Photoshop Tutorial: Space Scene : Blending Nebula Clouds for Photoshop Space Scene

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.08.2008

Now that we have our nebula cloud up what we need to do is get it to work with us and
make it look more spacey out on our scene. So, as you can see here we have the nebula
cloud and it's not really doing a whole lot for us. It's really blocking all our stars
out. Now if we want to we can come over here and we can hit. We can come down here and
hit screen mode. And as you can see this will bring a lot of it out. But, this isn't really
doing enough for us. So, what we're going to do is we're going to double click here
the nebula clouds. And it's going to bring up our layer style option here. Now what we
can do is we can actually come down here and we can change our opacity of our layer just
a little bit. And then of course we have our fill opacity and our channels blah blah blah.
Many effects here. So, what I want to do though is I want to focus down here on these two
sliders here. Now on this slider here, let's move this over so we can see this. I can go
ahead and slide this out. What this will do is it will actually blend the darker parts
of my foreground layer into the background layer like so. Inversely if you come over
here and grab your white section, you can do that. You can fade the white into your
background as well leaving some crazy looking things going on here. But, also what we can
do is we can come over here and we can hold down ALT. Hold down our ALT key. Let's see.
There we go. We can actually split our channels a little bit and actually create a little
something different. Actually keep some clouds and not have it such a harsh pullback on that.
So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to adjust this like so. Now I'm digging this. This is
more nebula clouds that I'm looking for right here. A little bit broken off from the rest,
but as you can tell. Let's see. Let's take this one up just a little bit. There we go.
Light nebula clouds. Not too much and I can still see the stars in the background. So,
we going to say okay on this. I like this and you can do this to your personal preference
however yours falls out. So, we're going to leave it here and we're going to pick this
up in the next segment.