoted to trying hard]
[I'm Country Ko-Ko of 2006!]
[flutter] [flutter]
[Impressed with Sang-Won's perfect trying-hard]
He got excited over his own song...
You really sing well [Sang the song well but~]
[You should've sang another song...]
[Sang-Won for another chance]
[Wonderful youth, Sang-Won: Third poktan!]
Greatest slapstick, Yoon Jung-Soo!
[Lives by being funny, Yoon Jung-Soo]
[What on earth is he planning to do?]
[Warming up first with aerobics]
[anticipation] [anticipation]
[Handstand on the chair?]
[As expected, slapstick's prince!!]
[Triple hoola-hoop challenge!]
[Mr. Yoon! Success with the slapstick!]
1 - 2 - 3!
[Reality is harsh! Yoon Jung-Soo: Fourth poktan!]
Super Junior's charming Chinese boy, Hangeng!
[Genuine yet tough combined Hangeng]
Ni-hao-ma!~ (T/N: "How are you" in Chinese)
[I'll show you the powerful dance of a "Gkot-mi-nam!"] (T/N: "Gkot-min-nam" means good-looking guy)
[Oh~ Tough!!]
[Steady progression Hankyung's dance]
[Dance that captures the heart of the girls]
Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!
1 - 2 -